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Social media is the new bodycam

2023-04-02 10:27:23

Social media is the new bodycam

Childish Gambino warned us in 2018. This is America, right?

Social media is the new bodycam(图1)

It's been a brutal week for anyone who doesn't live with their eyes closed. The proof is right there on Twitter and other social platforms. It used to be that we relied on police bodycams to hold officers accountable for their actions. But in this difficult moment, citizen journalism is carrying that bucket instead.

Something snapped in the United States as former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck until he died on May 25. Floyd was black and Chauvin is white. It was a sadly familiar scene of what looks to rational observers like a clear case of police brutality.

But this time, we hit a breaking point. The gruesome reality of Chauvin's actions as captured on camera is certainly part of it. He held his position on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes, until after the restrained man died. The camera captures it all in vivid, horrifying detail. Add to that the ongoing pandemic, and historic levels of unemployment. People's nerves are frayed and the callous inhumanity of Floyd's death was a last straw.

So cities exploded over the weekend with widespread protests and grim scenes of violence. Even as much of the country outside of major cities continues to hunker down behind stay-at-home orders, social media has brought all of us to the front lines through citizen journalism and shared news reports.

These ongoing protests are about stopping racial violence and police brutality, and they're hundreds of years in the making. I think the images and videos, and the actions of the people portrayed therein, tell the whole story. Thank you to all of the protesters and members of the press who are out there doing your part to make sure the realities of this moment won't soon be forgotten.

It hasn't all been as completely terrible as the above visuals suggest. Protesters are out in force and many of them are skipping the violence in favor of working to send a message, lift up the people in their community, and generally just keep the peace. Many others are just doing the best they can to peacefully work through the days, weeks, months, decades of pent-up anger they've been carrying.

They've even been joined in a few cases by police officers and departments that have managed to maintain a level of trust with their local communities.

SEE ALSO: How to demand justice for George Floyd and support Minneapolis protesters

I don't know what else to say. Take care of yourselves, folks. And please, keep on documenting this moment in any way that you can.

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    Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett wore her natural afro at the Miss Universe 2017 and got an outpouring of positive reactions from social media for breaking beauty standards.

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    I did not win but I got what I was seeking. I won the hearts of many, I got to highlight Deaf awareness, I stand as the first afro queen to have made it thus far, I represented my little island and I received allll the love one could possibly wish for.... THANK YOU!!! I came, I conquered and if you know me, then you know that's just another story and you will be seeing a lot more from me💃😉👑 To all the queens that represented, congrats and to our new Miss Universe @demileighnp go conquer the world you are indeed a gem!😍😙 @thedavinabennettfoundation it's time to lift you up! P.S. Back on Jamaican soil early and bright a mawning!!!💃💃💃💃♥💛💚 #davinabennett #missuniverse #majoraccomplishment #yourjamaicanqueen #theywillrememberme(opens in a new tab)

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    The philanthropist finished third (second runner-up), but she won many hearts on social media. Fans wanted her to win Miss Universe and felt she was cheated of the crown.


    Despite her loss, many praised the pageant queen for embracing her natural hair and providing media representation.

    There is still an issue with natural hair acceptance in the workplace, in education and even in Hollywood. The 23 year old wasn't only presenting her beauty, but making a social statement.

    "We should allowed our women to believe that they beautiful and can fit in regardless of size," Bennet told Jamaica Observer(opens in a new tab). "Another one is short, natural hair which I feel should be embraced more, and not ignored."

    Bennett has opened the doors for future pageant queens to come, so we won't be surprised if we see her again.

  • 14 of the most outlandish fast food abominations of 2017

    14 of the most outlandish fast food abominations of 2017


    2017 has been challenging for many reasons, but we didn't expect fast food to be one of them. Sadly, here we are.

    Don't believe me? Just take a look at this year's most bizarre creations — anything from chicken scented bath bombs to chicken coffee. All of that actually happened this year, and they weren't even the worst.

    Take a look at a few of the atrocities that fast food companies rolled out in this sad, sad year.

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    1. Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips

    Credit: taco bell

    Taco Bell tested out these spicy triangular fried chicken chips in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area around January.

    They are chips. Made of chicken.

    2. The Naked Chicken Chalupa

    Credit: taco bell

    About a week later, they announced a chicken shell.

    3. Naked Chicken Chips aka Nuggets

    Credit: taco bell

    Months later, Taco Bell released the chip version of the Naked Chicken Chalupa which was basically chicken nuggets with their signature Nacho cheese dipping sauce.

    4. Sweet & Crunchy Tenders

    Popeyes released their Sweet & Crunchy Tenders made with shortbread cookie coating.

    5. Lucky Charms Shake

    Credit: burger king

    Burger King introduced this sweet shake made of soft vanilla ice cream, syrup, and Lucky Charms.

    6. Minions Everything

    View this post on Instagram


    (opens in a new tab)

    McDonald's released Minion-themed food and toys in Singapore locations. That included banana pie, Minion-shaped potatoes, spicy chicken nuggets, and banana ice cream.

    Make it end.

    7. Zinger Meteorite

    Credit: kfc limited

    KFC's specialty website, KFC Limited(opens in a new tab), was selling a $20,000 meteorite shaped like a Zinger Chicken Sandwich.

    8. Firecracker Burrito

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Taco Bell introduced the Firecracker Burrito which is made up of rice, cheese, beef, tortilla strips, and spicy pop rocks. Yes, as in the candy.

    9. Naked Egg Taco

    Credit: taco bell

    Taco Bell continuously pushes the bar with weird foods and this time it was a fried egg as a shell.

    You could also, quite easily, think of it as a vertical omelet.

    Because that's what it is.

    10. Chocoladilla

    Credit: taco bell

    After testing it out in the UK, Taco Bell brought the Kit Kat Quesadilla to the U.S.

    11. KFC Bath Bombs

    KFC gave away 100 fried chicken-scented bath bombs in Japan.

    12. Rick and Morty's Szechuan sauce

    Credit: mcdonald's / ebay listing

    Select McDonald's locations gave away the classic Szechuan sauce, in a nod to the Cartoon Network show, only on Oct. 7. It was a shit show.

    13. Buffalo-flavored latte

    Credit: tim hortons

    Tim Hortons released a "zesty buffalo seasoning" coffee drink in two stores in Buffalo, New York.

    14. McVegan

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    (opens in a new tab)

    McDonald's tested out their own vegan burger in Tampere, Finland.

    OK, this one doesn't sound so bad.

  • 20 gifts under $20 for your wine-loving friends

    20 gifts under $20 for your wine-loving friends


    Your wine-loving friends already know what they like.

    They already know their favorite varietals, and they've got their favorite brands listed in notes on their phones for reference. In other words, they don't need you to buy them wine.

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    What they do need is a sleek copper corkscrew that – surprise – is shaped like a shark! They need silly drink markers for their dinner guests! They need a suction cup glass holder that'll vastly improve their night time bath ritual!

    Where does one find such treasures? The internet, duh. And at less than $20, you're sure to find something within your budget for every wine drinker in your life.

    1. For the restaurant buff


    Credit: amazon

    Waiter's corkscrew, $10.24 on Amazon(opens in a new tab)

    2. For the bath time drinker

    Credit: sipcaddy

    Sip Caddy, $13.95 from in a new tab)

    3. For the wine saver

    Credit: fred

    Banana wine stopper, $8.00 at Fred(opens in a new tab)

    4. For the serious chocolate lover

    Credit: williams sonoma

    Set of 4 chocolate wine pairing bars, $19.95 from Williams Sonoma(opens in a new tab)

    5. For the candy lover

    Credit: sugarfina

    Champagne gummy bears, $8.50 from Sugarfina(opens in a new tab)

    6. For the cork hoarder

    Credit: design bloom shop

    Corkers pins, $8.00 from Design Bloom Shop(opens in a new tab)

    7. For the trivia junkie

    Credit: uncommongoods

    Wine lovers card deck, $15.95 from UncommonGoods(opens in a new tab)

    8. For the picknicker

    Credit: uncommongoods

    Set of 2 outdoor wine glasses, $19.99 from UncommonGoods(opens in a new tab)

    9. For the serious host

    Credit: amazon

    Wine decanter, $19.97 from Amazon(opens in a new tab)

    10. For the exceptionally chill host

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    Chewing gum drink markers, $10.00 from Fred(opens in a new tab)

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    Textured stemless wine glasses, $12.00 at Anthropologie(opens in a new tab)

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    Credit: moma design store

    Folding wire wine rack, $15.00 from MoMA Design Store(opens in a new tab)

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    Shark corkscrew and bottle opener, $15.00 from Umbra(opens in a new tab)

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  • This pic of the White House decked out for Christmas looks like hell on Earth

    This pic of the White House decked out for Christmas looks like hell on Earth


    Goodbye, Thanksgiving. Hello, Christmas.

    The official war for Christmas has begun in the Trump White House as the administration unveiled a sneak peek at its decorations for the holiday season.

    SEE ALSO: Two Pikachus have a delightful conversation thanks to smart home speakers

    We're living in dark times, folks.

    On Sunday, Stephanie Grisham, the White House director of communications for First Lady Melania Trump, tweeted this nightmarish scene from inside the White House, as she was putting finishing touches on the decorations. Bunches of dead trees illuminated only from the bottom cast a horrifying shadow on the hallway's ceiling, leading to a lonely Christmas tree at the end.

    The internet was quick to point out that the whole scene was more spooky than festive -- which is actually quite fitting for the Trump presidency.

    Now, to be fair, when the White House turned all the lights on during the day for the big reveal on Monday(opens in a new tab), the scene looked very different. Still, it looks pretty spooky at night.


    Credit: REX/Shutterstock
    Credit: REX/Shutterstock

    While, sure, some people may like the way the White House looks this Christmas, the conversation behind that horrifying picture is what's going to be burned into the back of my eyes when I shut them at night.

  • Will Ferrell is speaking to random British people in train toilets

    Will Ferrell is speaking to random British people in train toilets


    Walking into a public toilet, locking the door and then hearing a voice speaking to you would normally be the stuff of nightmares.

    When the voice belongs to Will Ferrell, though, it's sort of okay.

    SEE ALSO: Will Ferrell calmly explains why he sang 'I Will Always Love You' at his graduation

    On Monday, journalist Gavia Baker-Whitelaw shared the following video from inside the toilet of a UK Virgin Train.

    "The toilets on this train FORCE YOU TO LISTEN TO AN ADVERT FOR DADDY'S HOME 2," she wrote on Twitter.

    Here's the transcript from that video:

    "The door is now locked. Welcome to the Virgin Train washroom. I'm Will Ferrell, the star of the new movie Daddy's Home 2. You'll be pleased to know that it's only my voice in here. You can't see me, but I can see you. Only joking, I'm just joking!


    Please don't try to flush nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, unwanted Christmas jumpers, turkeys, Christmas lights, or granddads down this toilet. Thanks you."

    A quick look on Virgin Train's Twitter feed shows that Ferrell's voice message is obviously part of a larger, toilet-themed advertising campaign.

    The ideal conditions for a train toilet are probably silence, but hey -- if you have to listen to someone's voice, it might as well be Ron Burgundy's.

  • Brits are angry that a mans story about mental illness was cut from TV because of the royal engageme

    Brits are angry that a mans story about mental illness was cut from TV because of the royal engagement


    When the news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had got engaged, the nation could scarcely contain its excitement. And, for much of the day, our television screens were plastered with shots and footage of the happy couple.

    But, for one man who travelled from Edinburgh, Scotland, to London to talk about his depression and suicide attempt on TV, the day did not turn out to be as joyous. Brian Wilkie's scheduled appearance on ITV's This Morning was cut from the show to make way for the royal wedding news. And, many people have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment that this man's story wasn't heard.

    SEE ALSO: 6 things you need to know about Meghan Markle now that she's about to become a royal

    Last week, Ellie Wilkie tweeted a photo of her and her dad Brian with some words about his experience of living with mental illness.

    "This year began with my dad mentally suffering depression and suicide attempt. Today he ends the year starting his new career in becoming a recovery support worker," she wrote.

    "Words can't describe how proud we are," she added. "It's okay not to be okay."

    Her tweet went viral, and led to them both being invited to appear on ITV's This Morning show to tell their story.

    But, due to the royal engagement news, their segment was cut from the show's schedule.

    "Due to breaking news our story was cut off live TV," Ellie wrote. "The royal wedding will go ahead however mental health issues will always remain. Until next time Dad."


    Ellie's tweet gained a great deal of attention online, with many people stating their disappointment that the segment was cut.

    Some felt that given the princes' extensive campaigning on mental health, the royals would have wanted the segment to go ahead.

    Many criticised This Morning for its decision to prioritise the engagement news.

    ITV did not immediately respond to Mashable's request for comment.

  • Jeremy Clarkson is flabbergasted by Brexit and expects the lights to go out in the UK soon

    Jeremy Clarkson is flabbergasted by Brexit and expects the lights to go out in the UK soon


    Jeremy Clarkson is a candid man. He hates empty buses on off-peak hours. He also dislikes bicycles.

    SEE ALSO: Jeremy Clarkson and James May reveal the only 3 things they agree on

    But what really grinds his gears is Brexit, which he simply can't seem to wrap his head around. "I shall imagine the lights will go out very soon in Britain".

    We sat down with The Grand Tour(opens in a new tab) host in light of the show's upcoming second season, which features a selection of celebrities racing against each other in fast cars.

    But the two people Clarkson says he simply would have loved to see pitted against each other are Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. For better or worse, that intensely suspenseful two-man show will be kept off that particular racetrack for the time being.


    The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime Video on December 8.

  • Grad student created an amazing Rubiks Cube prototype for the blind

    Grad student created an amazing Rubiks Cube prototype for the blind


    A 1974 invention is getting a very inclusive makeover.

    Kristen Sharpless had an interesting assignment for her Intro to Vision Rehab Therapy class. The graduate student from the University of Massachusetts was assigned to create an adapted recreational game for someone who is blind. In a flash of inspiration, she created a Rubik's Cube with tactile inputs so people with limited vision could still use it.

    She posted the prototype on Reddit(opens in a new tab) and immediately received an outpour of positive comments.

    SEE ALSO: This tactile tech is helping the blind experience the magic of fireworks

    "I really liked about how much traction it got and the fact that I could spread awareness that adapting anything is possible if you think hard enough, and that even the most uncreative person (myself!) can think of something that somebody else could find really helpful," she told Mashable.

    Credit: imgur

    "I’m not a terribly creative person (which is why i’m shocked this became so big), so when I saw the Rubik’s Cube, I was thrilled when I knew immediately what to do with it," she said. "I had my best friend in mind (she’s not blind, she just loves playing with these things), so I thought I would make it tactile and blindfold her to have her try it out!"

    The Rubik's Cube took her ten minutes to make and cost less than $15. She took an original cube and changed it with items she found in Michael's. The only challenge was finding different textures, but overall she designed each side to make it easy for everyone to understand.

    It took her 10 minutes to make and cost less than $15.

    "I wanted to share something that was cheap and easy to make so people who work with the blind/ have blind friends or family could replicate it if they wanted," she said.

    The 29-year-old student chose the program to work with individuals who are blind or deaf and help them "navigate through the world and live as independently as possible." Sharpless mentioned on Reddit(opens in a new tab), she wants to "work with the Helen Kellers of the world."

    "I have spent my entire educational and professional career immersed in the DeafBlind community," she told Mashable. "I would love for the opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much."


    Since there was no description for the product, a Redditor was nice enough to describe each side:

    Comment(opens in a new tab) from discussion I adapted a Rubix Cube for the blind!(opens in a new tab).

    Now, a Rubik's Cube for the blind has been done before (of course Redditors had to let her know), but she decided on creating a new look on the traditional toy.

    As a result of her Reddit post, people began sharing personal stories and praising her for providing a product with blind people in mind.

    Comment(opens in a new tab) from discussion I adapted a Rubix Cube for the blind!(opens in a new tab).

    "What's awesome about [the two Rubik's Cubes for the blind] is that they all serve the same purpose - to accommodate the needs of people who are blind - but they all take different approaches, which is great because no person - blind or sighted - is the same and has the same needs," she said.

    She has no plans of making more of the project or selling them, but she did learn a lot about herself and the impact one object can make for people with disabilities.

  • All I want for Christmas is this gay as hell nativity scene

    All I want for Christmas is this gay as hell nativity scene


    Oh, gay nativity scene! Oh, gay nativity scene! How lovely are thy plastic people.

    Gay nativity scenes aren't exactly new, but they are rarely spotted in the suburban wild. So over the weekend, comedian Cameron Esposito posted this photo(opens in a new tab) of her neighbor's "Joseph and Joseph" nativity scene, bringing peace and joy to the place that needs it the most -- Twitter.

    SEE ALSO: Twitter's search tool is blocking photo searches of #bisexual, but not #lesbian or #gay

    I'm sure Joseph and Joseph made such wonderful parents.

    Before you get all "two men can't have a baby" on me, remember, Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus. Each scenario is a biological impossibility unless your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger and you're in the movie Junior.

    Twitter responded with enthusiasm and a few queer scenarios of their own.


    Congratulations to the happy plastic family.

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  • 14 of the worst White House moments of 2018

    14 of the worst White House moments of 2018


    With 2018 winding down, it's safe to say that this year was just as chaotic at the White House as 2017, if not more so. From absurd behavior to jail time for former staff members to the battle with the press, it's been a year that's left us trying to catch our breath.

    SEE ALSO: 12 times Fox News goofed in 2018

    So much of what's happened in 2018 has been centered around the White House, be it staff turnover or events that actually took place there. So instead of trying to take on the worldwide whirlwind that is Trump himself, we've limited our scope to some of the worst White House-oriented events of the year.

    Even then it's pretty hard to capture everything that happened. But here are our picks for the 14 worst White House moments of 2018.

    1. Trump's Jailhouse Rock

    For all of Trump's belly-aching about the Mueller investigation being a "witch hunt(opens in a new tab)," an awful lot of people from the president's orbit are going to jail over it. The biggest Trump figure to fall is his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison(opens in a new tab) for a variety of crimes, including violation of campaign finance laws — which Trump is also implicated in — due to making hush payments to two women with whom Trump allegedly had affairs.

    Other figures awaiting jail time include Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn(opens in a new tab) and his former campaign chair Paul Manafort(opens in a new tab). And the Mueller investigation still isn't even over. The cases are piling up so quick, it's starting to look like the participants already found guilty will total more days in jail(opens in a new tab) than days in Trump's first (and possibly only) presidential term.

    2. Chuck & Nancy & Chaos

    Talk about going out with a bang. Even with a few days left in the year, it'll be hard to top what happened on Tuesday, December 11, in front of a gaggle of press in the Oval Office. Incoming House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the leading Democrats in Congress, were sitting with Trump and VP Mike Pence for what Trump clearly hoped was a nice, bipartisan photo op.

    What unfolded, though, was a spectacular partisan verbal brawl. Pelosi and Schumer needled Trump over immigration and government funding, resulting in Trump saying he'd take full responsibility for any government shutdown.

    It was an astounding meltdown from a president who's made us almost numb to tantrums. It also sets the stage for an explosive 2019, as Democrats take back control of the House while the 2020 presidential campaign revs up and the Mueller investigation rolls on.

    3. Acosta-gate

    Trump's battle with the media came to a head in the final quarter of 2018. CNN's Jim Acosta has raised the ire of multiple White House officials, including Trump, throughout the current administration's tenure. The feud exploded in early November when a heated exchange between Acosta and Trump eventually led to the White House revoking Acosta's press pass.

    While it was the clearest punch thrown by the administration in their ongoing fight against the press, things got even weirder when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a doctored video of the incident sourced to an Info Wars editor to defend the revoked pass, claiming Acosta physically attacked the young White House intern trying to take a microphone from Acosta. Kellyanne Conway made it even weirder with an alternative facts defense.

    In the end, the White House backtracked from the physical nature of their original claim (the video was doctored, after all) and said it was because, basically, they thought Acosta was rude. Eventually, Acosta got his pass back(opens in a new tab), the White House made up (bad) new rules for journalists(opens in a new tab), and the battle between the free press and the president continues on.

    4. A horrifying holiday

    In 2018, just as it happened in 2017, First Lady Melania Trump's Christmas decorations in the White House were met with ridicule. In particular, the giant blood-red Christmas trees that haunted the hallways of the White House were target of jokes and memes this time around.


    Maybe next year, she'll stick with some garland and an inflatable Santa on the lawn.

    5. That painful Game of Thrones tweet

    We can't pinpoint any single tweet Trump sends, because really, he sends so many bad ones that we'd never keep up. But this one in particular, this really bad attempt to cash in on the popularity of Game of Thrones, gets its due because it's very clear someone's nephew or some lowly underpaid intern stayed up way too late in the White House basement to come up with this bad art.

    It's a perfect example of an inept, out-of-touch administration bringing the thirst. It went viral, alright, but for all the wrong reasons. To mash together two HBO references, if you come at the Night King, you best not miss.

    6. The corniest White House painting

    Trump has famously tried to spruce up a White House that he isn't exactly thrilled to live in(opens in a new tab) by hanging things like his victorious electoral map. In 2018, we learned he'd gone one step further by hanging a terrible fan art painting portraying him sharing some drinks and laughs alongside other Republican presidents.

    While Trump may have gotten along swimmingly with Nixon, it's hard to envision either Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt having too many chuckles hanging out with the president.

    7. The child separation policy

    Perhaps the biggest black eye the Trump administration took in 2018 was over separating migrant children from their families at the border(opens in a new tab). The administration insisted, despite evidence uncovered by journalists, that this was not their policy(opens in a new tab), inciting a wave of backlash (and a debate over First Lady Melania Trump's controversial jacket choice).

    The administration said they put a stop to the unconscionable practice after much protest, but trouble lingered as hundreds of children remained separated from their parents into the fall, just as Trump began revving up his midterm election racist rhetoric over a caravan of migrants(opens in a new tab) streaming through Mexico.

    8. Donald and Kanye hold court

    Trump relishes a spectacle, but this was something else altogether, a meeting of minds that went supernova in seconds. It was such an incredible display of jaw-dropping absurdity, we almost missed the fact Kanye that shared his iPhone passcode with the world.

    9. An awkward phone call

    Trump's presidency has, thus far, been a long, strange fever dream, a feeling punctuated by the ridiculously awkward August phone call he had with Mexico president Enrique Peña Nieto. As his speakerphone continued to malfunction, what should have been a dry, pointless diplomatic photo op turned into a comedy of errors. When it got the VEEP treatment, it only served to remind us all that distinction between the HBO satire and the real world was getting blurrier every day.

    10. Voting with your groceries

    For a president whose administration is hell-bent(opens in a new tab) on destroying voting rights, Trump doesn't seem to understand how voter ID works. At least, that's the feeling we got in August when, trying to explain his desire for stricter voter ID laws, the president of the United States said, "You know if you go out and buy groceries, you need a picture or a card — you need ID." Which is ... not true at all, unless you're buying some sort of alcohol.

    Things got weirder when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee tried to explain Trump's quote and that, yes, the president knows how grocery shopping works.

    Three months later, in November, Trump returned to this line of thought in an interview with conservative website The Daily Caller, saying, "If you buy a box of cereal — you have a voter ID.” This is, again, untrue, as was Trump's assertion that people voted multiple times using disguises. It'd be ridiculous if the threat of stripping voter rights wasn't so real.

    11. The revolving door

    If there's a word that's best represents Trump's time in the White House, it's "chaos." And much of that is attributable to the revolving door of the the president's administration. Among the highest profile 2018 departures were Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions(opens in a new tab), and embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt, who was forced out by a hilariously long series of scandals.


    Besides that, though, were the resignations of communications director Hope Hicks(opens in a new tab), reportedly a stabilizing force of the Trump White House, UN ambassador Nikki Haley(opens in a new tab), and aide Omarosa Manigault, who seemed to be a catalyst for chaos, right down to the wacky promotional tour for her White House memoir.

    Turnover is to be expected with any presidency, but the unprecedented rate at which Trump's administration has seen change is a sign that the White House is in deep disarray.

    12. Trump's notes to self

    One thing aides around the White House have to do, apparently, is to remind President Trump to act, well, presidential. That fact isn't all that disturbing; presidents are busy people and little notes to keep them on track or to remind them of certain things are a necessity.

    Except these notes were so simplistic, so seemingly unnecessary that you can't help but wonder what goes through Trump's head. Such as the notes that were given to Trump before he met with victims of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that read like a list of "how to sound like a human being."

    Other times, his notes were either misspelled ("colusion") or he just straight-up ignored them, such as the time he was told "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" Vladimir Putin and he turned right around and offered those congrats.

    13. Lowering the flag

    Trump holds grudges. We know this. But it was still shocking to see that twice -- TWICE -- Trump let those grudges spill out into a time of mourning by dragging his feet on lowering the White House flag.

    Following the June 28 shooting deaths of five journalists(opens in a new tab) in the Annapolis, Maryland newsroom of the Capital Gazette, President Trump, no lover(opens in a new tab) of the media, reportedly denied(opens in a new tab) a request to lower the White House flags to half-staff to honor the victims though he had done so several times before to honor victims of mass shootings. Several days of criticism later, the White House relented(opens in a new tab).

    Then, when Senator John McCain, a Trump nemesis who had been the target of Trump verbal attacks, died in August, the White House faced criticism(opens in a new tab) for raising the flag after a day at half-staff and for Trump's prolonged silence about McCain's passing. Both of these were remedied, but not before Trump's pettiness showed through.

    14. The "shithole" heard 'round the world

    We should have known 2018 was going to be a wild year when, in January, Trump kicked off the year by referring to countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and some African nations as "shithole countries" while discussing immigration with lawmakers in the Oval Office.

    The racist comments got a worldwide reprimand; they also kicked up a hornets nest of anger at debate here at home. But perhaps nothing was as powerful as the testimonials that came from people who had immigrated to the U.S. from the countries Trump slandered.

    The responses were as inspiring as Trump's comments were awful. That didn't take away the stench from the White House, though, another example of the lurking racism of the current administration breaking through the surface to remind us all what dark days these are.

  • A campaign to unfollow the Fyre Festival promoters is gaining traction

    A campaign to unfollow the Fyre Festival promoters is gaining traction


    If you want to understand the zeitgeist of the last decade, just scroll through FuckJerry's Instagram account — it's a growing archive of viral jokes and videos sourced from every corner of the internet. But social media users are over FuckJerry's unfair content stealing, and #FuckFuckJerry is working.

    Comedians are leading the campaign to unfollow FuckJerry, a massive meme account and media giant that "curates" and reposts content from other creators. The account is run by Elliot Tebele and a team from Jerry Media, and since its creation in 2011 has gained a following of 14.3 million.

    SEE ALSO: This 'Fyre Fest 2019' parody ad is way too real

    The account has been criticized for years, but the recent pushback against it stemmed from FuckJerry's involvement in both the disastrous Fyre Festival and the Netflix documentary about it.



    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Jerry Media promoted Fyre Festival, and was enlisted in running its social media in the months leading up to the event. After the festival fell apart, the company produced a documentary about it in partnership with Netflix and Vice.

    The Hulu and Netflix documentaries were released within days of each other, and shortly after Vulture(opens in a new tab) published an article pointing out that FuckJerry and Comedy Central were using other comedians' jokes as captions to advertise Comedy Central shows. The account has been using other people's bits for years, but it was "particularly egregious" that it was using stolen jokes to promote Broad City, Corporate, and The Other Two.

    In addition to being a production and media company, FuckJerry also sells a meme-themed card game and a tequila. Vulture editor Megh Wright also tweeted a hefty thread asking Twitter users if they were paid for FuckJerry advertisements.

    FuckJerry has been wildly successful — according to AdWeek(opens in a new tab), the company charged $30,000 for a single sponsored post in 2016. The Verge(opens in a new tab) says "its following has nearly doubled since." Its critics are calling for people to unfollow it so it devalues the brand.

    Since the Wright's thread went viral, the hashtag #FuckFuckJerry is gaining traction — even John Mulaney spoke out, calling it a "garbage account." A majority of the critics are comedians who say the company took advantage of them, and profited off their creativity.

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Comedy Central pulled all of its ads from FuckJerry's account on Friday. In a statement(opens in a new tab) to Vulture, a network spokesperson said, “We have no plans to advertise with Jerry Media in the future.”

    The company has also been rapidly losing followers — on Saturday, Wright said 50,000 accounts have already unfollowed FuckJerry.

    Responding to the backlash, FuckJerry promised to stop posting content without the original creator's permission. In a statement(opens in a new tab) posted to Medium on Saturday, Tebele announced the policy change "following the renewed discussion on social media." Mashable tried to contact the company directly, but a spokesperson opted against speaking on the record and instead said to wait for Tebele's official statement.

    In that statement, the FuckJerry founder wrote that although he's made a "concerted, proactive effort" to credit creators in the last few years, "it is clear that we need to do better."

    Under the new policy, FuckJerry will only post screenshots with permission.

    "Effective immediately, we will no longer post content when we cannot identify the creator, and will require the original creator’s advanced consent before publishing their content to our followers. It is clear that attribution is no longer sufficient, so permission will become the new policy."

    As the social media landscape changes, we know our policies will have to continue to evolve, and we look forward to engaging with our followers and Instagram in conversations about these important issues.

    FuckJerry hasn't clarified whether it would compensate creators for the jokes and content it already used in advertisements, and hasn't stated whether creators would be paid to be reposted.

    "We want to apologize to anyone who feels we have wronged them in the past," Tebele apologized in the statement. "We want to do the right thing by creators by seeking permission and giving them the credit they deserve."

  • Try not to laugh at these really funny tweets from this week

    Try not to laugh at these really funny tweets from this week


    If I had a dollar for every genuinely funny tweet that was tweeted, I'd probably reach billionaire status, a la Kylie.

    Instead of money, we get laughter, which is arguably better than money. Just kidding. Unlike most of our bank accounts, though, funny tweets are bottomless.

    We must warn you: laughter could occur from viewing these tweets. If you're trying to remain stoic at your desk while pretending to work right now, these carefully selected gems might blow your cover.

    1. Dog owners will get it.

    2. Finally, an essay I can get behind wholeheartedly.

    3. For those who've wondered what Elon Musk would look like with a pixie cut:


    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk and The Rock bonded over these cursed Photoshopped memes

    4. It really does feel like spring is gonna flake on us.

    5. This old video of Taylor Swift's reaction to being asked if she smokes weed is definitely a big fibbing-at-the-doctor's-office mood.

    6. Who can resist a baby saying something they definitely shouldn't?

    7. If given a choice, I will always choose a 1995 hit single that is now only played ironically.

    8. It's "Nine in the Afternoon" somewhere, right?

    9. The Ashley vs. Ashleigh discrepancy thickens.

    10. As a first time viewer of this performance, it's my civil duty to make sure everyone stops what they're doing and watches it:

    11. Someone alert TurboTax of this new clause ASAP.

    12. When Pizza Hut tries to be trendy on Twitter:

    13. Lady Bird does her own stunts.

    14. This story :*)

    15. We can all relate.

    16. Finally, a musical more relatable than Wicked.

    17. And no Twitter roundup is complete without a contribution from jaboukie:

    OK, you can go back to whatever you were doing now. We just really needed you to see these tweets before they get swallowed by the twittersphere, never to invoke laughter, or at the very least, a reluctant exhale, ever again.

  • This mother-in-laws wedding fail turned out to be a surprisingly wholesome story

    This mother-in-laws wedding fail turned out to be a surprisingly wholesome story


    Aah, wedding season. It's a time for buying expensive gifts, coping with awkward seating arrangements, and strapping your flesh vessel into the worst bridesmaid or groomsman outfits known to humankind.

    There are a whole bunch of rules when it comes to being a wedding guest. Some are just common sense (don't be playing Candy Crush on your phone during the wedding ceremony), others may be relics of olden times, but will still get you side eye if you don't abide. Like: Don't upstage the bride. Related: Definitely don't wear white to a wedding.

    SEE ALSO: 'Plus One' is the charming rom-com to get you through wedding season

    As part of another round of hashtag games kicked off by Jimmy Fallon(Opens in a new tab), Twitter was asked to share tales of their wedding woes. Amy Pennza(Opens in a new tab) shared a photo of her mother-in-law not just wearing white, but wearing an actual wedding dress to her wedding.

    But before r/JUSTNOMIL(Opens in a new tab) could jump in with their own opinions, or anyone could call up the (wedding) fashion police, Pennza decided to explain the situation in a Twitter thread — what led up to the dress, what her MIL is like, and why this was not a family relationship ruiner.

    According to Pennza, she had no idea what her MIL was planning to wear that day, and hadn't thought to ask (why would she?) But then, it happened.


    She reportedly doesn't remember much about the wedding day, as, like most people say, it was a blur. However she does remember telling her MIL, "You... You could be the bride..." Yikes.

    Thankfully, the wedding unfolded "without bloodshed, or anyone being shoved into the Champagne fountain." Now that's what I call keeping it classy.

    Whatever you might think, this was not a malicious move on the part of the MIL. Pennza provided some much-needed context that set the story in a different light.

    According to Pennza, her MIL grew up in extreme poverty, which has affected her money-saving habits to this day. She's a "bargain hunter to the bone," but that doesn't necessarily make her "hard. Or cruel. Or selfish."

    In fact, Pennza describes her as being incredibly generous, regularly showing up to the house with bags of clothes for her kids (all thanks to those kickass bargaining skills). It just so happened that when she saw That Dress™ at an incredible bargain, she couldn't help but buy it. "If you ask her now, she says she feels terrible about it," Pennza tweeted.

    But it seems like there is no ill will between the two, just a funny wedding anecdote they can laugh about.


    Famous, indeed. At least she won't forever be known for saying the bride's sister's name during the ceremony(Opens in a new tab) or bringing the rings in a Ziploc baggie(Opens in a new tab).

  • Ryan Reynolds cant help himself when it comes to rumors about his marriage


    Ryan Reynolds cant help himself when it comes to rumors about his marriage

    The only thing better about oddly specific celebrity rumors is when said-celebrities have the time of day to respond to them—and Ryan Reynolds is the latest to do so.

    The Deadpool actor took a moment out of his Saturday to set some rumors straight about his relationship with Blake Lively after a headline from IBTimes India(opens in a new tab) claimed the couple were having challenges when it came to spending time together.

    SEE ALSO: Ryan Reynolds totally nails Valentine's Day with a glorious Instagram post

    The IBTimes article(opens in a new tab) in question refers to an OK! Magazine piece, quoting a source that claims the Lively-Reynolds children have been taking a toll on the couple's marriage.

    While the article eventually admits that none of the rumors are true, the headline "Deadpool Ryan Reynolds and Wife Blake Lively struggling to spend 'quality time'" doesn't necessarily debunk things right way. Reynolds himself responded to the headline by cracking a joke.

    "I wish. I could use a little 'me time,'" he tweeted.

    His cheeky response quickly accumulated your average share of "husband of the year" and "relationship goals" comments—and some Deadpool reaction GIFs were tweeted at Reynolds for good measure.

    Welp. There you have it!

  • Busted: Looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did the Breakfast Club dance in 2010

    Busted: Looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did the Breakfast Club dance in 2010


    She's really finished this time.

    Right-wing critics, who have long been obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's past, have just exposed her past involvement in a grievous crime: doing that choreography from The Breakfast Club.

    A video featuring the freshman Congress member dancing was circulated on Twitter Thursday, ostensibly in an effort damage her reputation. Unfortunately for the haters, though, it seems to have had the opposite effect. This is probably because it's a pure and wholesome expression of joy, something which with the online right is unfamiliar.

    SEE ALSO: Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have mastered Instagram Stories


    Despite captions to the contrary, the clip is not from Ocasio-Cortez's high school years -- it's from 2010, when she was a senior at Boston University. The audio in the video going around isn't original, either. As Parker Higgins pointed out in an extensive Twitter thread(opens in a new tab), it's actually part of an early meme. In mid-2009, a video mashup(opens in a new tab) of the dance sequence from The Breakfast Club and Phoenix's song "Lisztomania" went viral, eventually inspiring a group of people in Brooklyn to create a shot-by-shot remake. "Then a group in SF did it too and it was off to the races," Higgins wrote, "with versions popping up all over the place."

    The version Ocasio-Cortez appears in -- also a shot-for-shot remake of the original -- is Boston University's contribution.

    Even if you don't know the video's origins, though, it speaks volumes that anyone thought it would affect Ocasio-Cortez negatively at all. In fact, the clip seems to have made her even more popular on Twitter -- something she's had no trouble with anyway.

    We imagine Ocasio-Cortez will address this fun viral moment when she returns from being sworn in to the United States House of Representatives.


  • Twitter flags GOP reps tweet for altering comments from activist with ALS

    Twitter flags GOP reps tweet for altering comments from activist with ALS

    U.S. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, the third-most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, posted a video to Twitter on Sunday featuring commentary from politicians and activists. The minute-long collection of clips was meant to show how Scalise believes the Democrats are destroying America.


    But the video was manipulated to make at least one of the people shown sound like he said something he never did. That person is activist Ady Barkan, co-founder of the Be a Hero political action committee(Opens in a new tab), who has ALS and uses a voice assistant to speak.

    Scalise's video took a July interview with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Barkan from NowThis News(Opens in a new tab). But instead of showing it as is, Scalise's version combined audio clips from different parts of the conversation(Opens in a new tab) to make it look like Barkan said, "Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding for police." The unaltered version doesn't include "for police."

    Barkan called out Scalise for the alteration and demanded he offer an apology to the "entire disability community" for taking advantage of Barkan's manner of speaking.

    This prompted Twitter to label Scalise's tweet as "manipulated media(Opens in a new tab)" with large exclamation point and a link below the video. Twitter further explained why the tweet was tagged and included a page devoted(Opens in a new tab) to the background behind the manipulated content.

    SEE ALSO: Hey look, it's a day ending in 'y'! Time for Twitter to flag another lying Trump tweet.

    Later on Sunday, Scalise pushed back against the manipulated label, claiming his video accurately represents what Biden and other Democrats believe. He tweeted that "Dems & their partners in the media want to blame 'editing'" and linked back to the full Biden-Barkan interview.

    "See for yourself," he wrote.

    Let's be clear, though. The video Scalise shared took advantage of the manner by which Barkan communicates to make him say something he never actually said. There's deceptive editing, and then there's making stuff up. Whether Scalise wants to admit it or not, he's guilty of the latter.

  • Jon Stewarts face as Mitch McConnell walks by him is priceless

    Jon Stewarts face as Mitch McConnell walks by him is priceless


    Every so often a photograph captures a facial expression so priceless that you feel compelled to print it out, frame it, and do something really dramatic like sneak it into the Louvre.

    Today I am pleased to announce that I had one of those moments.

    The museum-worthy photograph to which I'm referring was taken on Tuesday afternoon by Roll Call photojournalist Bill Clark. He happened to be standing by the Ohio Clock Corridor in the Capitol at the absolute perfect time, and was able to capture the smug grin on Jon Stewart's face seconds after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walked past.

    The photograph is especially powerful because it was taken hours before the Senate voted on HR 1327, the renewal of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act.

    SEE ALSO: Jon Stewart went on Fox News to slam Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 first responders bill


    The comedian and former The Daily Show host has been publicly supporting the reauthorization for months, as it would extend funding of health care for first responders through 2090(Opens in a new tab).

    Back in June, Stewart made a special appearance on The Late Show to directly address Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge him to meet with first responders and get the bill passed as a standalone.

    Instead, since Stewart made an emotional speech before Congress the bill has gone up for a full House vote, and was blocked in the Senate by Republican senators, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. Stewart recently called Paul and Lee out on Fox News alongside first responder John Feal, and has yet to see action from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    With the fate of the bill scheduled to be decided on later today, the photograph made quite an impression on social media.

    Stewart's smile must have grown much larger since the photo was taken because the Senate passed the bill(Opens in a new tab) 97-2 on Tuesday afternoon. President Donald Trump is now expected to sign it.


  • Of course Elon Musk and Grimes spawned a beautiful new meme


    Of course Elon Musk and Grimes spawned a beautiful new meme

    In case you haven't heard, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and electronica musician Grimes are now dating.

    The duo apparently bonded over a niche and very nerdy joke and have subtly been flirting on Twitter for about a month.

    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk and Grimes are dating thanks to a super nerdy joke

    They made their public debut at the Met Gala on Monday night, with Musk in a standard white tuxedo and Grimes sporting a Gothic robot-looking ensemble.

    Tech nerd and goth girl are a media staple. Credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    The internet quickly noticed that this pairing of nerdy dude and edgy girl seemed familiar. Very familiar, in fact, and images of "Elon Musk and Grimes" quickly started to flood Twitter.

    The most popular comparison was Scott Pilgrim's Ramona Flowers and Gideon Graves, which you won't be able to unsee.

    But they were not just limited to Scott Pilgrim.

    It's a pretty simple formula, really: take a geeky or intellectual (or both) dude character and find a pic of him with a darkly-dressed counterculture female and there you have it.

    The comparisons range from old cartoons to some throwback live-action shots.

    Some opted to cast a slightly different light on Elon's character, though the Grimes stand-ins were still standard "edgy" girls.

    This Kim Possible comparison works on both counts, as well as serving as a subtle reminder that fictional eccentric geniuses often try to take over the world.

    Congrats to the new couple. May they follow in the footsteps of their many, many dopplegangers -- though maybe without the world domination part.

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  • The 12 best LGBTQ candidates for The Bachelor

    The 12 best LGBTQ candidates for The Bachelor


    As a queer person, it's long been my dream to see my community represented in the lowest form of entertainment: The Bachelor.

    On Wednesday, comedian Billy Eichner decided to rise to the challenge and offer himself up as fresh meat. "I actually do think it would be cool to do a gay season of The Bachelor," Eichner wrote(opens in a new tab), "and hey @BachelorABC, I'm single."

    Eichner's tweet was met with non-ironic enthusiasm on Twitter. FYI, haters: The LGBTQ community likes trash corporate television like the rest of y'all. Just because it's heteronormative poison doesn't mean we're not on board! We, too, love passing fauxmances and manufactured drama between morons.

    The time has come for queer and trans bachelor(ette)s to reclaim this cultural wasteland.

    SEE ALSO: The best queer moments in culture in 2018

    It's never been a better time for a queer bachelor. 2018 included multiple, painful queer breakups(opens in a new tab). And the Queer Eye guys showed the world they can be even more popular than the straights on streaming television. Even if you hate The Bachelor (highly understandable), queer representation matters, wherever you can find it.

    Here are the queer and trans celebrities we believe are single (though of course these things can change) and could most benefit from a scripted romance:

    1. Jonathan Van Ness

    Via Giphy(opens in a new tab)

    Jonathan Van Ness is one of those rare celebrities who's loved both by the normies and the radical queers alike. We all grieved for Jonathan after his relationship ended with soccer player Wilco Froneman(opens in a new tab) this winter. Now we all hope for the same thing for him: the opportunity to go an ice-skating date with a big ol' gay bear on broadcast television.

    2. Amandla Sternberg

    Via Giphy(opens in a new tab)

    Now that the arm wrestling posts have stopped(opens in a new tab), it's believed that queer couple King Princess and Amandla Sternberg has gone their separate ways.(opens in a new tab) It's fine, it's not like we were depending on two 24-year-olds in the throes of young love for our personal happiness.

    The Hate U Give star probably hates this show. We'd like to offer her the opportunity anyways.

    3. King Princess


    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Listen, we're not taking sides in this breakup, okay? They're both very good on Instagram.

    4. Hayley Kiyoko

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Jesus might have been single, but "Lesbian Jesus(opens in a new tab)" doesn't have to be. Just imagine the brutal take-down pop anthems she'll make when she inevitably dumps whatever silicone dud wins the show.

    5. Trace Lysette

    Pantsuit goals Credit: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

    This Transparent star and trans advocate is far too good for The Bachelorette or anything on network television, but in the event she feels like dipping her toe into our disgusting lowbrow universe, we're here.

    6. Laith Ashley

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Single or not, it doesn't matter: Everyone [who is good] wants this trans model and activist to achieve maximum possible representation. The world is a far hotter place because of him.

    7. Keiynan Lonsdale

    He's here, he's queer, and he could theoretically be single. Please sign this actor-singer-beautiful-human up.

    8. Janelle Monaé


    Monae at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Credit: Matt Baron/BEI/REX/Shutterstock

    Based on recent interviews, it no longer appears that she and Tessa Thompson are dating one another.(opens in a new tab) And unfortunately for Janelle, no one is good enough to be at her level. It'll be cute to watch her lessers try.

    9. Abbi Jacobson

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Abbi Jacobson came out as queer earlier this year and frankly it's all I've been able to think about since. Someone please put her on the show so I can get back to my normal life, aka googling other queer celebrities.

    10. Alia Shawkat

    This is the face of someone who hates being on this list. Credit: Dave Allocca/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock

    I can't think of anyone who would hate being on The Bachelor more than the incredibly talented and deeply, darkly funny Alia Shawkat. Still, good entertainment.

    11. Nyle DiMarco

    Would watch 12 hungry men eat him alive Credit: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

    Male model Nyle DiMarco is rumored to be both single and kind. How rare a combination is that? Someone please find him love.

    12. Billy Eichner

    Via Giphy(opens in a new tab)

    Billy Eichner runs a good goddamn show and is one of the few smart people on Twitter. Most importantly, he's big and famous and he offered to do it.

    Sorry, Michelle Obama. For some kinds of change, we need more people who are high to stoop low. That's just how this country works.