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Taylor Swift breaks her silence on Eras Tour Ticketmaster fiasco

2023-03-19 06:17:17

Taylor Swift breaks her silence on Eras Tour Ticketmaster fiasco

Taylor Swift wants Ticketmaster to acknowledge it's the problem.

Taylor Swift breaks her silence on Eras Tour Ticketmaster fiasco(图1)

The Midnights singer has shared a statement addressing Ticketmaster's fumble of the sale of tickets to her Eras Tour saying in an Instagram story(Opens in a new tab), "we asked them multiple times, if they could handle this kind of demand and we were assured they would."

For those who haven't been keeping up with the saga, Ticketmaster canceled the public sale of tickets to Swift's tour yesterday after postponing the Capital One cardholder presale by a day and being unequipped to deal with the volume of fans trying to access the Verified Fan presale this past Monday. The Ticketmaster website crashed ahead of that Verified Fan presale, causing fans to be stuck in hours-long queues with some receiving an error message when they finally reached the front of the line.

The Eras Tour is Swift's first tour since Reputation and, in the five years since, she's released four albums and re-released two fan favorite albums.

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“Well. It goes without saying that I’m extremely protective of my fans. We’ve been doing this for decades together and over the years, I’ve brought so many elements of my career in house. I’ve done this SPECIFICALLY to improve the quality of my fans’ experience by doing it myself with my team who care as much about my fans as I do,” Swift wrote. “It’s really difficult for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties, and excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse."

She went on to write: "It's truly amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really pisses me off that a lot of them felt like they had to go through several bear attacks to get them."

Ticketmaster needs to watch out because there's nothing Swift does better than revenge(Opens in a new tab).

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    Mentally Im here memes are here to prompt some 2020 introspection

    We're more than halfway through 2020, and many of us are physically still quarantining at home. But mentally? Well, we could be anywhere.


    A new meme is here to help you pinpoint where exactly you are mentally. To partake in the meme just attach the words "Mentally I'm here" to the first image that comes to your mind, like so:

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    Time is a construct, not much is funny, but hey there are still some good tweets.

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  • The funniest dating memes for finding love during these trying times

    The funniest dating memes for finding love during these trying times

    Dating in 2020 is certainly different than dating in previous years because of... well, you know. Even so, there are some aspects of finding a mate that are universal. The yearning for a crush, endlessly swiping through Tinder, the worry over ghosting, the exuberance of finally being over an ex. Here is a collection of the best dating memes that reiterate the universality of finding love in recent times.


    Love me but leave me alone

    This meme is a quarantine vibe. Want to be loved? Of course. Want to be perceived? Much more doubtful.

    Funny and true

    Who among us can admit that we haven't put up an Instagram story as crush bait?

    Dating but make it funny

    This hilarious meme flows neatly into a very sage tweet from Yoko Ono — but don't clown for too long.

    Rock solid relationship advice

    If you find yourself clowning (in other words, pining for someone who doesn't really want you back) and can't seem to stop yourself, @imdatfeminist will give you the tough love you need. Read her Mashable interview here.

    Keep growing as a person

    On that note, know your worth!

    Can a tweet become law?

    This should be a societal rule, in my opinion:

    This dating app is haunted

    While everyone detests ghosting, sometimes you, dear reader, are the ghost. At least when it comes to dating during a pandemic, there are a multitude of reasons why — including questioning your own personhood!

    The forecast calls for freedom

    Forget blocking them on social media, this is the true sign that you're over a long-distance ex:

    At least you're not dating that guy

    Still, even if you are single, you can't help but eye roll at Instagram captions calling one's boyfriend a "goof":

    They all have that one friend

    If you do happen to find a partner, then you have to deal with their friends. This funny video is scarily accurate:

    The goal to end all goals

    Isn't this what we all want, in the end?

    Just a really nice post to remember when dating has you down

    And finally, a dash of hope for the lonely hearts who need it:

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  • The Fitbit Sense is here to remind you that tracking mental health is important, too

    The Fitbit Sense is here to remind you that tracking mental health is important, too

    UPDATE: Sept. 14, 2020, 10:41 a.m. EDT Fitbit announced it has officially received FDA clearance for its ECG app.


    There’s no denying the pandemic has highlighted the importance of our mental health, and clearly Fitbit has taken note. With its latest smartwatch, the Sense, the company's placed an emphasis on tracking and managing a user's stress levels with a trio of sensors designed to measure skin resistance and temperature, as well as heart health.

    At $329, it's not only the company's most complex smartwatch to date, but also its most expensive. And with Fitbit soon to be under Google's wing(Opens in a new tab), it looks like the tech giant might finally have a high-specced rival for the Apple Watch (it's okay, we can all admit that Google's smartwatch platform, Wear OS, is a lost cause).

    It's worth noting that the Sense, with its long list of features and capabilities, is also cheaper than the $399 Apple Watch Series 5(Opens in a new tab) — a price tag Apple will likely retain for its next-generation watch that's due to be announced later this fall.

    Design-wise, the Fitbit Sense looks very much like the fitness-oriented Versa 3 — a smartwatch line geared more towards tracking workouts and reaching exercise goals. The Sense, on the other hand, is more focused on health-tracking, with its extensive array of inbuilt sensors.

    The Sense has a rounded stainless steel case that's water-resistant (at up to 50 meters) and comes with a swappable silicone watchband. Its AMOLED display offers users an always-on mode, so stats and notifications are easily available at a glance. It also uses touch panels for navigation instead of physical buttons.

    The Fitbit Sense looks a lot like the new Versa 3. Credit: fitbit
    No physical buttons here Credit: fitbit

    So, what can the Sense do?

    For starters, Fitbit is placing a heavier focus on stress management and its effects on the body. Using an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, the Sense can measure minor changes in your skin (like sweaty palms when you're starting to feel overwhelmed or nervous) with a feature called EDA Body Scans.

    Whenever you want to check on your stress levels, all you have to do is place your palm over the watch face and wait as it calculates your metrics. From there, you'll be prompted to log your emotional state on the Fitbit app to help the Sense get a better idea of how you're feeling mentally as well.

    Sense users will also have a dedicated section on the Fitbit app to check their Stress Management Score. It's calculated daily using your physical stress levels as they relate to your heart rate, sleep quality, and activity levels. You'll want to aim for a higher score each day, since that signifies you're showing fewer signs of physical stress, while a lower score means the opposite.

    The Sense also has an electrocardiogram (ECG) app built-in to help detect signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). To take an ECG reading, users will have to place their fingers on two corners of the watch for 30 seconds and wait for it to determine whether there are any signs of AFib.

    Like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the Apple Watch Series 5, the Fitbit Sense has received FDA clearance for its ECG app in both the U.S. and Europe. And, let's just say, Fitbit was cutting it close with the timing on this one.

    The ECG app was still pending FDA review when Fitbit announced the Sense, which meant users who bought the new device wouldn't have access to the feature until then. However, with only a few weeks before the Sense is set to hit shelves, the company managed to get the stamp of approval.

    This device packs a lot of sensors. Credit: fitbit

    Speaking of heart health, the Sense comes equipped with Fitbit's latest heart rate monitor: Pure Pulse 2.0. With the new sensor, you'll be able to take advantage of a feature that gives you high and low heart-rate notifications. By monitoring your heart rate 24/7, the watch can send notifications if it detects your beats per minute (BPM) is higher or lower than it should be based on your average range.

    Then, there's the dedicated skin temperature sensor which tracks your temperature throughout the night to help detect a possible fever or the start of a new period cycle for women. Rather than simply taking your temperature when you're starting to feel sick, the Sense will keep an eye on the numbers for you and also provide you with trends overtime. Those with a subscription to Fitbit Premium will have access to more in-depth, minute-by-minute temperature data.

    Of course, the Sense also features the standard Fitbit smartwatch capabilities. In addition to logging your activity throughout the day, it tracks over 20 different workouts, measures sleep quality throughout the night, receives smartphone notifications, and has Fitbit Pay (the company's contactless payment system) — all while maintaining over six days of battery life (depending on usage).

    It features a color AMOLED display with always-on mode. Credit: fitbit

    With built-in GPS and onboard music storage, you'll also be able to leave your phone at home and still have access to distance tracking and your music library when going on bike rides, runs, or walks. In addition to Spotify, you can store and play music offline from both Pandora and Deezer.

    Fitbit also incorporated the option to choose from two voice assistants: Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. But it's unclear if the Sense (as well as the rest of Fitbit's product line) will continue to support Amazon's voice assistant in the future once the acquisition is final.

    As for when you'll be able to get your hands on the the Fitbit Sense, the device is currently on pre-order with full availability set for late September. Is it an Apple Watch killer? Only time (and that much-anticipated fall Apple event) will tell.

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  • AOC fact checks Kimberly Guilfoyles immigrant status

    AOC fact checks Kimberly Guilfoyles immigrant status

    Today in "things I never thought I'd have to remind Americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election," we have this simple truth: Puerto Rico is absolutely part of the United States.


    The indisputable fact has come up as a result of a speech Kimberly Guilfoyle delivered at the Republican National Convention on Monday night. The former Fox News host and current girlfriend of Don Jr.'s gave a ridiculously loud pre-recorded speech, during which she said she is a first-generation American. Guilfoyle's dad did emigrate from Ireland(Opens in a new tab), but she explained that her mother is from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

    As many people (including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) know, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, which means that Guilfoyle's mother isn't actually an immigrant. Since one cannot immigrate to a country that one is already a citizen of....

    On Tuesday morning, AOC addressed Guilfoyle's claims on Twitter, writing "The woman the GOP picked as their 'proud' Latina to tout 'immigrant experience' didn't seem to know that Puerto Rico is already part of the United States."

    "It's quite on message, bc it reflects their belief that Latinos aren't real citizens, even when we are Native descendants," AOC continued.

    After Guilfoyle explained her family history on Monday night, Twitter users were also quick to fact-check her claims.

    Yet another instance of the Trump administration not checking their facts (or being fine with outright lying when it suits them). There's really no excuse for not knowing what states and territories make up the country you're running!

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  • Hope this email finds you well meme is painfully accurate

    Hope this email finds you well meme is painfully accurate

    Let's be real. How many times has an email actually found you well?


    In 2020, I can't think of a single time I've read the classic icebreaker, "Hope this email finds you well," and felt I was personally doing anywhere close to well. We're in the middle of a freaking pandemic, people. Why are we still starting emails this way?

    The etiquette of making email small talk and exchanging virtual pleasantries is well-intentioned, but it's also exhausting — so exhausting that the good people of the internet have created a meme about it.

    The "Hope this email finds you well" meme isn't new, but it's had a recent resurgence on Twitter because it's still super relevant. The meme is simple. After you type the dreaded "Hope this email finds you well," add the words "How the email found me:" and attach a photo that properly reflects your emotional state. Here's a great example featuring The Office's Kelly Kapoor.

    The image potential of this meme feels nearly endless. You can tweet it alongside a screenshot from a show or movie, a cursed image, or even something random like a photo of a low phone battery. (Cause we're all running on low battery, get it? Ha...ha.)

    Here are some of our favorite recent "I hope this email finds you well!" memes for inspiration.

    We're all doing great!

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  • Twitter flags GOP reps tweet for altering comments from activist with ALS

    Twitter flags GOP reps tweet for altering comments from activist with ALS

    U.S. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, the third-most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, posted a video to Twitter on Sunday featuring commentary from politicians and activists. The minute-long collection of clips was meant to show how Scalise believes the Democrats are destroying America.


    But the video was manipulated to make at least one of the people shown sound like he said something he never did. That person is activist Ady Barkan, co-founder of the Be a Hero political action committee(Opens in a new tab), who has ALS and uses a voice assistant to speak.

    Scalise's video took a July interview with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Barkan from NowThis News(Opens in a new tab). But instead of showing it as is, Scalise's version combined audio clips from different parts of the conversation(Opens in a new tab) to make it look like Barkan said, "Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding for police." The unaltered version doesn't include "for police."

    Barkan called out Scalise for the alteration and demanded he offer an apology to the "entire disability community" for taking advantage of Barkan's manner of speaking.

    This prompted Twitter to label Scalise's tweet as "manipulated media(Opens in a new tab)" with large exclamation point and a link below the video. Twitter further explained why the tweet was tagged and included a page devoted(Opens in a new tab) to the background behind the manipulated content.

    SEE ALSO: Hey look, it's a day ending in 'y'! Time for Twitter to flag another lying Trump tweet.

    Later on Sunday, Scalise pushed back against the manipulated label, claiming his video accurately represents what Biden and other Democrats believe. He tweeted that "Dems & their partners in the media want to blame 'editing'" and linked back to the full Biden-Barkan interview.

    "See for yourself," he wrote.

    Let's be clear, though. The video Scalise shared took advantage of the manner by which Barkan communicates to make him say something he never actually said. There's deceptive editing, and then there's making stuff up. Whether Scalise wants to admit it or not, he's guilty of the latter.

  • Nature is a beautiful, brutal place.


    The 16 "highly commended" entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 Awards(Opens in a new tab), run by the Natural History Museum in London, provide colourful — and sometimes shocking — proof of this.

    The finalists feature everything from endangered species in Vietnam to out-of-control forest fires in Brazil. Some are beautifully-captured vignettes of life in the animal kingdom, while others provide evidence of the devastating impact human beings are having on the earth.

    SEE ALSO: Incredible photo of mice battling on a London Tube platform takes top prize

    The winners will be announced on Oct. 13, but it'll be a hard task for the judges. Here are the finalists:

    A grey reef shark cruising alongside molluscs over the Fakarava Atoll, in French Polynesia. Credit: laurent ballesta
    Tall Araucaria trees piercing through a beech forest in Chile's Araucanía region. Credit: Andrea Pozzi
    A squirrel makes its escape from a pair of Ural owls in a forest on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Credit: Makoto Ando
    An encounter with an endangered red-shanked douc langur near Vietnam's Son Tra Nature Reserve. Credit: Arshdeep Singh
    An out of control forest fire in Maranhão state, northeastern Brazil. Credit: Charlie Hamilton James
    A hippopotamus in the drought-stricken Mara River, in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. Credit: JoseFragozo
    Two foxes tussle over a dead rat in a North London allotment. Credit: Matthew Maran
    A large male gharial provides a raft for his offspring in the National Chambal Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Credit: Dhritiman Mukherjee
    A brown bear snatching a salmon in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Credit: Hannah Vijayan
    Two possums hiding beneath the roof of a holiday park shower block in Yallingup, Western Australia. Credit: Gary Meredith
    A large wandering spider devouring the egg of a giant glass frog in Manduriacu Reserve, northwestern Ecuador. Credit: Jaime Culebras
    A pair of Atlantic puffins, captured on the Farne Islands. Credit: Evie Easterbook
    Yellow-billed choughs on the Alpstein Massif of the Swiss Alps. Credit: Alessandra Meniconzi
    A section of Mildred Lake Tar Mine in Northern Alberta, Canada — an area that used to be boreal forest. Credit: Garth Lenz
    The dark reality of the bushmeat market, taken at the Tomohon Market in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Credit: Quentin Martinez
    A memorial to the albatrosses caught by the longlines of Japanese tuna-fishing boats of the coast of South Africa. Credit: Thomas P Peschak

    If you happen to be in London, the images will be displayed in an exhibition at London's Natural History Museum from Friday, Oct. 16.

  • Artist adds Al Greens face to Walgreens sign

    Artist adds Al Greens face to Walgreens sign

    Al Green is taking over pharmacies nationwide.


    The soul singer known for '70s hits like "Let's Stay Together" and "Love and Happiness" graced a Walgreens sign in Pennsylvania. The addition is the work of street artist Cassius King(Opens in a new tab), who frequently decorates West Chester, Pennsylvania with vinyl adhesives and projections.

    Green thought it was hilarious.

    Other Twitter users pointed out that numerous Walgreens have already been claimed by Al Green, whether intentionally or because of some faulty lighting.

    King's other works include adding Michael Jackson's face(Opens in a new tab) to White Glove Car Wash, sticking cowboy decals(Opens in a new tab) to deer crossing warning signs, and sneaking Keanu Reeves as Neo onto a street grate(Opens in a new tab).

    UPDATE: Sept. 2, 2020, 3:37 p.m. PDT Walgreens responded to the graffiti with a classic Al Green reference.

  • Tinder launches apocalyptic Swipe Night experience in the UK and around the world

    Tinder launches apocalyptic Swipe Night experience in the UK and around the world

    Trying to find love as the world ends? What a concept!


    That premise is central to Tinder's interactive Swipe Night event, which launches in the UK and Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, India, and Korea on Sept. 12 at 10am.

    If you're unfamiliar with Swipe Night, then here's a lil catch up: Swipe Night is a first-person choose-your-own-adventure style event where Tinder users can swipe at key moments to determine the direction of the story within the app. Swiping doesn't just affect how the story ends — it also has a bearing on who users match with and what they end up chatting about.

    As for the storyline, well, it couldn't be more pertinent to the times we're living in. Swipe Night tells the story of a group of friends during the last few hours before an asteroid hits Earth. Why yes, it's the apocalypse! Tinder users play the main protagonist and as the plot unfurls, they face practical decisions and moral quandaries that ultimately decide who they end up matching with.

    Tinder launched Swipe Night in the U.S. back in late 2019, but had to cancel its global launch of Swipe Night in March 2020 specifically citing the apocalyptic theme and the coronavirus pandemic. "Tinder was excited to bring this innovation to Australian members, but given the series’ apocalyptic theme, and because we are sensitive to the current events our members are experiencing, we felt it would be difficult to launch it in the right spirit," the company's PR firm told Mashable in March.

    Although the pandemic is still very much ongoing(Opens in a new tab), Tinder has decided to launch now anyway.

    SEE ALSO: We've entered the breakup phase of lockdown romances

    "While the global health crisis continues, we believe Swipe Night can bring a welcome change of pace to our members around the world," said Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, in a statement. "We’re committed to driving innovation on Tinder that creates more ways to bring our members together, entertain them, and help them meet and get to know new people."

    Speed is of the essence in Swipe Night. Users only have seven seconds to make each decision. So, this is not a game for the indecisive at heart. After you've made each life-altering choice, your decision will be added to your Tinder profile, the purpose of which, per a Tinder statement, is to facilitate "post-apocalyptic banter making it easier for new matches to go beyond the dreaded 'hey, how’s it going?' intro message." To be fair, apocalyptic banter isn't all too different to our usual dating app convos.

    There's no denying that dating is a bit of a mess right now, but it looks like many of us have been undeterred from opening up the apps and chatting away. According to Tinder data, 52 percent more messages were sent globally when stay at home orders went into effect around the world. And swipe volume also increased by 39 percent among members under the age of 25.

    As we head into cuffing season (whether we want to or not), Swipe Night will take place over three weekends in September, starting on Sept 12. If you want to have a go, you can do so from 10 a.m. on Sept. 12 until 23:59 on Sept. 13. You can also participate on Sept. 19 and 20 and Sept. 26 and 27. starting from 10 a.m. on the Saturday until 23:59 on the Sunday.

    Tinder got some big names involved in the production of Swipe Night. The production was directed by Karena Evans, who directs Drake's music videos, and written by Nicole Delaney, story editor of Netflix's Big Mouth.

    Happy swiping!

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Random articles


  • I wore the MSCHF Big Red Boots. This YouTuber told us all about his experience.

    I wore the MSCHF Big Red Boots. This YouTuber told us all about his experience.

    Steve Natto is a YouTuber(Opens in a new tab) and content creator with a love for all things sneakers. When he wore MSCHF's viral Big Red Boots(Opens in a new tab) to Sneaker Con Philadelphia last week, the response was instantly crazy.

    "I could barely walk through any part of the event without somebody coming up and asking me questions about them, trying to take pictures of them, trying to touch them, just get any information about them," said Natto. Naturally, we had the same response. So we got on the phone with Natto to ask all of our burning questions about the Big Red Boots hype and the experience of feeling like a walking cartoon. Read on for the Q&A, which has been edited for length and clarity.

    SEE ALSO: We've got a lot of questions about these Big Red Boots

    How did you get the Big Red Boots? Were they sent to you by MSCHF(Opens in a new tab)?

    Yes. I'm a YouTuber and content creator of pretty much all things sneakers. So yeah, one day they just showed up at my door, and they were just pretty crazy to see. Definitely big and red. And yeah, I was excited to check them out.

    Did you know what to expect when you got some mysterious package from MSCHF? What was your first reaction when you got them?

    I did have an idea that something was coming along the lines of a boot but I really didn't know what to expect in hand. The first thing that hit me was just the size of the box. The box was just really big and way bigger than any other sneaker box I think I have ever seen. And, you know, my feet are size 10, so I can only imagine what a size 13 would be like they're just really really big.

    What do they feel like when you put them on?

    They're surprisingly comfortable. I really didn't know what to expect but they're definitely just big and a little bulky and feel way different at least on the height of your foot or leg compared to any other shoes. But when you're actually walking, whatever they've done to the insole and how the shoe feels it is actually kind of comfortable.


    MSCHF's Big Red Boots are having a viral moment. Credit: Steve Natto

    Is it more like a springy Croc material or is it a little bit harder than that?

    I would say similar to Crocs or even some of the other foam shoes that are out there like the Yeezy Foam Runners. So it definitely has that sort of feel to it, but just bigger and maybe a little bit harder of a material.

    Were they hard to walk in? Did you have to take some time to adjust?

    It took a little bit of walking to sort of get used to it. But once you are used to it, I feel like you could wear them for pretty long periods of time. I went to Sneaker Con this weekend and wore them for the whole event, so I pretty much had them on all day and they were great.


    Natto committed hard by wearing the Big Red Boots all day at Sneaker Con. Credit: Steve Natto

    Do you know if they're waterproof? 

    I feel like they would be. I haven't tried it, but it almost seems like they could be almost a rain boot or snow boot. Maybe I'll have to test that out.

    Did you have a hard time getting them off?

    It takes a little bit of time to figure out how to take them off or how it works, but it's definitely not bad. You kind of just have to hold the shoe down and you're able to lift your foot out of it. But you can't really slip it in and out. It is a little bit tighter than that. 

    There's that one video(Opens in a new tab) of somebody getting the shoe stuck. It seems like that could definitely happen if they're too small. Mine fit correctly and I have a little bit of room but, I think if they are too small to get your foot in, you might not be able to get your foot out.

    Did you think about how to style them at all? Are you thinking about that when you wear them in future outings?

    Yeah, I feel like I've seen a bunch of different things online at this point where it seems like the popular angle is to kind of go with baggy pants to have them kind of lay over the shoes. It really just shows the bigger part of the actual bottom of the shoe beyond the pants. So that seems like a popular look.

    I went with the pants tucked inside the boot to let the shoes kind of speak a little bit more, so they could easily be seen more. But yeah, I thought about it a little bit. I think it's gonna be interesting to see what other people continue to do as the shoes into more people's hands. 

    What was your experience like when you wore them at Sneaker Con?

    I think the most common question I was asked was about taking them off. A lot of people were really interested in the feel of it too. And I think just so many people are really excited to see it in person or just see what it looks like in real life. But it was something I've never experienced before and being at a lot of different shows like these in the past, other Sneaker Cons, and these were just the craziest issues that attracted attention I have never seen for anything else before.

    Credit: Steve Natto
    Credit: Steve Natto

    Did you get any negative reactions from people?

    Most of it was definitely positive which I also thought was really interesting. Plenty of people were like, 'Eh I don't know,' or 'I don't think I would wear them' or make some kind of joke about them looking like, Boots from Dora the Explorer(Opens in a new tab) or Astro Boy(Opens in a new tab) or whatever, but it really felt overwhelmingly more positive than negative.

    It's cool to see how style doesn't have to take itself so seriously.

    Yeah, which is a nice refresher for shoes because a lot of things that happen with sneakers feel the same. A lot of the time it's just a lot of the big brands doing the same kind of things just repeating different colorways, and it's nice to see something different for once even if it's a little fun or just different than normal. It's nice to see something that's a little bit of a change of pace.

    What did it feel like being basically a walking cartoon? Were you nervous? Did it feel liberating?

    I was definitely just a little unsure what was going to happen when I first got there. But as soon as people saw the boots and started talking to me about them, that pressure just kind of faded away since the response was pretty positive right away. 

    I didn't do any kind of crazy fit or anything. I tried to do a little — y'know — something a little more subtle, and just let the shoes speak for themselves and just kind of see what everybody thought. So it was definitely just cool to see.

    What are your predictions for the Feb.16 drop?

    I'm definitely looking forward to it, and I'm sure it'll be an instant sell-out. I think it'll be a raffle because that's what [MSCHF has] done for previous shoes where people have 24 hours to enter into the raffle, and then they'll just be notified if they win or not. But however they do it, it's definitely going to sell out.

  • A Roblox fan with questions posed as a White House reporter. Why was deception necessary?

    A Roblox fan with questions posed as a White House reporter. Why was deception necessary?

    Over the past few weeks, an intrepid reporter by the name of Kacey "Lego" Montagu has been able to ask White House press secretary Jen Psaki a number of questions without even being present.


    White House reporters have been fielding questions from press who cannot physically be in the room due to coronavirus protocols. Through this, Montagu has been able to ask questions passed on by other reporters regarding ambassadorships, COVID-19 travel bans, and Biden's response to a hack at Microsoft.

    One interesting note, however: Montagu isn't a reporter. In fact, it's likely "Kacey Montagu" doesn't exist at all. The revelation that a fake persona posing as a White House reporter has been passing questions to the Biden administration was uncovered in a new report from Politico(Opens in a new tab). It's unclear who is behind "Montagu."

    What is known about the mysterious fake reporter is that they're active in the online game Roblox, which is where the nickname "Lego" likely comes from: Players refer to each other as "Legos" in the game.

    Politico reviewed conversations between Montagu and U.S. officials and journalists where Montagu refers to themself as an "18-year-old law student from the United Kingdom" and claimed "they were studying political science."

    One interesting thing about the individual posing as Montagu is that their questions were all relevant and appeared to be asked in good faith. This isn't trolling to attack a politician or party for political reasons. It's not (apparently) "for the lulz" pranking either.

    On Twitter, Montagu's account(Opens in a new tab) has become a little silly, basically sharing out all the things they've been called by various media outlets reporting on the story. But they also ran two Twitter accounts that shared real information: @WHschedule and @WHpoolreport, which posted the daily schedules released by the White House and journalists' pool reports. (Pool reports are basically daily real-time reports about what the President, First Lady, and Vice President are doing).

    So, while this is certainly an interesting what Montagu did so bad?

    "I love journalism, and I think the Press Corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment," said Montagu in a statement to Politico. "So, I decided I would ensure some transparency and ask some questions me and some friends wanted the answer to."

    SEE ALSO: What Biden's budget means for NASA and its mission to the moon

    At a time when people's faith in America's institutions(Opens in a new tab) are at all-time lows, why shouldn't regular ordinary citizens have some sort of access to ask questions that matter to them? What is the point of the daily press briefings from the White House if journalists are going to ask questions that simply don't matter to the majority of the public?

    Sure, obviously we can't let just anyone physically walk into a White House press briefing for various security reasons, especially if they'd like to remain anonymous. But why are White House reporters only fielding outsiders' questions due to COVID-19? And why are they only taking them from other journalists? In this day and age, the media and our government should be way more accessible to the people.

    For all its issues, online platforms have shown people that they have power to make change. One doesn't need a legacy media organization behind them to research topics or investigate issues. Smartphones, social media, the internet, so many tools are in everyone's hands that anyone can be a citizen journalist.

    Even a Lego from Roblox.

    Related Video: How to know if you violated the First Amendment

  • Heres some Met Gala Gilded Glamor fashion. Also, America is imploding.

    Heres some Met Gala Gilded Glamor fashion. Also, America is imploding.

    Well, the 2022 Met Gala happened. Other things happened too(Opens in a new tab), but for now let's distract ourselves with flamboyant pageantry before we plunge back into the brokenness of American society.


    This year's Met Gala theme was Gilded Glamor and White Tie, referring to the United States' Gilded Age. Stretching from around 1870 to 1900, the Gilded Age was a time of rapid economic growth, industrialization, and extravagant displays of wealth(Opens in a new tab) — as well as increasing wealth inequality and rampant poverty. Though the Met Gala theme was intended to follow the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition In America: An Anthology of Fashion, some have pointed out that it's also rather fitting for the America of today(Opens in a new tab).

    Setting aside uncomfortable mirrors to society, you'd think Gilded Glamor would be a pretty simple theme to follow. Yet, as has become Met Gala tradition, the internet judged many of this years' designers and attendees not quite extravagant enough for the occasion. Among the disappointing outfits were Hoyeon Jung's cutout mini by Louis Vuitton, Emma Stone's white feathered dress by Louis Vuitton, and Phoebe Dynevor's transparent black gown by Louis Vuitton.

    We're sensing a theme here, and it isn't Gilded Glamor.

    Riz Ahmed was also understated by Met Gala standards, showing up in a navy blue Prada jacket. However, the actor gets a special pass because not only did Ahmed nail the theme, he put his own creative, socially-conscious spin on it with an outfit inspired by the Gilded Age's working class immigrants.

    It's proof that you can still fit a Met Gala theme even if you aren't ready to spend the evening bedazzled up to your eyeballs.

    Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

    That isn't to say there weren't some spectacular outfits. Dove Cameron made her Met Gala debut in a Iris van Herpen dress that Twitter users likened to the boning in a Victorian dress(Opens in a new tab), while Cardi B dripped in gold chains from Versace. Met Gala co-chair Blake Lively also stole the show with a transforming Versace gown, her sweeping turquoise and copper skirt reminiscent of rust on the Statue of Liberty.

    Credit: Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images
    Credit: Cindy Ord / MG22 / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue
    Credit: Kevin Mazur / MG22 / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

    Another outfit that caught people's eyes was Fredrik Robertsson's silver Iris van Herpen jumpsuit, which looked as though it had a bunch of fish bones stuck to it. It was certainly ostentatious enough for a Met Gala, though this effort was largely overshadowed by people mistaking him for Jared Leto(Opens in a new tab). Leto later turned up in a Gucci suit, dressed and styled identically to the designer's creative director Alessandro Michele.

    Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

    Of course, the dress code wasn't mandatory for those working at the Met Gala rather than walking it — but that didn't stop some from making the most of the occasion. Telemundo reporter Genesis Camilas(Opens in a new tab) showed up more than one star in a dazzling gold dress(Opens in a new tab) by Lucia Rodriguez(Opens in a new tab), which had many people asking who she was(Opens in a new tab).

    Meanwhile, Vail the golden retriever kept it classically stylish, sporting a simple black lead as she carried out her duty of ensuring the event's safety.

    Credit: Cindy Ord / MG22 / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

    However, the prize for most on-the-nose delivery of Met Gala's Gilded Glamor theme went to a surprise entry: The U.S. Supreme Court. While various celebrities were showcasing designer clothes on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Politico reported that the Supreme Court may strike down Roe v. Wade(Opens in a new tab), according to a leaked draft majority opinion.

    Roe v. Wade was a landmark Supreme Court decision made in 1973, and it currently protects the right to get an abortion. If struck down, it will have severe implications for the future of reproductive healthcare and abortion access in the U.S.

    Unsurprisingly, seeing celebrities flaunt their wealth while ordinary people's rights are being jeopardized put a much more dystopian lens on this year's Met Gala.

  • Twitter asks: Is Starbucks food actually good?


    Twitter asks: Is Starbucks food actually good?

    Wikipedia, cold weather, and Starbucks food: All things addressed this week on Twitter.

    How about that? Weird but good, I'd say.

    Per usual, we went ahead and collected the best and funniest tweets of the week. Why? Because we can, and because we do it every week. And this week was especially good for tweets! So we've got that going for us.

    So, anyway, here they are, the 10 best and funniest tweets of the week.

    1. Bill was a whole dang mood or...whatever it is the kids are saying these days. I don't know.

    2. Bro, when you got outside and it's cold...that's when you know it's cold but like actually cold.

    3. This is literally all I do on Wikipedia.

    4. My soul would thrive in an empty Dogfish Head beer bottle.

    5. This is the most wonderful dad joke I've ever seen.

    6. This is a very good point.

    7. A Prius should not look cool. And yet!

    8. The spiritual idea of a Cheesecake Factory.

    9. This would've been a fantastic bit.

    10. And finally, the thing about Starbucks food is that it's real food, but it's like not real food and it's not like...good, but it's also not like...bad.

  • Todays top deals include a bevy of Amazon devices, Crockpots, a ChomChom pet hair remover, and more

    Todays top deals include a bevy of Amazon devices, Crockpots, a ChomChom pet hair remover, and more

    Here are the best deals of the day for Oct 3:


    • BEST AMAZON DEVICE DEAL: 2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle(Opens in a new tab)$171.97 $259.98 (save $88 as a Prime member)

    • BEST STREAMING DEAL: Fire TV Cube (2nd gen)(Opens in a new tab)$59.99 $119.99 (save $60)

    • BEST KITCHEN DEAL: Crockpot 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker(Opens in a new tab)$29.99 $49.99 (save $20)

    With Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale officially going live next week, the Amazon device savings are already ramping up as of Oct. 3. We're seeing the biggest price drops on Kindles, Fire TV devices, Fire tablets, Halo trackers, and product bundles. Many long-standing streaming deals have come to an end, but keep an eye out for new ones in the coming days. Other deals are minimal, but if you're looking for kitchen essentials, a pet hair remover, or a smartwatch, you're in luck.

    Here are the best deals you can shop on Oct. 3, seamlessly sorted for your shopping convenience.

    Best Amazon device deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Amazon
    2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $171.97 at Amazon (save $88 as a Prime member)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    Rekindle your interest in reading with the elegant 2021 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition(Opens in a new tab). A nearly perfect device for those who'd like to read more, as Mashable's tech reporter Alex Perry noted in his review, the Signature Edition Paperwhite features a bigger 6.8-inch display, weeks-long battery life, a flawless form factor fit for one-handed readers, wireless charging, auto-adjusting front light, and 32GB of storage (opposed to 8GB). Pricing is the biggest concern with this particular model, but with this Prime members-only deal, you can score the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition without ads, as well as a wireless charging dock and Amazon leather cover for less than the device typically costs on its own.

    Best streaming deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Amazon
    Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd gen) (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $59.99 at Amazon (save $60)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    With the new Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd gen) set to debut on Oct. 25, it comes as no surprise that the 2nd gen device is on sale for 50% of(Opens in a new tab)f — but it's welcome news, nonetheless. The new release is expected to perform 20 percent faster, offer an industry-first HDMI input port, and feature a 4K upscaling feature, but if these features aren't super important to your viewing experience, you can save $80 by snagging this deal on the previous generation.

    Best kitchen deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: Crockpot
    Crockpot 7-Quart Manual Slow Cooker (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    $29.99 at Amazon (save $20)
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Why we like it

    A classic home essential, the original Crockpot Manual Slow Cooker(Opens in a new tab) is the ultimate helper in the kitchen. With a seven-quart capacity, you can throw in all of your ingredients and let it do its thing. In four to 12 hours (depending on temperature), it will have your meal ready to serve nine plus people. While $29.99 isn't the lowest price it's ever been, it does match the lowest price we've seen in over a year. Save 40% on the must-have kitchen device.

    More Amazon device deals

    • Amazon Glow 19" Interactive Projector and 8" Video Calling Display(Opens in a new tab)  — $149.99 $329.98 (save $179.99)

    • Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with 2-Pack GE CYNC Smart LED Color Bulb(Opens in a new tab)$17.99 $63.98 (save $45.99 as a Prime member)

    • 2021 Fire HD 10 Tablet (32GB, ad-supported)(Opens in a new tab)$74.99 $149.99 (save $75)

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    • 2021 Fire HD 10 Plus tablet (32GB, ad-supported)(Opens in a new tab)$104.99 $179.99 (save $75)

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    • Kindle E-readers(Opens in a new tab)starting at $99.99 (save up to 31%)

    • Amazon Halo Devices(Opens in a new tab)starting at $39.99 (save up to 44%)

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    More kitchen deals

    • Crockpot 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker(Opens in a new tab)$29.99 $49.99 (save $20)

    • Crockpot Electric Lunch Boxes(Opens in a new tab)$29.99 $44.99 (save $15)

    • Chefman Immersion Stick Hand Blender(Opens in a new tab)$17.99 $29.99 (save $12)

    • DASH Breakfast Appliances(Opens in a new tab) — starting at $16.09 (save up to 36%)

    • Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder(Opens in a new tab)$38.24 $49.99 (save $11.75)

    Other deals

    • ChomChom Pet Hair Remover(Opens in a new tab)$17.95 $26.95 (save $9 with clipped coupon)

    • Garmin Forerunner 245 Running Smartwatch(Opens in a new tab)$198.11 $299.99 (save $101.88)

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    • Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus and Bundles(Opens in a new tab)starting at $139.99 (save up to 47%)

  • The lonely state of getting over someone you never dated

    The lonely state of getting over someone you never dated

    You know you've got it bad when you start crying in public.


    It happened on the District Line as I made my way home, weary and emotionally bruised. Many moons ago, in pre-pandemic times, I boarded the train and sat in the end carriage on purpose, so I could have my emotional breakdown around fewer people. I tried to hide the tears as soon as they coursed down my cheeks, but I couldn't conceal the sharp intakes of breath that come when you're trying so hard not to weep audibly. My chin was doing that ugly uncontrollable wobble that happens when you're having a massive sobbing session.

    Women sitting in the same carriage as me shot furtive, concerned glances my way. I wanted to tell them, "Don't worry, nothing terrible has happened, not really. I'm just crying over a man I never even dated." That last detail — the fact I couldn't even call this man my ex-boyfriend — made me feel I didn't have the right to feel heartbreak.

    It was a lonely time. A time where I felt I couldn't really talk about what had happened, a time where I felt I needed to apologise every instance I brought up my pain and the thoughts that paced back and forth through my mind. "Sorry to keep going on about this," was the caveat that preceded all statements concerning the heartbreak I deemed invalid.

    During a habitual pre-bedtime scroll through TikTok, I stumbled across a glut(Opens in a new tab) of(Opens in a new tab) videos(Opens in a new tab) that put into words the lonely state of getting over someone you never dated. I hit the heart so fast. Finally! A TikTok trend that speaks to my soul! But watching these videos made me wonder why we don't talk about this type of heartache more.

    As an anxiously attached(Opens in a new tab), highly sensitive person(Opens in a new tab) with a tendency to fall too hard, too soon, I've gone down the heartbreak-over-someone-I-never-dated road more times than I can remember. Whether it's a situationship, an intense fling, a friends with benefitship, or an unrequited crush, each occasion is accompanied by a low-level feeling of stupidity, a kind of "I can't believe I'm back here again" as if I should have learned my lesson by now. Perhaps I should have. But as I'm learning through therapy, there are some aspects of this situation that are due to my typology as a highly sensitive person, and INFJ-T personality type(Opens in a new tab), that are beyond my control.

    In the run up to my 30th birthday, I found myself embroiled in a very confusing talking stage with a guy. We'd been emailing back and forth (very You've Got Mail of us, tbh) and eventually we started messaging over Instagram. While chatting to this person, and spending time with them IRL, I started to like the guy and wonder where things were headed. It eventually became clear that this talking stage would be where things were going to stay. Or rather, that's where things ended.

    I felt rejected, and began questioning my self-worth, and wondering what I needed to change about myself in order to be deemed lovable. Not only that, I felt naive and angry at myself for allowing myself to feel something without even so much as kissing the guy. I wondered how I could have possibly misread this situation so badly – had I read too much into the emails and messages? A few years later, and with a much better relationship with my self-worth, I know my feelings were real and valid. I'm not a mindreader and I can't speak to the other person's motivations for behaving in that way, but I know it has nothing to do with me.

    SEE ALSO: I haven't had a boyfriend for a decade. Here's what I've learned.

    As someone who's not had a long-term relationship for over a decade, my status as a perennial singleton who's actively dating doesn't mean I've been spared heartbreak during that time. Far from it. I know from my experience, and from that of my friends, that you can feel tremendous heartbreak, pain, and grief from any kind of relationship — be it in the very early stages of dating someone, the talking stage, or after sleeping with someone a couple of times. Just because you can't call them your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, whatever, doesn't mean you don't have the right to feel sorrow and heartache over something ending. Your feelings are valid no matter the duration of that connection.

    Match(Opens in a new tab)’s dating expert, Hayley Quinn, says short romances and flings are easy to invalidate, but grieving over situationships is becoming increasingly common. "Modern dating often means that commitment takes time to form, and it’s often found that by the time you have 'the conversation' about what you are, you're already attached — even if someone doesn't want the same level of relationship as you do," says Quinn. If you're in a situationship that suddenly ends, just remember that time will heal. "Even if you don't understand their reasons, and never get closure, the fact that they're no longer present in your life is telling enough about what they can offer you," she says. "Remember, you will grow out of believing this person is the only one for you, and there will be many other people who can give you the same level of connection as they did, whilst bringing more to the relationship, matching your wants and needs too."

    Rachael Lloyd, relationship expert at eharmony(Opens in a new tab), says the amount of time spent together and the type of relationship are immaterial if you've caught feelings for someone that aren't reciprocated. "All too often we are presented with the narrative that ‘breakup blues’ are only valid if you’ve been with a partner for years, experienced significant milestones or if the relationship ended badly," says Lloyd.

    "In my view, that’s nonsense. What about the guy you never heard from after two amazing dates? The girl who ghosted you despite the great sex, the funny back and forth online that suddenly becomes one sided. All still sting." Lloyd says it's important to acknowledge and sit with those emotions in order to get over such knock-backs. "It’s not silly to be sad about something that hurt you and dismissing these experiences could lead to you becoming more emotionally unavailable later down the line," says Lloyd. "As with any breakup — focus on self-care, look to your friends for support and go easy on yourself."

    Recently I found myself saying the words "I hate myself for feeling this way" to my therapist. She stopped me in my tracks and told me, "What we resist persists." How can you move on from a feeling if you're fighting its very existence? With time, you'll feel differently. But just know, your feelings are valid and you have every right to feel sad.

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    • Fine break up with me, but let me keep Instagramming your dog

  • Dr. Pepper got the worst kind of product placement in Jan. 6 hearing

    Dr. Pepper got the worst kind of product placement in Jan. 6 hearing

    The star of the latest Jan. 6 committee hearings wasn't a Trump confidante, nor was it a right-wing internet personality. Nope. It was…a can of Dr. Pepper?


    That's right. Dr. Pepper, the soda, went viral on Twitter on Tuesday during the latest hearing from the House Committee. The hearings have featured evidence and testimony looking into the roles Donald Trump, his administration, and others played in the riot that occurred when the former president's supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results last year.

    So, where does Dr. Pepper fit in here?

    During the hearing, a recorded video testimony from Sidney Powell, a conspiracy theorist and Trump's former lawyer, was aired. Powell is probably best known for comments she made after Biden won the election, claiming she would "release the Kraken"(Opens in a new tab) and prove that Trump actually won by a landslide. While Powell is talking during her testimony, she holds a can of Diet Dr. Pepper directly at camera-level, readying for a gulp the moment she finishes her thought. 

    SEE ALSO: Trump freaked out during the last Jan. 6 hearing. Here's why.

    The image of Powell holding the soda, almost as if it were purposeful product placement or a TV commercial, complete with the Dr. Pepper brand logo perfectly facing the camera lens, quickly became the butt of jokes on Twitter.

    Nowadays, brands are likely to take advantage of becoming completely random memes thanks to social media. However, it's doubtful that Dr. Pepper could have prepared for anything like this.

    Dr. Pepper has yet to comment on becoming the talk of the latest Jan. 6 hearing. Odd. One would think a brand would leap to leverage this viral moment!

    Come to think of it…where was Dr. Pepper on Jan. 6, 2021? Looks like someone has some explaining to do.

  • The window to e-file is now open. Save 25% on H&R Block’s online tax solutions.

    The window to e-file is now open. Save 25% on H&R Block’s online tax solutions.

    Surely, we won’t go as far as to say doing your own taxes is fun, but we will quietly suggest it’s not nearly as scary or panic attack-y as you think. If you have a pretty straightforward tax situation, like being a student or a W-2 employee, H&R Block’s free version may be all you need. 


    However, if you have a few more things going on, such as side hustles, investments, or kiddos, H&R Block’s online tax solutions are fast, easy, and accurate. You can use these tax-filing tools on your own or with the help of their deduction-savvy experts.

    Keep in mind though, this year you’ll be needing to get your return done by April 18 in most states (those bittersweet days of the IRS playing it a bit loose with deadlines are now over) and e-filing started on January 24.

    On the bright side, H&R Block is offering an exclusive 25% off discount(Opens in a new tab) until April 18. For tax season 2022, here are some scenarios which may apply to you and how to handle them. 

    Get the largest child tax credit in U.S. history

    A couple studying their finances with children. Credit: kate_sept2004 / Getty Images

    If you’re a parent, you may have started automatically receiving monthly payments for eligible children last July. It was the first time in U.S. history, child tax credits were paid upfront —usually, you have to wait until you file your taxes. Since you’ll claim the rest on your return, and every family is unique, H&R Block Deluxe Online(Opens in a new tab) simplifies child care expenses and itemized deductions.  

    Report your crypto earnings 

    Young woman checking her phone in bustling city. Credit: d3sign / Getty Images

    Have an app on your phone for buying and selling cryptocurrency? Those crypto winnings are taxable. For anyone with new-school or old-school investments, H&R Block Premium Online(Opens in a new tab) has you covered for reporting capital gains and stock sales correctly. You’ll also have access to a tax pro for on-demand chats and video, screen sharing, and support on any device. 

    Deduct industry-specific expenses

    Man helps woman in his shop. Credit: Halfpoint Images / Getty Images

    It can be tricky determining what you can and can’t deduct when you’re self-employed or own a small business. H&R Block Self-Employed Online(Opens in a new tab) offers personalized guidance to maximize your refund guaranteed. They’ll help you accurately report profits and losses and in the off chance you do get audited or there’s an error, they’ll stick around for free until it’s sorted out.

    (Opens in a new tab)
    Credit: H&R Block
    H&R Block online solutions to help you file your taxes (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
    Exclusive 25% discount until April 18
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

  • China could punish people for liking social media posts


    China could punish people for liking social media posts

    China is continuing to crack down on internet use against its citizens amid massive protests that have been sweeping the nation.

    The Cyberspace Administration of China published a new set of guidelines, going into effect on Dec. 15, that would make internet users in China liable for simply liking posts that the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission chaired by leader Xi Jinping deem illegal or harmful, according to CNN(Opens in a new tab).

    SEE ALSO: Protests erupt at Foxconn's iPhone factory in China over working conditions, pay

    This comes as street protests erupted in cities across the nation over the weekend against the "dynamic zero COVID" policy. The anti-COVID measure include strict lockdowns imposed by local authorities, mass testing, forced isolation and quarantines, closing businesses, shops, and schools, and maintaining lockdowns until there are no new infections reported, according to the BBC(Opens in a new tab). Tens of millions of people are living under some kind of lockdown, and some workers have been forced to sleep inside factories so they can continue to work while being quarantined.

    A social media post that was forwarded widely quoted former Chinese leader Xi Zhongxun, the late father of Chinese President Xi Jinping, as saying "the people should be allowed to speak and encouraged to care about state affairs," NPR reported(Opens in a new tab). The country has two options, according to the news outlet: dropping the policies altogether and triggering an increase of COVID cases, or to double down on their zero-COVID policies, escalating lockdowns and political repression.

    As a result of the zero-COVID policies, China has been stepping up internet regulation because of the online public anger against the policies. According to The New York Times(Opens in a new tab), users "are also flipping videos on their side, using filters on them, or recording videos of videos" in order to evade algorithms made to flag content and take it down.

    The new guidelines are similar to guidelines published in 2017, but these now regulate "likes" of public posts and other types of comments. It's making people fearful that the nation might begin to crack down on social media even more than it has in the past. 

    "The authorities are very concerned with the spreading protest activities, and an important means of control is to stop the communications of the potential protesters including reports of protest activities and appeals of joining them," Joseph Cheng, a retired professor of political science at the City University of Hong Kong, told CNN. "This cyberspace control is an important lesson absorbed from protest activities like the Arab Spring."

  • Apples extreme sports Watch will have a larger display, report says

    Apples extreme sports Watch will have a larger display, report says

    We're finally getting some details about the long-rumored Apple Watch for extreme sports.


    According to Bloomberg(Opens in a new tab), the rugged Apple Watch 8 will get a larger, 2-inch display than than the "standard" variant of the Apple Watch which will have the same, 1.9-inch screen size as its predecessor.

    This may sound like a minute difference but in the limited world of wearable displays, ever fraction of an inch counts. Bloomberg says the resolution of the rugged Watch will be roughly 410 by 502 pixels, which is a small upgrade from the Apple Watch 7 screen resolution of 484 by 396 pixels.

    Whether this larger display will result in some functional differences remains to be seen. Bloomberg says Apple could use the extra screen area to display more information, such as fitness metrics, at one time.

    SEE ALSO: Apple Watch 8 will probably come with a temperature sensor

    The report also has some details on the new device's design. The rugged Watch will be built with a stronger metal than aluminum, and have a more shatter-resistant screen. It will also have a larger battery compared to standard Apple Watch, which is key for those longer workouts and treks that sports watches typically excel at.

    The rugged Watch will also have a body temperature sensor, just like the regular Watch 8, the report says. The two devices will share the same processor, Apple's S8, which will reportedly have similar performance to the last two iterations of that chip, the S6 and the S7.

    Both devices are likely to be launched in September, alongside Apple's new iPhones.