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Taylor Swifts Eras tour presale breaks Ticketmaster

2023-03-19 06:19:15

Taylor Swifts Eras tour presale breaks Ticketmaster

Ahead of Verified Fan presale for Taylor Swift's highly anticipated Eras Tour, Ticketmaster promptly broke like a promise.

Taylor Swifts Eras tour presale breaks Ticketmaster(图1)

People started reporting problems with Ticketmaster on DownDetector(Opens in a new tab) starting at 9 a.m. EST and peaking around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. (DownDetector is owned by Ziff Davis, Mashable parent company.) Verified fan presale for the Eras Tour began at 10 a.m., and Ticketmaster immediately started trending on Twitter. We know all too well how challenging securing tickets on Ticketmaster has become, and Swift has released four albums and re-recorded two albums since her last tour in 2018, making the desire to see her at an all-time high.

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The Ticketmaster website warned fans that the seating chart for buying tickets would not reflect availability, and it's a mystery how after so many website crashes and ticket scalpers jacking up prices that a better system has not been put in place.

Swifties are in a gold rush to buy tickets and tweeting their way through the pain of the purple, 2000+ queue to buy tickets.

For the Swifties who weren't the lucky ones chosen for Verified Fan presale, it was even more painful. When Verified Fan selection emails arrived in inboxes on Monday (Nov. 14), the timeline was flooded with fans celebrating getting presale codes or cursing the treacherous website's name for passing them by.

Dear reader, this is only the Verified Fan presale. Brace yourself for Capital One credit carder holder presale at 2 p.m. and general sale on Nov. 18. This is going to be all a certain sector of the internet will be talking about until the end of the week. And to all Swifites in the ticketing trenches, may "Karma" be on your side.

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  • A guide to getting off to your own sexual fantasies and imagination

    A guide to getting off to your own sexual fantasies and imagination

    They say the mind is the biggest, most powerful sex organ in the body. But, uh, don't try visualizing that mental image too vividly or literally, unless you're into that sorta thing?


    Instead, imagine your favorite fictional crush pressing you up against a wall, or think back to the hottest sex you ever had in your life. Now stop imagining, because this magical place where all your desires are possible and acceptable exists. And literally anyone can tap into it.

    While sexual fantasies are by definition not "real," their effects on your sex life (especially when explored during masturbation) are — shall we say — palpably physical.

    "Engaging your imagination rather than relying on visual porn for example helps to build, enhance and strengthen your erotic mind," said Dr. Britney Blair, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the sexual wellness Lover(Opens in a new tab) app. "You can bring that imagination to life when you want to prime the pump on your desire or push yourself over the edge to climax while solo or with a partner."

    "It's incredibly liberating, recognizing our own power to design the scenes and situations that turn us on."

    To be clear, there's nothing wrong with porn or other forms of erotica. But there's something especially powerful in orgasming to smut that couldn't be more personally tailored to what you like.

    "In our minds we're not confined to our studio apartments or our current sexual partners. There are no rules or judgments. Not even the laws of physics apply," said Gina Gutierrez, co-founder of the popular audio erotica app Dipsea(Opens in a new tab). "It’s incredibly liberating, recognizing our own power to design the scenes and situations that turn us on and to scrap the ones that don’t work for us."

    Don't take our word for it, though. There's science to show exactly how real the effects of a healthy erotic imagination are.

    In a landmark 2016 study(Opens in a new tab), Dr. Nan Wise — neuroscientist, sex therapist, and author of Understanding the Neuroscience of Pleasure for a Smarter, Happier, and More Purpose-Filled Life(Opens in a new tab) — mapped the brain's response when subjects merely imagined pleasurable stimulation on their genitals. Just by thinking about it, the pleasure centers in their brains "lit up like a Christmas tree," Wise said.

    "The mind is really the recipient of all the body's sensations. So there's this empirical evidence of a huge connection between the mind and pleasure," she said.

    While everyone can benefit from using their imagination as a sexual aid, it's an especially potent practice for women and others who society has conditioned to feel ashamed about their sexuality.

    "We have to do more work to lay down the connections, the neural pathways, between the genitals and the brain's sensory reward regions," said Wise. "Using your imagination to masturbate not only gives us the information about what stimulation we need, but also actually strengthens the connections between our genitals and the brain."

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    Beyond that, getting off to our own sexual fantasies tackles another negative effect that patriarchy can have on women's sexuality.

    "We're socialized to think of ourselves as the objects of other people's desires, like we need to borrow someone else's idea of pleasure" said Wise. That's why learning how to be the subject of our own desires, to embody the pleasure we conjure up in our own mind, can be so empowering.

    Everyone with a brain, genitals, and desire is already equipped to masturbate to their own sexual fantasies. And while the practice does come more naturally to some, it only takes little guidance and patience to unlock the endless possibilities tucked inside your erotic mind.

    Set the right environment

    Set that phone to night mode, but make it sexy. Credit: bob al-greene / mashable

    A major key in setting your mind up for erotic success is to ensure your environment allows your brain to feel fully relaxed, safe, and free from distraction.

    Pick a time and place where you'll have full privacy without needing to worry about any interruption, whether from roommates or notifications. For most people, that place will naturally be the bedroom. But put some effort into also making it a true fortress of sensual solitude, like by locking the door, setting your phone to airplane mode, putting on an eye mask, or maybe even using some essential oils and putting on your favorite sexy playlist.

    Blair even recommends purposefully scheduling these more exploratory kind of session and making them habitual. So maybe it can be something you add to your nightly ritual before bed: Brush your teeth, do the skincare routine, put on some pajamas, then let your mind wander as you touch yourself.

    Create a safe space in your mind

    Of course, priming yourself with the right mindset is vital to unlocking your brain's full fantasy potential.

    One of the biggest hurdles to exploring our erotic imaginations is actually the engrained social shame many of us have picked up (even subconsciously) through sexism, homophobia, social stigmas, religion, etc.

    "It’s important to know if that is coming up for you, you’re not alone. But there is no such thing as a wrong or right fantasy." said Blair.

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    Treat your imagination as a judgement-free zone. To be fair, clearing or redirecting your mind away from feelings of shame is easier said than done. But certain exercises can help (which we'll get into more in the mind-body connection section below).

    Blair suggests that, while exploring sexual fantasies in your mind, try to distinguish between when you're having a reaction versus a judgment to a certain scenario. Judgments often come from values imposed on you by something or someone else, while visceral reactions can be an indication that your mind wants to explore it further — especially if it's something your never thought you'd be into.

    It's easy to get scared off by an intense response to a fantasy, and write that off as being too weird or outside the norm for your taste. But if you give yourself a second to assess where that response is coming from, you might actually find that the intensity comes from a part of you that you've never tried tapping into before.

    "Everything is okay in the world of fantasy. No fantasy is a crime."

    Or maybe not, and that's fine too. The point is, if you feel safe doing it, just try leaning into parts of your erotic mind that feel challenging and see where it goes.

    "Everything is okay in the world of fantasy. No fantasy is a crime," said Blair. "Whatever turns you on in your mind is totally healthy. Your fantasy doesn’t say anything about you except that you are lucky to have a rich imagination that you can use to have an exciting and enduring erotic life."

    That's another major benefit of sexual fantasies versus traditional porn, too. You don't have to worry about any ethical concerns, because your imagination can't hurt you or anyone else. You're in total control.

    "You imagination is a completely safe space," said Dipsea's Gutierrez. "We can play out fantasies that are risky or illicit that we would never actually want to happen in real life. In our minds we’re free to experiment without consequences."

    Familiarize yourself with (but don't feel limited by) common sexual fantasies

    While the whole point is to tap into the unique potential of your own mind, a good jumping off point is to explore whether the most common sexual fantasies(Opens in a new tab) spark your interest. Researchers have labeled them into different categories, though there's a world of possibilities within those labels as well.

    Dr. Blair described these categories as multi-partner sex like group sex or threesomes; power, control, or rough sex; novelty, adventure, and variety; taboo and forbidden sex; partner sharing and non-monogamous relationships; passion and romance; and erotic flexibility like homoeroticism or gender-bending.

    Jess O'Reilly is a sex educator, author of The New Sex Bible(Opens in a new tab), and Astroglide's resident sexologist. She explained that through each of these fantasy categories you can help identify the specific core erotic feelings that get you into a heightened state of arousal.

    "Oftentimes, they relate to fantasy, escapism or subverting otherwise 'negative' emotions. You might find that sex is really hot when you feel powerful, submissive, challenged, mindful, or playful," she said. "You may also find yourself aroused by feelings that you don’t naturally associate with pleasure, like jealousy, inadequacy, fear, and even humiliation can be exciting."

    What our brains often gravitate to most is pure novelty. What gets you off in a fantasy can actually be the total opposite of your real-life sexual orientation or even completely removed from you, as an abstract scenario happening to someone else entirely.

    Let your spank bank be a place where your freak flag flies. Credit: vicky leta / mashable

    So don't be weirded out if you learn that you're as horny for that fish-god monster from The Shape of Water as the Academy Awards were in 2018. Or maybe you're one of the many women who enjoys a rape fantasy — which, as Dr. Wise points out, in a fantasy context is the opposite of a real-life rape since, "you're choosing to have the fantasy and who's overpowering you. You're in complete control."

    One other general rule of thumb Wise found is that while men tend toward more visually-oriented fantasies centered around preferred body parts, women tend to focus on overall scenarios. However, it's impossible to distill the endless possibilities of human sexuality into neat categories. Which is why you also shouldn't get discouraged or ashamed if none of these common fantasies do it for you.

    "Our capacity for imagination is limitless," said Wise. Don't feel pressure to confine yours to a specific label.

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    Start building your erotic imagination through fiction, porn, memories... anything!

    The truth is that, while other obstacles might make it hard initially to give yourself permission to explore sexual fantasies, using your imagination is a very natural and innate part of being human. Who doesn't fantasizing about getting up from their desk in the middle of a hard work day and quitting, or spend time daydreaming about how they'd furnish their dream apartment?

    "We make Pinterest boards and save Instagram photos, collect and catalog all these things that we like. I recommend starting to do that for your sex life," said Gutierrez. "Become more mindful observing what attracts you to someone. The moments where you feel sexiest. What you want to say out loud during sex but hesitate to. Then the next time you want to use your fantasy for pleasure, you know exactly where to draw from."

    Everything in your life can become part of your horny mood board.

    Everything in your life can become part of your horny mood board.

    We all have that one fictional character or public figure — whether from books, tv, movies, video games, or even politics and the internet — that just does it for us. Begin there, expanding into a specific sexy scene that got you going or whatever comes to mind when you think of that person. Heck, maybe you're like me and realize that a silky, authoritative voice is actually your kink, leading a bunch of non-erotic popular podcasts to become your go-to spank bank material.

    Audio erotica can be a great place to start if you don't want to take the training wheels off yet to explore sexual fantasies of your own making. Unlike visual porn, audio erotica still exercises the muscles of your erotic imagination, asking you to fill in the details and paint the full picture. While we always recommend Dipsea, there's also plenty of free ways to try audio erotica like r/gonewildaudio(Opens in a new tab) and Girl on the Net(Opens in a new tab).

    Once you're ready to bring yourself more to the forefront of the fantasy, begin with a memory of the hottest, most visceral sex you've ever had. Really ground yourself back in that moment by recalling your senses: What position were you in? What did the person's lust feel like? Were you sweating? How exactly did they touch you?

    Touch yourself while pulling from all the erotic mental material you've curated, and don't be afraid to really get your whole body involved in mimicking the sensations you're creating through your mind. Maybe that means masturbating while you're on all fours, or matching the tempo of the fantasy, or even dry-humping a pillow. Don't put any pressure on yourself to orgasm throughout any of this, though, and instead just zero in on embodying the experience of your imagination.

    "It's about giving yourself full permission to explore all our internal pleasure places, and how we experience them in both our minds and bodies at the same time," said Wise.

    It's like writing fanfiction, but in real-time Credit: vicky leta / mashable

    Try these exercises to strengthen your mind-body connection

    Through her research and other studies in the field, Wise has ultimately found that, "This distinction we make between the mind and body is really a very arbitrary one."

    One of the best ways to embrace this in a way that engages your erotic fantasy life in is through something called mindful sex.

    This increasingly popular branch of sex therapy describes a bunch of different practices and exercises that add a layer of sexuality to mindfulness, to help you stay present in your body while experiencing pleasure, train your mind to focus on whatever arouses you, and engage in a non-judgmental curious sexual mindset. Try out basic exercises like pleasure mapping (which Dipsea has a guide for), mindful masturbation (which you can read about here), and sensate focus (which you can read about here).

    Wise also suggests a very simple exercise for getting your imagination more connected with your genitals on a neurological level: Just start by tapping or pleasurably touching your genitals, then stop, then think back on the sensations you felt while touching them. Try to recall and summon them back in your body: What did it feel like in your body when the stimulation was building, then dissipating?

    At first, it might not feel like much at all and the pleasure may be pretty mild compared to what you're used to while using more immediate erotic visual aids like porn.

    “But you’ll slowly start to develop a better connection to that pleasure sensation channel in your brain,” she said.

    Use your imagination during partnered sex

    While sexual fantasies are a great way to enhance self-love, learning how to engage with them during partnered sex can also do wonders to get people over the edge and into orgasm.

    At this point though, you might be wondering: Is it even OK to fantasize about other situations — or maybe even other people — while having sex with a partner?

    “It doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you'd come home to eat.”

    “Yes, it’s an unequivocal yes! Because thinking about stuff is not the same as doing it,” said Wise. As the famous saying goes, “It doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you'd come home to eat.”

    It’s totally normal for your mind to desire novelty, especially if you're not in a new relationship anymore. In fact, Wise found that one of the best ways to ensure a couples’ longevity is precisely this kind of openness and understanding that people need to fuel their erotic imagination with new stuff.

    “If we can get over these kind of hang ups, get past this fear of our partners having a fantasy about somebody else while they’re with us, and instead use it as an opportunity talk about: What would you like? What haven't we tried? What are you afraid to tell me? Because that's hot. That's really hot,” said Wise.

    Or maybe instead of thinking about someone else, you'd simply rather use your imagination during partnered sex to transport you both to a setting or scenario that heightens your arousal even more.

    In the end, what you do with your erotic imagination is up to you. You can share it if you'd like — or keep it all to yourself. That’s what’s so great about sexual fantasies you cut from your own cloth: They’re all yours, and no one else's.

  • Social media is the new bodycam

    Social media is the new bodycam

    Childish Gambino warned us in 2018. This is America, right?


    It's been a brutal week for anyone who doesn't live with their eyes closed. The proof is right there on Twitter and other social platforms. It used to be that we relied on police bodycams to hold officers accountable for their actions. But in this difficult moment, citizen journalism is carrying that bucket instead.

    Something snapped in the United States as former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck until he died on May 25. Floyd was black and Chauvin is white. It was a sadly familiar scene of what looks to rational observers like a clear case of police brutality.

    But this time, we hit a breaking point. The gruesome reality of Chauvin's actions as captured on camera is certainly part of it. He held his position on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes, until after the restrained man died. The camera captures it all in vivid, horrifying detail. Add to that the ongoing pandemic, and historic levels of unemployment. People's nerves are frayed and the callous inhumanity of Floyd's death was a last straw.

    So cities exploded over the weekend with widespread protests and grim scenes of violence. Even as much of the country outside of major cities continues to hunker down behind stay-at-home orders, social media has brought all of us to the front lines through citizen journalism and shared news reports.

    These ongoing protests are about stopping racial violence and police brutality, and they're hundreds of years in the making. I think the images and videos, and the actions of the people portrayed therein, tell the whole story. Thank you to all of the protesters and members of the press who are out there doing your part to make sure the realities of this moment won't soon be forgotten.

    It hasn't all been as completely terrible as the above visuals suggest. Protesters are out in force and many of them are skipping the violence in favor of working to send a message, lift up the people in their community, and generally just keep the peace. Many others are just doing the best they can to peacefully work through the days, weeks, months, decades of pent-up anger they've been carrying.

    They've even been joined in a few cases by police officers and departments that have managed to maintain a level of trust with their local communities.

    SEE ALSO: How to demand justice for George Floyd and support Minneapolis protesters

    I don't know what else to say. Take care of yourselves, folks. And please, keep on documenting this moment in any way that you can.

  • Police scanner app catapults to the top of the App Store

    Police scanner app catapults to the top of the App Store

    Protesters just made a police scanner the most popular paid iOS app in the country.


    On Monday, 5-0 Radio Police Scanner(Opens in a new tab), which costs $5, was the number one paid app in the App Store. A pared-down version with ads was the number two paid app, surpassing TikTok and second only to the suddenly popular Zynn app. Vice first reported(Opens in a new tab) on the app's rise.

    Protesters clashed with police in Minneapolis, Louisville, Los Angeles, Philadelphia(Opens in a new tab), and other U.S. cities over the weekend. They are demanding an end to police brutality after George Floyd was killed by a police officer.

    A look at the top paid apps. Credit: screenshot / mashable
    Also popular as a free app. Credit: Screenshot / mashable

    Scanner apps let protesters listen to live police radio feeds. App analytics firm Apptopia found the top five police scanner apps, such as 5-0 Police Scanner(Opens in a new tab) and Police Scanner(Opens in a new tab), were downloaded 213,000 times over the weekend. That's a 125 percent increase from the weekend before — a record for police scanner apps. 5-0 Police Scanner was downloaded 40,000 times between Friday and Sunday in the United States.

    Other related apps saw download surges as well, like the encrypted messaging app Signal. It was downloaded 37,000 times this weekend, a record for the app. Same for community alert app Citizen, which was downloaded 49,000 times during the same period, according to Apptopia(Opens in a new tab).

  • Elizabeth Warren and her very good dog Bailey joined the Washington D.C. protests

    Elizabeth Warren and her very good dog Bailey joined the Washington D.C. protests

    Less than half an hour before the official curfew started in Washington D.C., thousands of protesters were still walking peacefully in the streets of the capital. Among them were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, her husband Bruce Mann, and their dog Bailey.


    Dressed in sensible beige shorts, sneakers, and a basic blue face mask, the last female candidate to suspend her campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was quickly spotted by her fellow protesters as she joined the throng in Lafayette Square. Many were clearly thrilled to see her, cheering as she told reporters President Donald Trump had been "wrong" to deploy the National Guard in the city.

    "He is imposing violence on our people," she told one reporter(Opens in a new tab). "People are here to protest peacefully.

    Warren also called for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign after reports that he had ordered the violent removal of protesters near the White House, and tweeted her support for her colleague Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's bill to criminalise the use of chokeholds by police. Gillibrand was also in the presidential race until last August.

    Widespread protests have emerged in cities across the U.S. in a furious response to the death of George Floyd — who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes — as well as other recent police killings, including Louisville woman Breonna Taylor and Florida man Tony McDade. These names are only the latest to be added to a shamefully long list of black Americans killed by police.f

    Trump's response to the protests, in particular the order to disperse peaceful demonstrators near the White House using tear gas and rubber bullets for a Trump photo op, has drawn criticism from members of both parties(Opens in a new tab).

    Other politicians who have appeared at protests include Reps. Ayanna Pressley(Opens in a new tab), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(Opens in a new tab), and Joyce Beatty, who was pepper sprayed by police at the Columbus, Ohio event(Opens in a new tab), as well as Sen. Kamala Harris (Opens in a new tab)

  • Every police department should have to hear our rage via Zoom call

    Every police department should have to hear our rage via Zoom call

    Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Commission held a Zoom call with citizens — of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, as well as some former residents — and watched with blank faces as citizens berated them mercilessly for eight hours.


    The call came not only after several nights of protests in Los Angeles, but also after LAPD chief Michael Moore blamed the death of George Floyd(Opens in a new tab) on the city's protestors and looters. (Moore walked back on the comments(Opens in a new tab) after backlash.)

    But that's just the tip of the iceberg: LAPD has a long history of violence against black people — next year will be 30 years since LA officers beat Rodney King(Opens in a new tab).

    After many people were initially left out of the call(Opens in a new tab) because it capped at 500 people — and after the boomers on the commission figured out how to work Zoom — the commission said their statements.

    Then, the real show started. The public unleashed their fury on the LAPD for hours on end. They demanded Moore's resignation or firing, as well as to defund the LAPD and support the people's budget(Opens in a new tab). Some spewed incredible insults(Opens in a new tab), while others broke down in tears. Several impassioned callers, like this one, went viral:

    After watching this call, I'm convinced that every police department needs to have a Zoom call like this one.

    While the LAPD is notorious for its racism, so are many other departments across the country — including the Minneapolis police(Opens in a new tab), who are responsible for the killing of George Floyd. He died after three police officers pinned him down, one kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes.

    Police departments across the nation should be subjected to people's rage. In many cities, they're beating up peaceful protestors who they are sworn to protect, all while we — the taxpayers — pay their salaries. Police commissions are supposed to be working for us, the civilians, and we should be able to scream and cry and drag our cops just like the residents of LA did yesterday. (And then I think we should defund the police(Opens in a new tab), but that's a different story.)

    Public meetings with police departments aren't new. As some activists mentioned on the call, they've been raising the same concerns about the police for years. But now thanks to technology not afforded previous generations, these meetings can be online (and the current pandemic pretty much mandates that, anyway). Virtual meetings can not only be more accessible to people who can't make them in-person, but allows these meetings to go viral and be seen by thousands, both in the department's jurisdiction and beyond.

    The total impact of the LAPD call has yet to be seen. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti didn't make any promises about changing the budget(Opens in a new tab), and as of publication the LAPD chief has not resigned.

    But that doesn't mean this call didn't have an impact. Hundreds of people were able to express anger that has possibly been pent up for years. People around the country — like me, in New York — stayed tuned for hours and are now inspired to tell our police departments our similar demands (and probably insults). Like protesting, donating money, and calling our reps, being able to rip into our respective police departments can be just another action to elicit change, and it's a cathartic one at that.

    Police commissions and departments have a duty to their citizens to let their voices be heard. We are all owed a more modern-day public forum. Americans everywhere should be able to call out their police chief's racist eyebrows.

    Mashable has reached out to LAPD for comment and will update if received.

  • Even Piers Morgan thinks Rudy Giuliani sounds completely barking mad

    Even Piers Morgan thinks Rudy Giuliani sounds completely barking mad

    Listen, let's not give Piers Morgan — a British TV presenter who's dabbled in racist tropes(Opens in a new tab) and transphobia(Opens in a new tab) — a gold star. But even he has realized Rudy Giuliani seems a little off.


    Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and current personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, appeared on Thursday on ITV's Good Morning Britain, which Morgan co-hosts. The appearance, which took place in the middle of the night in the U.S., turned into a shouting match between two old white guys about who was more discredited.

    The fight began when Morgan criticized Trump's tweet about "when the looting starts the shooting starts" in regards to the protests surrounding the police killing of George Floyd. But the argument soon devolved into a barrage of personal attacks.

    "You sound completely barking mad, do you know that?" Morgan said.

    Giuliani fired back, "No, I don't. You sound like a big liar."

    But Morgan kept going after the former mayor, firing off wonderfully British insults.

    "You've lost the plot. And it's sad to see," the host said.

    Taking a page from his boss's playbook, Giuliani stumbled through a few insults about Morgan's failed CNN show and its poor ratings. At some point, Giuliani either tells Morgan he "sucked up" or "fucked up" — it's tough to tell because Giuliani's words are a bit slurred — but either way Morgan apologizes for the language before twisting the knife further into his guest.

    "When I used to interview you, you were an intelligent, reasonable man and you've gone completely mad," he said. "And you sound deranged. You're abusive. And it's really sad to see what's happened to you."

    A viral clip from the interview goes on in a similar fashion for a few more minutes. It does represent a shift from Morgan — a former winner on Celebrity Apprentice who had a largely friendly (if bonkers)(Opens in a new tab) interview with Trump this time last year.

    But definitely watch the entire clip from Thursday, if only to see co-host Susanna Reid deliver an absolutely perfect, "OK," to end the wild segment.

  • Fox News host says John Lennon — who was killed in New York — wouldnt be safe in the city right now

    Fox News host says John Lennon — who was killed in New York — wouldnt be safe in the city right now

    Days after an NYPD car floored it into a group of protesters(Opens in a new tab) — just one of many instances of police violence in the city(Opens in a new tab) — New York City mayor Bill de Blasio responded with...John Lennon lyrics.


    "I don't mean to make light of this but I'm reminded of the song 'Imagine' by John Lennon," said de Blasio, according to journalist Jack Mirkinson. He went on to say that defunding the police, a rallying cry of the George Floyd protests, was "not the way forward."

    De Blasio was subsequently roasted by social media(Opens in a new tab) and traditional(Opens in a new tab) media(Opens in a new tab) outlets(Opens in a new tab), and then Fox News got ahold of the quote. On Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Brian Kilmeade thought he was delivering a brilliant zinger about the mayor:

    "John Lennon wouldn't be safe in this city right now," said Kilmeade. "He'd be hiding in his apartment."

    For those who are unaware (like Kilmeade, apparently), John Lennon was murdered in New York(Opens in a new tab) in 1980. His killer, Mark David Chapman, shot him four times outside his luxury Manhattan apartment. He's still in prison and his eleventh parole hearing is scheduled for this August(Opens in a new tab).

    Maybe Kilmeade should do some fact-checking. Imagine that?

  • Singer performs Bunker Boy, a catchy tune about Trumps time in the bunker

    Singer performs Bunker Boy, a catchy tune about Trumps time in the bunker

    There's a new song inspired by Donald Trump's recent and somewhat confusing trip to the White House bunker, and honestly? It's catchy as hell.


    On Monday, days after it was reported that Secret Service rushed the president to the White House bunker(Opens in a new tab) amidst D.C. protests, singer Courtney Jaye (@TropicalJaye(Opens in a new tab)) penned and performed the tune, titled, "Bunker Boy."

    Jaye shared a video of herself performing the song to social media, and on top of her gorgeous guitar playing and sweet-sounding vocals, the lyrics are truly something.

    "Bunker Boy, don't lie. You got scared and hid in the basement in the middle of the night," Jaye sings. "You're not so tough, no. It's a sorry sight. So take your bible, shove it up your ass, and turn on the fucking lights."

    Jaye ends the song with the lyrics, "Bunker Boy, Bunker Boy, November's coming and we hope you're terrified, Bunker boy," before taking a big exhale and letting out an exhausted eye roll. A real mood.

    SEE ALSO: Stephen Colbert slams Trump's hypocritical Bible photo op

    For those who haven't been closely following Trump's bunker saga, let's recap.

    On Friday night, hundreds of people gathered outside the White House gates to protest racism, police brutality, and the death of George Floyd, a black man who died on May 25, after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly 9 minutes.

    Reports stated that when protests escalated Friday night, Secret Service ushered Trump — along with Melania and their son Barron — to the underground presidential bunker, where they allegedly remained for nearly an hour(Opens in a new tab).

    After Trump received some backlash for retreating to the bunker amidst a national state of unrest, he said that he didn't go to the bunker to get away from the protests, rather he was merely inspecting the bunker.

    "I was there for a tiny, short little period of time," Trump told Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio. He then stated his bunker visit was "more for an inspection," and that he'd been been to the bunker previously. He said he's gone "two and a half times," whatever that means.

    Trump's bunker comments sounded a bit absurd to many people, including Jaye, which is why she decided to use the gift of song to hilariously call the president out on his suspicious story.

    Jaye tweeted her video and made sure to tag Trump's Twitter handle — and the song has been quite a hit since. At the time of writing this piece, Jaye's tweet had more than 60,000 likes, and celebrities like Sophia Bush have even praised the blunt and catchy tune.

    Jaye is no stranger to writing songs about President Trump. On June 1, she also shared another potential hit, called "fuck this fucking president," which has been viewed 174,000 times.

    In it, Jaye shares her true feelings about the president, and urges people to get out and vote for the November election.

    I only wish Jaye had been cranking out these political hits back in 2018, when former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was hiding in (or among) bushes. I bet "Bushes Boy" would have been a real banger.

  • Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, resigns to make room for a black board member

    Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, resigns to make room for a black board member

    The co-founder of Reddit just put the rest of the tech world on notice.


    Alexis Ohanian announced Friday(Opens in a new tab) that he was resigning his Reddit board seat, and "urged" the rest of the board to fill his spot with a new black board member. He will also be donating all future gains on his Reddit stock to "serve the black community," and is immediately giving $1 million to Colin Kaepernick's racial justice charity.

    Yes, take that in. Ohanian just set the bar for using power and privilege for racial equity by transferring not only resources, but also power to people of color.

    The tech world has been looking for ways to support racial equality amid Black Lives Matter protests across the world. The leaders in efforts to promote diversity in tech say that one of the best ways tech leaders in particular can help is by investing in black businesses and venture funds, hiring black employees, and putting black people in positions of power within the tech world.

    "Tech companies should be hiring [people of color] at all levels, from the board room to the boiler room," Rodney Sampson, a leader in tech diversity and founder of the accelerator OHUB(Opens in a new tab), said. "If you’re a venture-backed tech company, you should be looking to put someone black on your board of advisors."

    Ohanian called his move "long overdue." He explained that he had made his decision so that he could answer his black daughter (Ohanian's wife is Serena Williams) when she asked: "What did you do?"

    Williams expressed support for her husband in a tweet that may have made this reporter choke up.

    In the background of Ohanian's actions are the stark realities of Reddit, which Ohanian said he founded "to help people find community and a sense of belonging." Anyone who has spent even a passing moment on Reddit knows that it can be a quagmire of divisive vitriol. Amid the protests, some Reddit communities protested what they see as Reddit's failure to take stronger action against hate speech on the platform by making their communities private. Ellen Pao, a former VC, and one-time interim CEO of Reddit who now runs a tech diversity organization, called out Reddit's hypocrisy on Twitter:

    There is, of course, no guarantee that Reddit leadership will take Ohanian up on his request to fill his seat with a black board member. But this is an opportunity to set an example for the rest of the tech and business world. Currently, around 11 percent of Fortune 100 board members are African American, according to a recent study(Opens in a new tab) by the Alliance for Board Diversity.

    Mashable has reached out to Reddit to learn whether it intends to follow through with Ohanian's call to action, and Reddit said it would be responding "later today."

  • Trump lies about elderly protester injured by police, hits another new Twitter low

    Trump lies about elderly protester injured by police, hits another new Twitter low

    Every time you think Donald Trump has hit a new moral low, he manages to outdo himself.


    On Tuesday morning, Twitter users saw yet another exceptionally distressing and unpresidential display from Trump. The president tweeted outlandish lies about Martin Gugino, the injured protester who was shoved to the ground by Buffalo police officers last week. Even for someone prone to spreading false conspiracy theories, this was a shocking thing to say.

    After video of the Buffalo police officers pushing the 75-year-old man to the ground went viral, public outrage led to the suspension of two officers directly involved and the resignation of the 57 other officers(Opens in a new tab) from Buffalo New York's emergency response team. Those officers who resigned from the team remain on the force.

    As Gugino — whose head could be seen smacking the pavement in the video and then was bleeding from his ears — remains in serious but stable condition, Trump suggested to nearly 82 million Twitter followers that the 75-year-old man was "an ANTIFA provocateur" who was trying to tamper with police equipment and exaggerated the severity of his fall.

    "Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?" Trump tweeted.

    SEE ALSO: Protesters turned Donald Trump's #BabyGate fence into something beautiful

    The tweet not only publicly targets a citizen, but also attempts to destroy his reputation as a peaceful activist(Opens in a new tab). And though Trump continually flings insults and spreads misinformation on Twitter, many people were genuinely taken aback by the harmful nature of this conspiracy theory.

    Trump seems to have gotten this conspiracy theory in his head from One America News, the conservative, far-right news network that previously claimed Dr. Fauci had ties to the Deep State, George Soros, Bill Gates, and the Clintons(Opens in a new tab).

    Trump has proven time and again that he's not above lying to rile up his base and change the conversation. So it's imperative now more than ever that you research whatever he says before you even consider believing it.

Random articles


  • Apple Fitness+ will soon work with a lot more TVs

    Apple Fitness+ will soon work with a lot more TVs

    UPDATE: Feb. 5, 2021, 1:21 p.m. EST The public betas for both iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 are now available for download.


    You won’t need a pricey Apple TV to stream Fitness+ classes to your television anymore.

    When Apple launched Fitness+ in December, users were only able to access it using their iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Soon, they'll be able to cast it to TVs and other devices using AirPlay 2.

    Fitness+ offers a variety of workouts, including classes for strength training, cycling, and more. But in order to participate, users need an Apple Watch to track their metrics.

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    Apple's Airplay 2 is a feature that allows you to mirror whatever's on your iPhone or iPad right to your Apple TV, or a TV that supports it. You can also do the same for audio — whether it's a HomePod or a third-party smart speaker.

    With Fitness+ specifically, you'll be able to mirror workout classes (with the option to choose between video or just audio) to your TV to make for a more comfortable viewing experience. It'll also save you about $149 to $179 — the price for an Apple TV HD or 4K model, respectively.

    But there are some caveats. For starters, you won't be able to see your metrics on the screen, the way you can when using Apple TV. So, to keep an eye on stats like the countdown timer, heart-rate, Activity rings, and Burn Bar (which shows how you're doing compared to others who have taken the class), you'll have to glance at your Apple Watch.

    Additionally, you'll have to make sure that your TV is compatible with AirPlay 2. I'd recommend taking a look at Apple's list of AirPlay 2-enabled devices(Opens in a new tab) to double-check the feature will work with your gadgets at home.

    SEE ALSO: How to stop ‘Time to Walk’ episodes from automatically downloading to your Apple Watch

    The feature isn't available for everyone yet, either. As of now, it's available as part of the public beta for watchOS 7.4 and iOS 14.5. So, unless you're part of the Apple Beta Software Program(Opens in a new tab), you'll have to wait a little while.

    While it's nice of Apple to give users more options to access Fitness+, it would've been nice to have this capability when the workout service first launched. Let's just hope those who purchased an Apple TV, specifically for this reason, saved the receipt.

  • I tried out the ghd rise Volumising Hot Brush on long, thick hair. Heres how it fared.

    I tried out the ghd rise Volumising Hot Brush on long, thick hair. Heres how it fared.

    I can't remember the last time I styled my hair before leaving the house. Thinking about this ritual from a bygone era makes me nostalgic (remember going out?).


    So, when I got the opportunity to review the ghd rise Volumising Hot Brush, it took me right back to the days of straightening my hair before a night out. What I'd conveniently forgotten, of course, is just how laborious the entire process is.

    If you're not familiar, ghd has just launched a new hot styling brush(Opens in a new tab) that claims to be kind to your hair while providing all-day-long volume. Number one on the list of features is something ghd calls "ultra-zone with predictive technology." Now, what that string of words appears to mean is that an infinity sensor ensures the styling temperature of 185° is maintained across the entire 32-millimetre barrel of the brush. That basically means you'll end up with consistent results when styling your locks. The product takes 25 seconds to heat up, meaning you can get styling straight away. And it also has a 2.7-metre swivel cord, which makes it easier to move and hold the brush when you're using it. If you're the type of person who worries about leaving your straighteners turned on, this product automatically switches off after 30 minutes.

    The ghd rise Volumising Hot Brush had a lot of hype around its release — YouTuber Zoella tried the product out on Instagram before hordes of influencers and YouTubers rushed to get their hands on one, leaving a trail of YouTube reviews and tutorials in their wake. You might have noticed that hot styling brushes and blow-dry brushes are having a real moment. Gone are the days of straightening your hair to within an inch of its life, these days it's all about the DIY blowout look. The question is: Did this particular hot brush live up to a) its hype and b) its £169 ($189) price tag?

    SEE ALSO: An ode to BaByliss Straight and Shine, the iconic 2000s straighteners

    In order to answer that question, I needed to try this hot brush out on my hair to really put it through its paces. I have long hair and lots of it. I also have tatty, knotty hair with the odd bit of frizz thrown in just to make my life even more fun. Because my tresses are quite, err, difficult to tame, I tend to do as little as possible with them. Particularly during summer months when I give my hair a holiday from the blowdryer and let it dry au naturel. Because of all these myriad factors, I usually find styling my hair with any tool pretty damn annoying and time-consuming.

    The before shot! My hair just after blowdrying it. Credit: rachel thompson / mashable

    The first time I tried the hot brush, I got just about everything wrong. What I will say is this is a product that takes some technique. So, if you're buying the product ahead of a big event, I'd get some practice in beforehand. I ended up watching a load of YouTube(Opens in a new tab) tutorials(Opens in a new tab) to get to grips with some of the different styles you can achieve. From ghd's own tutorials, it looks like there are three main looks(Opens in a new tab) you can create with the brush: root volume, full-bodied volume, and volume curls.

    I ended up trying out a mix of volume curls and full-bodied volume, based on the tutorial below. I'll be honest, I never really got the hang of the root volume technique and I feel like it might be better suited to much shorter hair.

    Before you even start using the brush, my advice is to make sure your hair is 100 percent bone dry — no moist bits at all. ghd stipulates in its product info that the brush is designed for use on dry hair only and, take it from me, they definitely mean that. I thought I'd dried my hair pretty thoroughly, but must have left the odd bit of dampish hair. When I tried to use the brush (and its 185ºC heat) on my precious locks, it made a kind of crackling sound and emitted a decent bit of steam. Never a good sign, let's face it!

    So, if you have quite knotty hair, then I'd pay attention to this part. I managed to get my hair completely stuck in the bristles, prompting me to freak out and frantically turn off the whole brush so I could avoid a Jo March in Little Women hair-burning incident. The air turned blue in my flat, I can assure you.

    Two things: 1. Make sure you've properly brushed your hair — make sure you've got every single knot out of there. 2. When you are twisting a strand of hair around the barrel, try and keep it neat, and don't wind it round and round willy-nilly.

    Don't worry, it's not stuck. Credit: rachel thompson / mashable

    Even though I watched a fair few tutorials, I learned best through trial and error while sitting in front of a mirror. If you're using the brush to create curls, small or thin sections work better. This is a bit annoying if you've got a lot of hair, as it makes the process really arduous, but I definitely didn't style every single strand on my head — I would have been there all day. The end result is loose, beachy waves rather than tightly defined curls.

    First few attempts at curls. Credit: rachel thompson / mashable

    Personally, I think the most effective technique is the second style shown in the ghd tutorial video(Opens in a new tab): full-bodied volume. Use a comb or brush to find your parting, then select a wide section length-wise from your parting. You're essentially focussing on the width of your section and NOT the thickness. If you grab too much hair, it won't style as well. Hold the strand upright and taught and curl the brush under the end of the strand, curling in a downwards motion towards the root.

    So, what do I think of the ghd rise hot brush?

    Once I'd got the hang of it, this was pretty straightforward. Because of my hair type, I did find the entire process of styling it quite long and a bit of a faff. But I really loved the way my hair looked once I'd finished — it was smooth with soft curls that didn't look over-styled or too defined. I'm not a professional, so the finish isn't exactly perfect as you can likely tell from the photo. As mentioned before, I couldn't quite get the hang of root volume strokes — this could be because the product might not be suited to long, heavy hair.

    You definitely notice the consistent barrel temperature, particularly when using the brush for curls. And the swivel cord is actually really helpful when you're styling a particularly awkward section.

    The finished look. Credit: rachel thompson / mashable

    I love a good blow out, but can't always justify the spend, so this is a good product for anyone with a blowout habit that's looking to save money long-term. I do feel that £169 is a little steep for any hair-styling device, but if you knew you would use it frequently, then it could be an investment.

    If you're thinking about using this brush on a hot or humid day, don't. I was sweating profusely by the time I finished doing my hair and I was so hot, it was unbearable to have my hair around my face.

    This isn't an everyday-use type of brush. But if I had a hot date lined up, or an event I wanted to get spruced up for, then I'd be cracking this out for sure.

  • What to look for when buying a sex toy

    What to look for when buying a sex toy

    Walking into a sex shop or browsing online can introduce you to an endless stream of vibrators, dildos, clit-suckers, and more products designed to make you orgasm. With such a variety out there, it can be daunting to determine which toy is right for you — especially if you've never bought one before.


    What should you look for when buying a sex toy? We reached out to experts for their insight on what to add to the cart next.

    Where to buy a sex toy

    Don't worry if you're a newbie, said Dr. Nikki Coleman(Opens in a new tab), licensed psychologist and relationship expert. It can take a while to find a toy just right for you. 

    Both in-person and online shops have advantages when it comes to your search. One benefit of the former is receiving personalized suggestions from a salesperson. 

    On the other hand, the internet offers easy access to a huge array of reviews and lists. If you want to research inexpensive sex toy options or just find out what’s the best of the best, for example, you can locate choices with one google search. If you find yourself overwhelmed by this wealth of knowledge, though, taking it IRL (COVID-permitting) is probably your best bet.

    Not all shops are created equal. Purchasing from third-party stores like Amazon(Opens in a new tab) doesn't guarantee an authentic product. Considering that the toy will be in or around your genitals, it's imperative to make sure it's legit. 

    "You want to buy a vibrator made from the right material, from people who know everything there is to know about these products," said Gigi Engle(Opens in a new tab), ACS, sex expert at (Opens in a new tab)Feeld(Opens in a new tab) and author of All the F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life(Opens in a new tab).(Opens in a new tab)

    Buy directly from trusted retailers or the sex toy manufacturer itself. Engle suggested checking out sex-positive, women-run boutiques like Babeland(Opens in a new tab), Please(Opens in a new tab), Good Vibrations(Opens in a new tab), and Unbound(Opens in a new tab), all of which have online stores. These sellers aren't just women-founded; their employees are queer-friendly and knowledgeable about sex education as well.

    Once you figure out what toy you want — say the Maude vibe(Opens in a new tab), a sleek toy for $45, or LELO's Sona 2 Cruise(Opens in a new tab), an elegant suction vibrator — you can also buy directly from the company's website.

    SEE ALSO: How to clean your sex toys

    What to consider when purchasing a sex toy

    Figure out your budget, but don't let the price tags deter you, Coleman said. There are high-quality yet affordable toys out there. Mashable's Jess Joho listed her favorite budget picks, including Plus One's $10 vibrating bullet(Opens in a new tab) and the aforementioned Maude vibe, all for under $50. 

    Materials are another important factor to consider. For vibrators, look for medical-grade silicone and/or ABS plastic(Opens in a new tab), which is non-porous and thus easy to sanitize. Internal toys can be made of those materials as well, or of other body-safe options, like glass or stainless steel.

    What the toy is made of also determines how to care for it. For example, silicone lube will degrade silicone toys, so you must use water-based or oil-based lube. The product manual or online listing usually lets you know what type is best. 

    Ask yourself some questions to drill down what type of toy you're after:

    • Will this be for solo play, partnered play, or both? Some toys advertise whether they can be enjoyed by two people at once. 

    • Are you going to use it in the bath or shower? Hunt for a submersible toy, not just water-resistant. Search for phrases like "water submersible," "completely waterproof," or "bathtub safe."

    • Are you going to travel with this toy? Find one with a travel lock function so it doesn't accidentally turn on while in airport security. 

    • Do you want a toy that's USB chargeable or battery-powered? Corded or cordless? Think about which would be the most convenient for you. I recommend USB, because nothing is worse than having a dead vibrator and no batteries around. 

    Perhaps most importantly, determine what sensations you want out of a toy. "Vibrators are complicated pieces of equipment," said Engle, and not all vibes are alike. Do you want:

    • Pinpointed clit stimulation? You may want a smaller vibrator (or something like the dental flosser-looking Zumio, which wasn't my personal favorite, but you can't beat it for targeted stimulation). 

    • Less-targeted clit stimulation? A wand vibrator may be a good fit for you.

    • Suction over rumbles? Try a clit-sucker.

    • Dual internal and external stimulation? A "bunny" vibrator/dildo combo like LELO's Soraya Wave will do the trick. 

    Or, you may not want vibration at all. There are plenty of toys, like dildos or anal beads, that prioritize internal pleasure without a motor. For these toys, consider girth, Coleman said. Check out toy dimensions before purchasing to make sure you'll feel comfortable using it. If you want a refund or exchange, or to return the toy, check with the store or site policy.

    SEE ALSO: The best vibrators you can have shipped right to your door

    Don't feel pressure to find the "perfect" toy, Coleman advised. Instead, think about it as starting your collection. With every purchase, you'll learn something about your preferences. By asking yourself a few questions and being mindful about where you shop, you can pick a toy you'll love among the crowded market. 

  • 19 best tweets of the week, including Jazz slander, Tim Allen, and a Hyundai Sonata

    19 best tweets of the week, including Jazz slander, Tim Allen, and a Hyundai Sonata

    It's Friday! I think. Who could be sure?


    *Checks calendar.*

    OK, yes, it's Friday. We made it through another week of the pandemic! You simply love to see it.

    Around these parts — please excuse the random Western-movie-parlance, it's been a long week — we mark Fridays by collecting some of our favorite tweets of the week. Why? Because laughing is good and because why not?

    So here they are, our 19 favorite tweets of the week.

    1. But most importantly to yourself

    2. “Fuck a stranger in the all new 2021 Hyundai Sonata”

    3. Holy shit...I...I do this too?

    4. OK this for NBA people, but it's a really good joke if you know what's going on here and what LeBron James said at the All Star Game(Opens in a new tab) draft

    5. This whole Lola Bunny thing(Opens in a new tab) proves people have been cooped up way too long

    6. More Space Jam 2 jokes

    7. Perfect

    8. Only right this is number eight on the list

    9. Obligatory dril tweet

    10. OK, we've definitely been cooped up too long

    11. And yet again with the cooped up too long

    12. As someone who spends far too much of their life on Twitter, I hate how true this is

    13. Do the kids still call things mood? I don't know. But if they did, this is one of those.

    14. Old top-hat-ass Lincoln would be LOST and I would simply sign the pdf

    15. That is a LOT of allowance

    16. Every part of this is gold but the Tim Allen bit? That shit is space gold. No, I don't know what space gold is but it's like better than regular Earth gold.

    17. The best Trump impression. Hands down. Not even close.

    18. Ladies and gentlemen, my wonderful friend and colleague Nicole Gallucci

    19. And finally, this

  • Give your sweats a rest and score 20% off Indochino suits

    Give your sweats a rest and score 20% off Indochino suits

    TL;DR: Score 20 percent off sharp looking suits, shirts, and chinos at Indochino(Opens in a new tab) with code PREM20 through July 27.


    While many of us lucky enough to work from home are perfectly content firing emails from the couch all day with our dogs on our laps, let’s face it: working solo and in grungy sweats is getting old. Remember when you used to shower, shave, and dress up for work? What a concept. 

    Whenever this WFH spout finally does end — and it will — you want to be ready. 

    Indochino(Opens in a new tab) is having a sale to help you upgrade your work wardrobe before the big back-to-the-office rush hits. Right now, you can get 20% off their Premium suits, shirts, and chinos(Opens in a new tab) with code PREM20. 

    We realize that personal style is, well, personal, but Indochino is doing something that’s worth talking about. First off, Indochino(Opens in a new tab) makes very sharp suits that are decently priced, even before this 20% off sale. 

    Secondly, unlike the fast fashion items you might have grabbed off the rack on your lunch hour back in the day, Indochino uses technology to custom-make each piece to fit you. Just find something you like — we’re partial to the Hemsworth suit(Opens in a new tab) — and enter your measurements, fabric choice, lining color, etc. The site uses an algorithm along with your height and weight to help you hone in on the most flattering fit. Next, Indochino uses state-of–the-art digital technology to cut the fabric precisely for your body. I

    Indochino is serious about the fit of their shirts and chinos, too. Like their suits, they’re fully customizable. Add snappy gingham to the collar of their anti-wrinkle dress shirts or, better yet, get your initials monogrammed on the front. The cotton chinos can be customized with extra-wide side pockets (ideal if you have a big phone) and utilitarian-style back-flap pockets. 

    If all this fresh-dressed talk doesn’t make you pine for the office just yet — that’s okay, too. When you do finally go back, just go big. And remember to lint roll the dog hair off your pants before you head out the door.

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Indochino
    Take 20% off Indochino suits, shirts, and chinos with code PREM20 through July 27 (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

  • Hillary Clinton hitting a Zoom limit on TV is a 2020 mood

    Hillary Clinton hitting a Zoom limit on TV is a 2020 mood

    Even former presidential candidates have to deal with Zoom's time limits.


    From office happy hours to college classes, the world has had to adjust to meeting virtually during the pandemic — even former Secretary of State, FLOTUS, 2016 presidential candidate, and feminist trailblazer Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton appeared on MSNBC ahead of the first presidential debate on Tuesday, declaring that Trump's "series is about to be canceled." Her insight, however, was interrupted by an all too familiar pop up: "Your meeting will end in 10 min."

    It seems that neither Clinton nor MSNBC upgraded their Zoom accounts for unlimited meeting time.

    Twitter users found the unfortunate moment a bit too relatable in this socially distanced hell.

    In response to the screenshots posted to Twitter, Clinton conceded to upgrading her account to Zoom Pro.

    The elites! They're just like us!

  • Everyone agrees the first Trump vs. Biden debate was a total disaster

    Everyone agrees the first Trump vs. Biden debate was a total disaster

    The first 2020 presidential debate was a disaster. A shouty, incomprehensible, undercooked turducken stitched from the carcasses of a debate and a drunken Thanksgiving argument and a phone video of a racist shouting slurs on a bus.


    Moderator Chris Wallace spent several full minutes over the course of the 90-minute event literally begging President Trump to stop interrupting and talking over opponent Joe Biden as well as over Wallace himself, reminding him at one point of the terms his own campaign agreed on. An exasperated Biden at one point literally asked the president "Will you just shut up, man?" and later told him to "shush".

    And it wasn't just the ranting: When he managed to say anything of consequence, Trump turned an invitation to condemn white supremacist extremist group the Proud Boys into a suggestion they "stand back and stand by" (which they loved(Opens in a new tab)) and repeated and expanded upon his recent suggestion that his supporters should go and "watch" polling stations for statistically unlikely incidents of voter fraud.

    Even the pundits agreed that it was a five-dimensional omnishambles, ditching the usual post-debate pablum and spin for some unusually frank, FCC-baiting takes.

    The next debate is the VP candidates, incumbent Mike Pence and his Democratic challenger Kamala Harris, on Oct. 9. And if the next presidential debate goes ahead, it's scheduled for Oct. 15. Start hoarding your wine of choice now.

    Related Video: How to recognize and avoid fake news

  • A beginners guide to sensation play

    A beginners guide to sensation play

    When you think of kink and BDSM, what do you imagine? We’re guessing dark dungeons, paddles, crops, black leather, and pain-play. Scenes of spanking and paddling tend to come to mind.

    But this perception is rather limiting. It doesn’t take the whole breadth of kink activities into consideration, which can leave a lot of curious would-be kinksters high and dry.

    Well, guess what, sexy pals! For those who aren’t into pain-play, kink is still accessible. This is where the glorious art of sensory play — aka sensation play — comes in. "Pain never needs to be involved in sensual sensory play," explains Dr. Celina Criss(Opens in a new tab), a certified sex coach who specializes in BDSM and GSRD, or gender, sexual, and romantic diversity. "Think gentle touches, delicious flavors, delightful scents, different kinds of light, and beautiful soundtracks. The clothes we wear and the settings we create can be a big part of this sort of play."

    SEE ALSO: A beginner's guide to understanding Dom/sub dynamics

    Kink is all about playing with power dynamics. At its core, it is when a submissive partner enthusiastically gives power to the Dominant partner. The give and take is the crux, not the whips and spankings. If we’ve whetted your appetite, keep reading.

    With kink misinformation rife on the internet amid the online sexual misinformation crisis, Mashable spoke to reputable kink experts to break down the nuts and bolts of sensory play, what makes it so appealing, and how you can try it for yourself. 

    What is sensory play?

    Sensory play = play that engages the senses. 

    Meaning, play involving touch, smell, taste, sound, and vision. If this sounds expansive, well, that’s because it is. "Sensory play is deliberately engaging the senses to explore pleasure. This is where we get the word sensual, it can mean nearly anything in a play context," Criss says.

    Want more sex and dating stories in your inbox? Sign up for Mashable's new weekly After Dark newsletter.

    Sensory play focuses on either enhancing a sense (or senses), or depriving you of a sense in order to heighten the others, "such as using a blindfold so you can't see," says Zachary Zane(Opens in a new tab), author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto(Opens in a new tab) and sex expert for Momentum Intimacy(Opens in a new tab).

    The appeal of this kind of play is that when we take away a sense — or experience intense stimulation, our brain-body connection gets stronger. It brings heightened awareness. When we experience this kind of hyper-focus, we’re flooded with positive brain chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins. When this play is sexual, it can lead to deep erotic feelings.

    How sensory play can be enjoyed without pain

    OK, so let’s break down where sensory play and pain play intersect. Pain-play is sensory play — because you are experiencing the pain through tactile sensation. BUT, not all sensory play is pain play. You can think of sensory play as the big umbrella term, with pain play as a subset. People can enjoy both general sensory play and pain play, or they can prefer one or the other. Sensory play goes beyond the tactile and branches into all five senses.

    Don’t yuck anyone else’s yum. We’re all just trying to get nasty and enjoy ourselves.

    Kink instructor Julieta Chiaramonte(Opens in a new tab), tells us that, "You can enjoy pain-free sensory play with things like massaging, tickling, feeding each other fruit, blindfolding, erotic music, etc. They all play a part in[to] a larger, more sensory experience."

    It’s about curiosity and all of that delicious power play, experienced in a way that brings in sensuality. Kink and pain can work together, but it doesn’t mean they need to go together to be valid. Don’t yuck anyone else’s yum. We’re all just trying to get nasty and enjoy ourselves.

    How sensory play is enjoyed

    The way your sensory play scene is played out is going to depend entirely on the activities you and your partner want to try, what feels good for you, and your boundaries. Each scene is a highly negotiated, co-constructed experience. No two are perfectly alike because they are as unique as the people engaging in them.

    Some examples include: 

    • Using a blindfold to remove sight.

    • Covering bodies in whipped cream to be licked off. 

    • Bondage (with handcuffs, ropes, harnesses, cages, etc.)

    • Using a feather (or other tool) to caress the skin.

    • (图1)

      Using ice or heat to play with temperature on the skin.

    • Putting on a hood to completely block out light.

    • Massage.

    • Playing with edging.

    • Eating/feeding different fruits or foods.

    • Playing with sex toys.

    • Spanking and paddling in a soft, painless way.

    This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it does give you a good picture of what this can look like for those who love it. It’s important to note that play such as spanking and paddling can still be done in a pain-free way. "I can't emphasize enough that you don't need to go hard. Light paddling and spanking can go a long way," Zane tells us. "You really, really do not need to wallop your partner for an enhanced sexual experience."

    SEE ALSO: The best sex toys under $50 (that are actually worth using)

    If you’re brand new to this play, Chiaramonte suggests creating a "storyline" for the scene. It could look something like this, for example: "Putting on a good playlist and giving your partner a massage. When done and relaxed, blindfold your partner and trail a feather across their body, feed them fruit/chocolate, and maybe run a vibrator around their body (having them tell you which spots feel best). When done with your sensory tools, you can scoop up your partner and hold them to slowly bring them back to reality."

    Are you turned on yet? We are.

    Four expert-approved tips for getting started 

    Get started on your own. 

    When you’re new to any kind of play, trying it on your own can be a good way to figure out what you like (and what you don’t). Chiaramonte suggests getting a bunch of sensory tools together and experimenting. “A lot like masturbation, we can fine tune our intimate tools if we've already explored what we like/don't like,” she says. Try using each one for ~10 minutes and think about what you did/did not like.

    Kink needs to be fully negotiated so that each person has their desires and boundaries respected.

    Discuss your desires and boundaries openly.

    Once you have a clear idea of what you enjoy and don’t enjoy, you’ll be equipped to have an open and honest discussion with your partner. Kink needs to be fully negotiated so that each person has their desires and boundaries respected. Don’t forget to pick a non-sexual safe word (a word that lets your partner know you’re at a boundary). Check in with your partner occasionally to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

    SEE ALSO: The best sexting apps for NSFW exchanges

    Get some tools. 

    What to play with, when there are infinite choices?! Criss suggests playing with sound and sight to start. Try making a sexy playlist and using a simple blindfold. Staying simple when you’re starting out can make the play feel less overwhelming.

    You can also get a massage candle, which heats up to the perfect temperature and then creates a warm, delicious oil you can pour all over your partner for a massage.

    If you want to buy some bondage gear, Zane recommends the Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Black Under Mattress Restraint(Opens in a new tab). At less than $50, you can’t go wrong.

    Disclaimer: This play needs to be done with care and safety. Learn how to use restraints before going wild with them. The best place to go? Chiaramonte’s rope tying and kink classes. Check them out here(Opens in a new tab)

    Stay curious!

    And lastly, and possibly most important: Stay curious. This play should be fun and explorative. It can be silly, hot, funny, awkward, and amazing. Be willing to lean into all the emotions it brings and enjoy yourself. 

  • Score all-time low prices on the M2 Mac mini, Amazon Halo Rise, and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor stick

    Score all-time low prices on the M2 Mac mini, Amazon Halo Rise, and LG CordZero A9 Kompressor stick vacuum — plus more of todays best deals

    We've rounded up the best deals we could find on March 2 — here are some of our top picks:

    • BEST FLOOR CARE DEAL: LG CordZero A9 Kompressor wet/dry cordless stick vacuum(Opens in a new tab)$499.99 $799.99 (save $300)

    • BEST TECH DEAL: Apple 2023 Mac Mini (M2 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$549 $599 (save $50)

    • BEST HOME DEAL: Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker(Opens in a new tab)$99.99 $139.99 (save $40)

    Looking to do some retail therapy, but don't want to break the bank? Consider us your go-to guide for today's best deals.

    On March 2, we're seeing some all-time low prices on things like the M2 Mac mini, Halo Rise bedside sleep tracking device, and LG CordZero stick vacuums. There's also plenty of deals to go around on robot vacuums, headphones and speakers, small kitchen appliances, and more. We've rounded up the best deals we could find and sorted them for an easy shopping experience. Just scroll down to start saving.

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    Best vacuum deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: LG
    Our pick: LG CordZero A9 Kompressor wet/dry cordless stick vacuum (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $499.99 at Amazon (save $300)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    Not quite as fancy as the All-in-One, but also not as expensive, the LG CordZero A9 is still a powerhouse of a vacuum. It's neck and neck with the All-in-One in terms of battery life, dustbin capacity, mopping abilities, attachments, and filtration. The major difference is that the A9 doesn't come with the all-in-one tower with automatic emptying (which will cost you an extra $200). If you don't mind emptying the dustbin yourself, you can save that extra money and snag the A9 Kompressor(Opens in a new tab) instead. It's on sale for only $499.99 as of March 2 — that's $300 in savings and its lowest price to date.

    More floor care deals

    • Shark S3501 steam pocket mop(Opens in a new tab)$59.99 $89.99 (save $30)

    • Shark HV370 Rocket Pro corded stick vacuum(Opens in a new tab) — $119 $149 (save $30)

    • Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX robot vacuum(Opens in a new tab)$149.99 $249.99 (save $100)

    • iRobot Roomba 694 robot vacuum(Opens in a new tab)$179 $274.99 (save $95.99)

    • iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) ultimate robot mop(Opens in a new tab)$299 $449.99 (save $150.99)

    • Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ robot vacuum and mop(Opens in a new tab)$399.99 $699.99 (save $300)

    • iRobot Roomba i4+ EVO robot vacuum(Opens in a new tab) — $595 $649.99 (save $54.99)

    • Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum(Opens in a new tab) — $499.99 $699.99 (save $200 with on-page coupon)

    • LG CordZero A9 wet/dry cordless stick vacuum(Opens in a new tab)$499.99 $799.99 (save $300)

    • Dyson V12 Detect Slim cordless vacuum(Opens in a new tab)$519.99 $649.99 (save $130)

    • LG CordZero All-in-One cordless stick vacuum cleaner(Opens in a new tab)$699.99 $999.99 (save $300)

    • Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo robot vacuum and mop(Opens in a new tab)$799.99 $1,349.99 (save $550)

    • iRobot Roomba Combo j7+ self-emptying robot vacuum and mop(Opens in a new tab)$849 $1,099.99 (save $250.99)

    • iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) robot vacuum and Braava Jet m6 (6112) robot mop bundle(Opens in a new tab)$949 $1,599.99 (save $650.99)

    • Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni robot vacuum and mop(Opens in a new tab) — $999.99 $1,549.99 (save $550)

    Best tech deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Apple
    Our pick: Apple 2023 Mac Mini (M2 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $549 at Amazon (save $50)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    Baby's first price drop: The 2023 M2 Mac mini just got a $50 discount at Amazon for the first time since its release in January. That drops the cost of the base model with 256GB of storage(Opens in a new tab) down to $549 and the 512GB option(Opens in a new tab) down to $749. For desktop performance in a small footprint, few systems rival Apple's Mac mini. Its Apple-designed processor provides faster CPU performance, faster graphics processing, and faster machine learning capabilities, so your computer learns how you use it and improves its performance and accuracy based on that knowledge. Add to that an array of ports, and you're set up for success. All you need is to add a monitor.

    More tech deals

    Laptop, tablet, and monitor deals

    • Sceptre 24.5-inch curved gaming monitor(Opens in a new tab)$149.97 $199.97 (save $50)

    • Sceptre 29-inch IPS UltraWide monitor(Opens in a new tab)$149.97 $209.97 (save $60)

    • ASUS 11.60-inch Vivobook L210 laptop (Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC)(Opens in a new tab)$199.99 $249.99 (save $50) + one year of Office 365 Personal

    • Apple 2023 Mac Mini (M2 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$549 $599 (save $50)

    • HP Pavilion 15 laptop (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$699 $944.99 (save $245.99)

    • HP 23.8-inch All-in-One PC with FHD micro-edge touchscreen display, (AMD Ryzen 5, 12GB RAM, 512GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$699.99 $870 (save $170.01)

    • Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch curved gaming monitor(Opens in a new tab)$1,999.99 $3,499.99 (save $1,500)

    Audio deals

    • Echo Dot (3rd gen, 2018 release)(Opens in a new tab)$19.99 $39.99 (save $20)

    • JBL Vibe 100 TWS true wireless earbuds(Opens in a new tab)$29.95 $49.95 (save $20)

    • JBL Vibe 200TWS true wireless earbuds(Opens in a new tab)$29.95 $49.95 (save $20)

    • Anker Soundcore Life P3i Hybrid active noise canceling earbuds(Opens in a new tab) — $39.99 $59.99 (save $20)

    • Sony SRSXB33 wireless waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab) $89 $178 (save $89)

    • Sony SRS-XE200 X-Series portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$95 $129.99 (save $34.99) + 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited

    • Beats Solo3 wireless headphones(Opens in a new tab)$130.01 $199.95 (save $69.94)

    • JBL Xtreme 2 portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$179.99 $349.99 (save $170)

    • Samsung MX-ST40B sound tower(Opens in a new tab)$184.95 $497.99 (save $313.04)

    • Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Series II) portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$229 $329 (save $100)

    • JBL PartyBox portable Bluetooth party speaker(Opens in a new tab)$229.95 $349.95 (save $120)

    • Beats Studio3 wireless noise-canceling headphones(Opens in a new tab)$233.72 $349.95 (save $116.23)

    • Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series portable Bluetooth party speaker(Opens in a new tab)$245 $349.99 (save $104.99) + 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited

    • (图1)

      Bose portable smart speaker(Opens in a new tab) $319 $399 (save $80)

    Best home deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Amazon
    Our pick: Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $99.99 at Amazon (save $40)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    A contactless sleep tracking gadget, unlike a fitness tracker or smartwatch, the Halo Rise(Opens in a new tab) sits on your bedside table to analyze your sleep patterns and provide recommendations on how to improve them. There's no microphone or camera, in an effort to keep your privacy first. Instead, the Rise has a sensor that measures body movement and breathing patterns throughout the night, as well as things like room temperature, humidity, and light. It's also equipped with a sunrise and sunset simulation mode that can help you wake up or wind down. It's usually $140, but as of March 2, it's on sale for just $99.99 — that's 29% off and its lowest price to date.

    More home deals

    • 'LectroFan Alpha non-looping sound machine(Opens in a new tab)$24.99 $27.95 (save $2.96)

    • 'LectroFan Evo white noise sound machine(Opens in a new tab)$39.99 $59.95 (save $19.96)

    • Dash Aircrisp Pro compact air fryer(Opens in a new tab)$49.99 $69.99 (save $20)

    • Dash Tasti-Crisp digital air fryer (2.6-quart)(Opens in a new tab)$59.99 $79.99 (save $20)

    • NuWave PIC Gold Precision induction cooktop(Opens in a new tab) $63.09 $109.99 (save $46.09 with on-page coupon)

    • FoodSaver compact vacuum sealer machine(Opens in a new tab)$69.99 $94.99 (save $25)

    • Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 air fryer oven (4-quart)(Opens in a new tab)$89.99 $129.99 (save $40)

    • Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker(Opens in a new tab)$99.99 $139.99 (save $40)

    • Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL (5.5-quart)(Opens in a new tab)$119.99 $159.99 (save $40)

    • Ninja AMZ493BRN Compact Kitchen System(Opens in a new tab)$129.99 $159.99 (save $30)

    • Vitamix One blender(Opens in a new tab)$149.95 $249.95 (save $100)

    • Anker 521 portable power station(Opens in a new tab)$186.99 $249.99 (save $63)

    • Eufy Security eufyCam 2C Pro 2-camera kit(Opens in a new tab)$199.99 $319.99 (save $120)

    • Vitamix V1200 Venturist blender(Opens in a new tab)$279.99 $499.99 (save $220)

    • PETKIT Pura X self-cleaning cat litter box(Opens in a new tab)$483 $799 (save $316)

    Outdoor deals

    • Coleman Classic propane gas camping stove (2-burner)(Opens in a new tab)$48 $74.99 (save $26.99)

    • Ozark Trail 2-in-1 portable propane camping stove (2-burner)(Opens in a new tab)$62.25 $79 (save $16.75)

    • Ooni Karu 12 multi-fuel outdoor pizza oven(Opens in a new tab)$299 $399 (save $100)

    Health and fitness deals

    • Lifepro 15lb adjustable dumbbell set with rack(Opens in a new tab)$103.99 $269.99 (save $166)

    • Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine with extended slide rail(Opens in a new tab)$224.98 $399 (save $174.02)

    • Sunny Health & Fitness Evo-Fit cardio recumbent bike(Opens in a new tab)$426.89 $548.90 (save $122.01)

    • Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 water rowing machine(Opens in a new tab) — $435.99 $649.99 (save $214 with on-page coupon)

    Streaming, subscription, and software deals

    • Apple TV+(Opens in a new tab)free $6.99/month (save $20.97) for three months

    • Apple Music(Opens in a new tab) free $10.99/month (save $43.96) for four months

    • Dashpass(Opens in a new tab)free for Roku users $9.99.month (save $59.94) for six months

    • Grubhub+(Opens in a new tab) — free for Amazon Prime members $9.99/month (save $119.88) for one year

    • SiriusXM(Opens in a new tab)free $9.99/month (save $39.96) for four months

    • Sling TV(Opens in a new tab)$20/month $40/month (save $20) for your first month

    • Disney+ Basic(Opens in a new tab)$6.99/month $7.99/month (save $3) for three months

    • YouTube TV(Opens in a new tab)$54.99/month $64.99/month (save $30) for your first three months

  • Apples extreme sports Watch will have a larger display, report says

    Apples extreme sports Watch will have a larger display, report says

    We're finally getting some details about the long-rumored Apple Watch for extreme sports.


    According to Bloomberg(Opens in a new tab), the rugged Apple Watch 8 will get a larger, 2-inch display than than the "standard" variant of the Apple Watch which will have the same, 1.9-inch screen size as its predecessor.

    This may sound like a minute difference but in the limited world of wearable displays, ever fraction of an inch counts. Bloomberg says the resolution of the rugged Watch will be roughly 410 by 502 pixels, which is a small upgrade from the Apple Watch 7 screen resolution of 484 by 396 pixels.

    Whether this larger display will result in some functional differences remains to be seen. Bloomberg says Apple could use the extra screen area to display more information, such as fitness metrics, at one time.

    SEE ALSO: Apple Watch 8 will probably come with a temperature sensor

    The report also has some details on the new device's design. The rugged Watch will be built with a stronger metal than aluminum, and have a more shatter-resistant screen. It will also have a larger battery compared to standard Apple Watch, which is key for those longer workouts and treks that sports watches typically excel at.

    The rugged Watch will also have a body temperature sensor, just like the regular Watch 8, the report says. The two devices will share the same processor, Apple's S8, which will reportedly have similar performance to the last two iterations of that chip, the S6 and the S7.

    Both devices are likely to be launched in September, alongside Apple's new iPhones.