Gorgeous Google Doodle celebrates Marsha P. Johnso

Gorgeous Google Doodle celebrates Marsha P. Johnso

Gorgeous Google Doodle celebrates Marsha P. Johnson for the last day of Pride MonthAs a tumultuous Pride Month draws to a clo...[Details]


Police used ‘smart streetlights’ to surveil protes

Police used ‘smart streetlights’ to surveil protes

Police used ‘smart streetlights’ to surveil protesters, just as privacy groups warnedWell, we can‘t say we weren‘t warned.San...[Details]


5 trends that shaped TikTok in 2020, so far

5 trends that shaped TikTok in 2020, so far

5 trends that shaped TikTok in 2020, so farIn the last two years, TikTok has become a content machine. From its never-ending ...[Details]


The 27 Guy Fieriest Guy Fieri tweets of 2020, so f

The 27 Guy Fieriest Guy Fieri tweets of 2020, so f

The 27 Guy Fieriest Guy Fieri tweets of 2020, so farLogging on in 2020 feels a little like staring straight into the hot blaz...[Details]


Scrabble tournaments may soon ban slurs, because t

Scrabble tournaments may soon ban slurs, because t

Scrabble tournaments may soon ban slurs, because they didnt beforeIn the latest instance of an organisation finally acknowled...[Details]


Heres why Gabbie Hanna is all over TikTok

Heres why Gabbie Hanna is all over TikTok

Heres why Gabbie Hanna is all over TikTokGabbie Hanna, who first gained internet fame through Vine, is now the butt of jokes ...[Details]


Disney Worlds reopening trailer gets an appropriat

Disney Worlds reopening trailer gets an appropriat

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Sir Patrick Stewart marks his 80th birthday with 8

Sir Patrick Stewart marks his 80th birthday with 8

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Sir Ian McKellen recorded a very sweet video for S

Sir Ian McKellen recorded a very sweet video for S

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Slave trader statue gets replaced by sculpture of

Slave trader statue gets replaced by sculpture of

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Ivanka Trump sparks bean memes after she posed wit

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The cognitive test that Trump keeps bragging about

The cognitive test that Trump keeps bragging about

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Kim Kardashian issues rare statement on Kanye West

Kim Kardashian issues rare statement on Kanye West

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My X? Y memes are ridiculously simple and delightf

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The 17 best tweets of the week, including Taylor S

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The I have a joke meme gives us some much-needed h

The I have a joke meme gives us some much-needed h

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Large gatherings are no easy logistical feat during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many have done their best to keep impor...[Details]


Save up to 50% on select items during Petco’s Summ

Save up to 50% on select items during Petco’s Summ

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13 of our favorite deepfakes thatll seriously mess

13 of our favorite deepfakes thatll seriously mess

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Trump interviewers viral reactions are now 2020s m

Trump interviewers viral reactions are now 2020s m

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  • Gorgeous Google Doodle c

    Gorgeous Google Doodle celebrates Marsha P. Johnson for the last day of Pride Month

    As a tumultuous Pride Month draws to a close, Google is marking it with a tribute to transgender artist, activist, and drag performer Marsha P. Johnson.


    Johnson was a central and beloved figure in New York's gay scene from the 1960s onward, and is widely recognized as one of the first people to fight back against police harassing patrons during a raid on the Stonewall Hotel. This sparked the Stonewall riots, commemorations of which became Pride celebrations.

    Alongside Sylvia Rivera, Johnson also founded Street Transvestite (now Transgender) Activist Revolutionaries, or STAR, to offer housing, food, and other assistance to trans and non-binary youth. She said the "P" in her name was there for when people questioned her gender or presentation — it stood for "Pay it no mind."

    Johnson died in 1992, in what was officially ruled a suicide but believed by her loved ones to be a murder.

    The bright illustration, created by L.A. artist Rob Gilliam, features ribbons of color (including the trans, bisexual, and genderqueer flag stripes, and a rainbow topped with black and brown(Opens in a new tab)) emanating from a march led by Johnson's iconic smile.

    "As a queer person of color I owe Marsha so much," Gilliam said in a press release. "She was the catalyst for our liberation, the driving force behind the movement that has given many of us the rights and freedoms that we previously couldn't even dream of. Marsha created a space for us in western society through her empowering bravery and refusal to be silenced." 

    Elle Hearns, founder and executive director of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute(Opens in a new tab), envisions Tuesday's doodle as a pathway for more people to discover Johnson's legacy amidst the reckoning happening in American public life.

    SEE ALSO: Protests, pandemic have refocused advocates fighting for LGBTQ rights

    "This moment is a testament to our movement, and the amount of time and sacrifices Black trans people have made to contribute to something bigger than all of us," said Hearns in a statement. "I hope the collaboration between The MPJI and Google.org will serve as an opportunity for the world to interrupt its own fixation on transphobia and fear of redistributing wealth to communities that need it most. This is life-long work. Black trans women have always been here and will continue to be."

    "Marsha knew that the true key to liberation was intersectionality," said Gilliam. "The original Pride movement pulled in participants from across the lines of class and race and sexuality and gender expression and united an entire community. Recent times have been extremely divisive, and it's far too easy to fixate on what separates us as opposed to celebrating the commonalities we share. I think we could all be a little more like Marsha in that respect."

    Pride 2020 has been marked not only by restrictions on public celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also by the ongoing protests against police brutality and systemic racism. The demonstrations were sparked by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade (a trans man), to name just a few of the unarmed Black people killed by police this year alone.

    Remember: the first Pride was a riot(Opens in a new tab), and there are still #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackTransLivesMatter protests in the streets. Stay loud, all year round.

    Related Video: The hosts of 'Queer Eye' reimagine the American dream

  • Police used ‘smart stree

    Police used ‘smart streetlights’ to surveil protesters, just as privacy groups warned

    Well, we can't say we weren't warned.


    San Diego police have turned a technology pitched on the promise(Opens in a new tab) of reducing traffic fatalities and tracking carbon emissions into a tool to surveil protesters. And yes, legal and tech experts saw this coming years ago.

    In the midst of ongoing Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality protests following the killing of George Floyd, San Diego police looked to an unexpected source to gather surveillance footage: the 3,200(Opens in a new tab) so-called smart streetlights(Opens in a new tab) installed across the city beginning in 2017. So reports Voice of San Diego(Opens in a new tab), which, through public records requests, determined that in late May and early June the network of smart streetlights was accessed at least 35 times.

    "Records obtained by VOSD show that the San Diego Police Department was primarily looking into incidents of vandalism, looting and destruction to property," reads the Voice of San Diego report, "as well as objects being thrown at passing vehicles or police."

    While authorities' use of a supposedly progressive technology to monitor protesters might come as a surprise, it shouldn't. In 2017, the Electronic Frontier Foundation predicted the exact situation on the ground in San Diego today.

    A map of installed CityIQ sensors. Credit: Screenshot / city of san diego

    "There is an inherent risk of mission creep from smart cities programs to surveillance," warned the EFF in a blog post(Opens in a new tab) about a San Jose City Council smart streetlight proposal. "For example, cameras installed for the benevolent purpose of traffic management might later be used to track individuals as they attend a protest, visit a doctor, or go to church."

    And if that wasn't enough, in 2018 the American Civil Liberties Union put forth a similar — and similarly on the nose — warning.

    SEE ALSO: Encrypted Signal app downloads skyrocket amidst nationwide protests

    "Many of these [smart city] technologies involve cameras that can be tasked with jobs that range from keeping track of traffic to monitoring when the corner trash can gets full," reads the ACLU blog post(Opens in a new tab). "In a city blanketed with cameras — including in LED light bulbs found in streetlights — it would be very easy for the government to track which political meetings, religious institutions, doctors offices, and other sensitive locations people go to and to focus its attention even more on traditionally over-policed communities."

    In other words, the experts not only saw this potentially troubling use of smart streetlights coming, but warned the public about it as well.

    Perhaps next time we'll listen.

  • 5 trends that shaped Tik

    5 trends that shaped TikTok in 2020, so far

    In the last two years, TikTok has become a content machine. From its never-ending For You Page to its ability to spotlight new artists by making songs go viral, the platform's cultural influence is undeniable.


    While early critics dismissed the app because its user base is predominantly Gen Z, it grew into a massive platform with 2 billion downloads(Opens in a new tab) worldwide.

    Here are five major trends that shaped TikTok this year.

    1. The rise (and fall) of the Hype House

    A screenshot of the Hype House on TikTok. Credit: tiktok

    Content houses aren't new — plenty have formed and dissolved YouTube friendships — but the Hype House(Opens in a new tab) was one of the first major collectives made of popular TikTok stars. The formation of the Hype House fueled rumors about new couples, breakups, and in-house feuds. Much like the drama of many YouTube content collectives, the drama of the Hype House garnered millions of views for its members. A legal battle(Opens in a new tab) between co-founders Daisy Keech, Thomas Petrou, andDaisy Keech fueled even more gossip about the group's dynamic. The massive amount of content made about the content house's drama cemented TikTok's place among YouTube influencers.

    2. That one quarantine coffee

    Remember the beginning of quarantine? When we all thought social distancing would only be necessary for a few weeks and everyone got really into baking bread? TikTok brought whipped coffee(Opens in a new tab) to internet fame. Also known as dalgona coffee, cloud coffee, or simply "TikTok coffee," the sweet, fluffy drink became wildly popular and widely shared on social media. As of Friday, the tag #dalgonacoffee has over 389 million views.

    Related Video: How whipped coffee works, according to a scientist

    3. Alt TikTok

    While the mainstream end of TikTok feuded, the app's hyper-specific algorithm bred "Alt TikTok." Alternative, LGBTQ users rejected the popularity of major influencers like Keech and Hudson, and instead used the platform to share surreal videos inspired by Millennial Dadaist humor. From creating fake department store accounts to imagining Elon Musk' and Grimes' child's first words, the rise of Alt TikTok took everything weird and made it viral.

    4. Protest TikTok

    As the Black Lives Matter movement inspired protests around the world, American TikTok users began using a remix of Childish Gambino's "This Is America" to highlight police brutality against peaceful protestors. Following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by a white police officer, protestors took to the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They were met with violent use of force from police officers and the national guard. TikTok users used a version of "This Is America," which touches on themes of systemic oppression, racism, and police brutality, to show the excessive force police used against protestors. The sound quickly went viral, and became an anthem for protestors. TikTok became the go-to platform to stay informed about the protests.

    5. TikTok users trolling Trump

    TULSA, OK - JUNE 20: Supporters listen as Lara Trump speaks before President Donald J. Trump arrives for a "Make America Great Again!" rally at the BOK Center on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in Tulsa, OK. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images) Credit: The Washington Post via Getty

    The Trump campaign's ill-timed rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — where the prosperous "Black Wall Street" was destroyed by white rioters in days of race-fueled violence — was widely criticized for taking place during the height of nationwide protests for racial equity. In protest, TikTok users called upon each other via viral video to reserve tickets for the rally so the campaign would expect an overflow of supporters. While the Trump campaign bragged(Opens in a new tab) that well over a million supporters had reserved tickets for the rally, a paltry 6,200 showed up to the venue that could hold 19,000. The president had to face a devastatingly empty stadium. To top it off, the campaign also has to contend with(Opens in a new tab) contributing to the spike in COVID-19 cases around Tulsa.

    Lesson learned: TikTok may be lighthearted, but you'd probably want to avoid pissing off its user base in the future.

  • The 27 Guy Fieriest Guy

    The 27 Guy Fieriest Guy Fieri tweets of 2020, so far

    Logging on in 2020 feels a little like staring straight into the hot blaze of a giant flaming dumpster fire. But not everything online is bad.


    It can be tough to scroll through social media these days without succumbing to a deep sense of dread, so we're once again here to remind you that Guy Fieri's Twitter account exists and can offer you a little comfort and comic relief when the world feels overwhelming.

    Fieri has spent a good chunk of 2020 helping restaurant workers who were financially impacted by the coronavirus, but he and his Knuckle Sandwich team haven't stopped cranking out some of the most delightful memes on Twitter.

    Here are 27 of Fieri's best tweets from 2020, so far. (We obviously expect more greatness to follow as the year continues and will keep you updated.)

    1. Guy's first tweet of 2020, back when people still liked fireworks

    2. The Simpsons / Triple D crossover we never knew we needed

    SEE ALSO: Guy Fieri has reached an emotional turning point

    3. Guyfield the cat

    4. TFW you try Donkey Sauce

    5. Fieri the frog sipping some tea

    6. This absolutely masterpiece of an Office edit

    7. Guy taking a page out of Dolly's book

    8. Captain Flavortown

    9. SpongeGuy FieriPants

    10. Gotta taste 'em all

    11. Guy will be there for you

    12. Hey, look at this photograph

    13. Vote Guy for Mayor of Flavortown

    14. World's Best Guy

    15. A dynamite game

    16. Tiger King has nothing on the Flavor King

    17. Guy's rollin' out and pickin' up the phone

    18. Dying to shake some trees and collect fruit for Guy

    19. The show all kids should be watching

    20. Guy's a big Michael Jordan fan

    21. Changed the times they have

    22. Guy-der Man

    23. Put him in, coach

    24. Food Network, PLEASE make this happen

    25. A painful year indeed

    26. Guy Smash!

    27. Guy's first voice tweet. Historic.

    Keep bringing your signature flavor to Twitter, Guy. The good people of Flavortown love you.

  • Scrabble tournaments may

    Scrabble tournaments may soon ban slurs, because they didnt before

    In the latest instance of an organisation finally acknowledging racism is a thing they should maybe do something about, the North American Scrabble Players Association(Opens in a new tab) will soon vote on whether to ban slurs in tournament play. Because apparently the N-word was considered acceptable up until now.


    The members of the NASPA's Advisory Board(Opens in a new tab) will vote on whether to expunge 236 offensive terms from its word list(Opens in a new tab) within the next few days, after CEO John Chew(Opens in a new tab) proposed the move on behalf of the Executive Committee(Opens in a new tab).

    "I have felt for a long time that there are some words in our lexicon that we hang onto in the mistaken belief that our spelling them with tiles on a board strips them of their power to cause harm," Chew wrote in a June 20 letter(Opens in a new tab) to the association's members.

    "When we play a slur, we are declaring that our desire to score points in a word game is of more value to us than the slur's broader function as a way to oppress a group of people."

    Chew stated discussions concerning the use of slurs in Scrabble had been ongoing within the NASPA "for many years." The game had also previously been criticised(Opens in a new tab) for allowing bigoted language(Opens in a new tab).

    However, this latest development only came about after a player in the NASPA's Facebook group(Opens in a new tab) asked what the association was doing regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. This prompted another player to suggest removing the N-word in solidarity, sparking "a spirited discussion."(Opens in a new tab)

    "I couldn’t have found a bigger wedge issue if I tried," Chew told the New York Times(Opens in a new tab).

    Some of that debate was recapped in Chew's letter, in which he listed reasons given for and against removing slurs. One of the arguments against it was that doing so would be "like tearing down statues of Confederate figures." This was also an argument for it.

    Though Chew formulated the original list of potentially banned words, it was subsequently revised following invited input from the public. The list(Opens in a new tab) currently under consideration includes offensive words regarding ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability, as well as anatomical and scatological insults.

    SEE ALSO: #BlackLivesMatter saw tremendous growth on social media. Now what?

    Scrabble manufacturer Hasbro is not involved in maintaining the NASPA's word list, however the company does license the name "Scrabble" to the association. Speaking to the New York Times(Opens in a new tab), Hasbro spokesperson Julie Duffy stated the company will be changing the official Scrabble rules "to make clear that slurs are not permissible in any form of the game." The NASPA's decision will likely impact online versions of Scrabble as well, as the association licenses its word list to software developers.

    Mashable has reached out to both Hasbro and Chew for comment.

    It's good that spelling out slurs will probably be banned in Scrabble tournaments soon. However, it's also disappointing that there had to be global outcry before people stopped using racist, discriminatory language to literally score points.

    UPDATE: July 9, 2020, 1:09 a.m. AEST Chew told Mashable the 236 slurs under consideration are derived from 73 root words, and that deliberation and voting could potentially conclude by tomorrow night.

    "It's been a long process to remove offensive slurs, and the result is overdue," said Chew. "We made two big mistakes along the way: we accepted the argument in 1994 that there was no qualitative difference between a mildly offensive word like FART and the N word; and we thought that inclusivity meant giving voice to racists when making difficult choices.

    "I am glad that we are finally in a position to be able to solve these problems, and am ready to move on to making a more meaningful contribution to issues of equity and inclusivity."

    Also responding to an inquiry from Mashable, Hasbro spokesperson Julie Duffy did not provide a timeline for when the game would be updated to specifically exclude slurs. However, she did note that the company removed offensive words from Scrabble's official word list in 1994.

    "More recently, we’ve been in discussion with the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA) who have agreed to remove all slurs from their word list for Scrabble tournament play, which is managed solely by NASPA and available only to members."

  • Heres why Gabbie Hanna i

    Heres why Gabbie Hanna is all over TikTok

    Gabbie Hanna, who first gained internet fame through Vine, is now the butt of jokes all over TikTok.


    The 29-year-old Vine star turned YouTuber turned musician left social media this month after weeks of accusing YouTube of suppressing her content. Although her views and subscriber count has been dropping, per SocialBlade(Opens in a new tab), Hanna's YouTube channel is still publicly accessible.

    Hanna is no stranger to controversy — she was widely criticized(Opens in a new tab) for associating with former Vine star Curtis Lepore, who plead guilty to sexually assaulting his then-girlfriend Jessi Vasquez. Vasquez, known online as Jessi Smiles, accused Hanna of being friends with Lepore's friends, who protected him when Vasquez accused him of sexual assault. She detailed the fallout between herself and Hanna in a 27-minute-long video in November 2019 titled "Gabbie Hanna needs to be stopped." YouTuber Trisha Paytas(Opens in a new tab) was also involved in the feud after Hanna allegedly told Paytas' then-boyfriend that Paytas had a sexually transmitted infection.

    It didn't help that days before, Hanna tweeted that she wanted to be involved in a scandal because "views are down." But as Business Insider reports(Opens in a new tab), the resulting drama ultimately cost her 70,000 subscribers.

    Given her online presence, it's no surprise that Hanna has previously been the subject of a meme. In 2018, a clip of her Genius interview about her song "Monster" went viral. To Hanna's credit, she leaned into the joke and posted a video(Opens in a new tab) reacting to the memes making fun of her.

    Her poetry book Adultolescence was also criticized(Opens in a new tab) by both social media users and poets alike for its immature approach to discussing mental health.

    Hanna's departure(Opens in a new tab) from the Vlog Squad, a group of popular Vine stars who began posting YouTube videos together, also fueled the rumors(Opens in a new tab) about drama between herself and other YouTubers. Other members included David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Trisha Paytas.

    As the controversy surrounding Hanna continued, her view count and subscribers fell. In a series of tweets in June, Hanna claimed that YouTube shadow banned(Opens in a new tab) her, or prevented other users from seeing her content. She posted a screenshot(Opens in a new tab) of a YouTube search of her name in incognito mode, and pointed out that commentary channels criticizing her came up first over her own channel. Hanna furthermore claimed that her fans were automatically unsubscribed from her channel and that they weren't able to subscribe again. Although Hanna said she was discussing the issue with YouTube, the company has not publicly commented.

    Hanna addressed her concerns in a YouTube livestream on Jun. 16. In the hour-long video, she compared YouTube to a manipulative, gaslighting partner and accused drama channel TeaSpill of defamation. While social media users have asked for proof that YouTube shadow banned her, Hanna has not provided evidence other than screenshots from searching in incognito mode.

    "Say you've always suspected your boyfriend cheats on you, and you've never had proof," Hanna explained. "And then you finally find out... And it's this huge rush of release of, 'Oh, I'm not crazy.'"

    On her podcast(Opens in a new tab) Box of Thoughts, she defended herself against her critics, which she decried as "bullies" and "narcissistic abusers."

    "I'm not gonna show you the facts and the evidence because I'm 29-fucking-years-old," Hanna ranted on her podcast. "And I'm not gonna sit down and make a video with screenshots exposing my bullies. Those are bullies. These are high school fucking bullies and they wanna come at me saying, 'You're 29-years-old [with] how you're acting?' Fuck you. You're in your 30s."

    She then quoted the lyrics from her song(Opens in a new tab) "Glass House," singing, "So point the finger, pull the trigger, throw them off your trail, you'll get yours eventually."

    The two sounds went viral on TikTok, feeding the memes and criticism surrounding her.

    In one video(Opens in a new tab), TikTok user countingschleeps mimicked Hanna's livestream rant, matching her cadence and rhythm. In another, a TikTok user laughed at excerpts of Hanna's poetry while her rant played in the background. Remixes(Opens in a new tab) of the rant with Meg Thee Stallion's "Savage" and controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson's livestream rant(Opens in a new tab) also went viral.

    Gabbie Hanna is the butt of TikTok jokes. Credit: tiktok / mikaylalohman

    A clip from Hanna's 2018 spoken word poetry video(Opens in a new tab) "ROAST YOURSELF EVEN HARDER CHALLENGE" also went viral. In one, a TikTok user compared it to "whenever that one classmate gets too into the popcorn reading." In another, a TikTok user covered the song in Lin-Manuel Miranda's voice, adding it to the end of a Hamilton track.

    Gabbie Hanna is the butt of TikTok jokes. Credit: tiktok / austiincho
    Gabbie Hanna's poetry was widely mocked on TikTok. Credit: tiktok / umokayig

    As of Thursday, the tag #gabbiehanna has over 133 million views on TikTok. Hanna deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and made her TikTok private.

    YouTube has unintentionally shadow banned creators before. In March, popular vlogger Meghan Rienks revealed that her main channel had been hacked. When she successfully changed the password, the channel became inaccessible to viewers. Subscribers couldn't view Rienks' content at all. Her secondary channel was also taken over by a rogue beauty brand, Dexerto reports(Opens in a new tab), which began reposting content ripped from various makeup Instagram accounts. While Rienks did gain control of her channels again, she couldn't recover her backlog of videos.

    But Hanna's case seems to be different, as viewers can still see her channel and all of her public videos.

    While some of the criticism is justified, especially from former members of her inner circle, much of the pile-on is especially cruel. Hanna's viewership has been declining for years, and although she's found some success(Opens in a new tab) in her musical career, being embroiled in conflict has taken a toll on her reputation.

    It's unclear whether Hanna will continue to post on YouTube. But it's clear that her content isn't resonating like it used to for the younger generation just now discovering her on TikTok.

    Mashable has reached out to Hanna for comment, and we'll update this post if we hear back..

  • Disney Worlds reopening

    Disney Worlds reopening trailer gets an appropriately snarky response

    If you're going to re-open one of the world's most popular theme parks during a pandemic, and in a U.S. state that is currently considered a hot spot, you're going to get dragged for it.


    That's the response greeting Disney on Saturday as company leadership moved forward with a plan to fling open the doors to the some Florida parks, come hell or COVID-19. All the protective measures in the world can't keep park guests safe from an illness that has led to bans on large gatherings of people worldwide.

    Predictably, Disney's mask-laden trailer(Opens in a new tab) released to hype the reopening of Orlando's Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom was met with scorn and snark on Twitter.

    Reports from the ground post-opening aren't terribly encouraging either. It doesn't mean that people aren't having fun, but it does speak to the challenge of maintaining social distancing in an entertainment venue that is literally built to cram as many people as possible together.

    Thankfully, the crowds do seem fairly small, beyond bottlenecks like the one described above.

    Look. I get it. Lockdown months have been hard. And Disney World employs thousands of people, many of whom haven't been able to report for work since the parks all shut down in March. Those people need their incomes back.

    That's balanced against concerns over how Disney corporate is handling the re-opening. Just in the past two weeks, the company not only stuck by its plan to re-open, it did so in the midst of a report(Opens in a new tab) revealing that returning workers aren't being tested for COVID-19.

    Many people seem to feel that any protective measures at all still don't go far enough. Enforcing a mask requirement helps plenty (please wear a mask when you leave the house!), but things like that and social distancing are only deterrents. They don't fix the problem.

    You want to show your support for Disney? Then respect the challenges park employees face as they return to their jobs and stay at home. Watch Hamilton on Disney+. And plan to vote in November, because the USA's bumbling response to this pandemic isn't going to change unless there's a power shift in Washington, D.C.

  • Sir Patrick Stewart mark

    Sir Patrick Stewart marks his 80th birthday with 80th Shakespeare sonnet, of course

    Remember back in March, when Sir Patrick Stewart's reading of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 went viral on Twitter?


    The next day the legendary actor and unsung hero of Twitter posted another video of himself, this time reading Sonnet 1.

    "When I was a child in the 1940s, my mother would cut up slices of fruit for me (there wasn't much) and as she put it in front of me she would say, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away,'" tweeted(Opens in a new tab) Stewart. "How about, 'A sonnet a day keeps the doctor away?' So, here we go: Sonnet 1."

    Well, guess what? He's kept it going since then. And although Stewart hasn't quite managed one every day, he's still managed to work his way up to Sonnet 80 just in time for his 80th birthday on Monday.

    "I had not realised that we were at a rather significant point in these sonnets. We just passed the halfway mark," says Stewart in a video posted Sunday. "There are still 74 to go. But not only are we at the halfway mark, we are at the point of Sonnet 80. And that has special meaning for me, because tomorrow, I am 80."

    "Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you will do the same tomorrow, and I will try and make the sonnet as cheerful and birthday-like as possible," he adds, before launching into the poem.

    SEE ALSO: 29 times Patrick Stewart was hands down the most awesome guy on Twitter

    The rest of his readings can be found on his Twitter feed(Opens in a new tab), along with the glorious news that he's started work on a memoir(Opens in a new tab).

    You really can't fault that man's dedication during a global crisis.

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    What is Quordle?

    Quordle is a five-letter word guessing game similar to Wordle, except each guess applies letters to four words at the same time. You get nine guesses instead of six to correctly guess all four words. It looks like playing four Wordle games at the same time, and that is essentially what it is. But it's not nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

    Is Quordle harder than Wordle?

    Yes, though not diabolically so.

    Where did Quordle come from?

    Amid the Wordle boom of late 2021 and early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free, in-browser, once-a-day word guessing games, creator Freddie Meyer says he took inspiration from one of the first big Wordle variations, Dordle — the one where you essentially play two Wordles at once. He took things up a notch, and released Quordle on January 30(Opens in a new tab). Meyer's creation was covered in The Guardian(Opens in a new tab) six days later, and now, according to Meyer, it attracts millions of daily users. Today, Meyer earns modest revenue(Opens in a new tab) from Patreon, where dedicated Quordle fans can donate to keep their favorite puzzle game running. 

    How is Quordle pronounced?

    “Kwordle.” It should rhyme with “Wordle,” and definitely should not be pronounced exactly like "curdle.”

    Is Quordle strategy different from Wordle?

    Yes and no.

    Your starting strategy should be the same as with Wordle. In fact, if you have a favorite Wordle opening word, there’s no reason to change that here. We suggest something rich in vowels, featuring common letters like C, R, and N. But you do you.

    After your first guess, however, you’ll notice things getting out of control if you play Quordle exactly like Wordle.

    What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in Wordle?

    Solving a Wordle puzzle can famously come down to a series of single letter-change variations. If you’ve narrowed it down to “-IGHT,” you could guess “MIGHT” “NIGHT” “LIGHT” and “SIGHT” and one of those will probably be the solution — though this is also a famous way to end up losing in Wordle, particularly if you play on “hard mode.” In Quordle, however, this sort of single-letter winnowing is a deadly trap, and it hints at the important strategic difference between Wordle and Quordle: In Quordle, you can't afford to waste guesses unless you're eliminating as many letters as possible at all times. 

    Guessing a completely random word that you already know isn't the solution, just to eliminate three or four possible letters you haven’t tried yet, is thought of as a desperate, latch-ditch move in Wordle. In Quordle, however, it's a normal part of the player's strategic toolset.

    Is there a way to get the answer faster?

    In my experience Quordle can be a slow game, sometimes dragging out longer than it would take to play Wordle four times. But a sort of blunt-force guessing approach can speed things up. The following strategy also works with Wordle if you only want the solution, and don’t care about having the fewest possible guesses:

    Try starting with a series of words that puts all the vowels (including Y) on the board, along with some other common letters. I’ve had good luck with the three words: “NOTES,” “ACRID,” and “LUMPY.” YouTuber DougMansLand(Opens in a new tab) suggests four words: “CANOE,” “SKIRT,” “PLUMB,” and “FUDGY.”

    Most of the alphabet is now eliminated, and you’ll only have the ability to make one or two wrong guesses if you use this strategy. But in most cases you’ll have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without any wrong guesses.

    If you've already run out of strategy, though, and you're still stumped, here are some hints:

    A semi-useful hint about August 16’s puzzle

    Synonyms for all four words are in the following sentence (in no particular order).

    When I felt my hand grab the nectarine, my teenage depression started to melt away.

    Are there any double or triple letters in today’s Quordle words?

    One of the words has a letter that occurs twice.

    Are any rare letters being used in today’s Quordle like Q or Z?

    Yes. The last letter of the alphabet.

    What do today’s Quordle words start with?

    S, B, P, and A.

    What are the answers for today’s Quordle?

    Are you sure you want to know?

    There’s still time to turn back.

    OK you asked for it. The answers are:

    1. SEIZE

    2. BEGAN

    3. PEACH

    4. ANGST

  • Dream side hustles: 12 i

    Dream side hustles: 12 ideas for starting your own business

    A side hustle offers a chance to have fun and indulge in a hobby or passion at the same time. This means that not only can you get a sense of fulfillment from your side hustle, but you can also make some extra money. All the sweeter, if you ask us. 

    When it comes to starting a side hustle, consider how much time and energy you can realistically commit to your endeavor. Some people are comfortable with investing an hour or two a day into their business, while others might opt for a full-day commitment on the weekend. One of the most appealing aspects of starting your own business is that you can fit your working hours around your 9-to-5 and other obligations. 

    With the above in mind, here are 12 ideas to get you started.


    Credit: Pexels

    Dog walker

    Difficulty level: Easy

    What could be better than spending hours with man’s best friend?! Being a dog walker (or sitter) means you can spend time with plenty of furry friends, who are always up for exciting adventures. While you can set up your own dog-walking business, services like PetSitterPlus(Opens in a new tab) and Rover(Opens in a new tab) make it easy to turn a passion for pooches into a source of extra income. In fact, 500,000+ pet sitters and dog walkers have earned(Opens in a new tab) money caring for pets on Rover alone!


    Credit: Pexels

    Create worksheets or templates

    Difficulty level: Easy

    Digital products like worksheets or templates let you offer a product faster than something like a full-scale online course, with less upfront investment. An individual worksheet or template might sell for as little as a few dollars, but you only have to create it one time and can enjoy passive revenue from sales month after month. Jen Regan(Opens in a new tab) left her full-time teaching job in 2017 thanks to the sizable income she nets from her side hustle selling curated classroom resources online. The real work when it comes to making bank off of worksheets and templates is promoting them. Sites like Etsy help simplify the process.


    Credit: Pexels

    Start a blog

    Difficulty level: Medium

    Starting a blog about a topic you’re passionate about is a great way to meld work and profit. You won’t start making money right away, but with good SEO practices and a dedicated following, you can slowly turn this side hustle into a full-on business. Cristina Curp started her blog, Castaway Kitchen,(Opens in a new tab) to share her passion for food. In a few years she’s landed brand sponsorships, two cookbooks, and has created a consulting business. 


    Credit: Pexels

    Create ASMR videos

    Difficulty level: Hard

    Creating stimulating videos that give people warm fuzzies is not only a noble profession (in our humble opinion) but it can also be pretty lucrative. Some ASMRtists earn upwards(Opens in a new tab) of $1,000 or more per month making YouTube content. This side hustle is challenging due to the technical skills required to create and publish content, but is well-suited for artsy or techy entrepreneurs. 


    Credit: Pexels

    Stream on Twitch

    Difficulty level: Easy

    Start your own Twitch channel around a topic you’re passionate about, then build a community around it – no matter what you're into. (Most people use it to stream video game play). All you need to start streaming(Opens in a new tab) is a stable internet connection and a tool that can broadcast video to the internet. Twitch offers monetization options for Twitch Affiliates, and you can use off-platform donations, merch, and sponsorship deals to make money streaming(Opens in a new tab) on Twitch.


    Credit: Pexels

    Sell your photography

    Difficulty level: Medium

    No matter what style of photos you shoot – from landscapes to headshots – you can license them through a photo-sharing website, or set up your own ecommerce store. You can also use your photography skills and a camera to earn a little extra dough by venturing into wedding photography, pet photography, or product photography. Los Angeles-based outdoor photographer Ryan Locknecker(Opens in a new tab) is just one photographer who offers photographs as prints on paper and canvas in a variety of sizes through his website. Additionally, you could hold flash print sales via social media or Etsy for further revenue streams.


    Credit: Pexels

    Give tours of your neighborhood

    Difficulty level: Medium

    What better tour guide to have than a local who knows the neighborhood? If you live in a touristy destination, set up a local tour guide company as your new side hustle. You’ll get to explore your city and meet new people. To be successful, you’ll have to market heavily, build contacts, and provide outstanding service. Entrepreneur(Opens in a new tab) says tour guides can typically charge clients around $150 for half-day tours, and as much as $300 for full-day tours.


    Credit: Pexels

    House sitter

    Difficulty level: Easy

    House-sitting is a pretty fun and low-stress way to make money, as long as you can find enough clients. As an added bonus, you could also save yourself some cash on rent or accommodations while traveling. Stephanie Perry at House Sitter School(Opens in a new tab) is one such professional house sitter exploring the world on a budget. Sites like Nomadr(Opens in a new tab) make it easy to connect with people in need of house-sitting services.


    Credit: Pexels


    Difficulty level: Easy

    If you have nice penmanship and enjoy the art of the handwritten note, you can start a side hustle selling calligraphy services. You could also teach others your craft through online or in-person workshops. Amanda Reid(Opens in a new tab) started her business in 2020 after catching the calligraphy bug a few years earlier. Her first client was herself! (She made her own wedding signage.) She says(Opens in a new tab) that after about four years of practice, she decided to launch her own business doing what she loves.


    Credit: Pexels


    Difficulty level: Hard

    If you have a large network and like throwing parties and connecting people, starting a matchmaking side hustle could be a fun opportunity. This is one side hustle that’s on the harder side, as you’ll need to know a lot of people well enough to spot and make a connection. In addition, you’re coordinating events like minglers, and dealing with big feelings, which can get messy. In spite of the challenges, Jasbina Ahluwalia(Opens in a new tab) left a career in law to start her matchmaking service Intersections Match(Opens in a new tab), blending aspects of traditional Indian matchmaking with modern-day approaches to pair progressive, successful singles.


    Credit: Pexels

    Flip used items

    Difficulty level: Medium

    Odds are you’ve got a bunch of stuff laying around the house collecting dust. Turn those used items into cash by listing them on websites like Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or eBay. You can also collect free or inexpensive items from online listings and sell them for a higher price. The challenge here is to take good listing photos, and manage pickups and deliveries. You’ll also need a keen eye for what’s a quality resale item and what’s simply junk. Some flippers are racking in six-figure salaries(Opens in a new tab) reselling items. 


    Credit: Pexels

    Flower farmer

    Difficulty level: Hard

    While it might make for cute Instagram posts, selling flowers at a roadside stand is truly a labor of love. First you have to plan the garden and order the materials. Then you have to plant it. Lovingly care for your bulbs and seeds and you’ll be rewarded with fresh blooms to sell. You’ll need to carefully manage expenses, inventory levels, and payments to be successful – oh, and don’t forget about getting the word out about your venture. Even starting a small flower farm will likely take a few thousand dollars(Opens in a new tab) of investment. As if that isn’t enough, the quality of your product is at the mercy of Mother Nature – talk about stress! That said, cut flowers are one of the most profitable(Opens in a new tab) crops you can grow, so if it’s something you’re passionate about, dig in!

  • Did Ryan Reynolds just j

    Did Ryan Reynolds just join Tumblr to escape the Twitter dumpster fire?

    Blake Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds, quietly joined Tumblr on Tuesday with a Deadpool gif set about reblogging fanfiction. I first thought the move was an indication that celebs may be looking elsewhere for engagement as the future of Twitter grows more uncertain (Reynolds has 20 million followers on the platform). And I wasn't alone.


    "You didn’t have $8?" quipped a reply to his first post. Another user wrote, "I hope that any real Twitter refugees figure out Tumblr culture before calling us 'new Twitter' and acting like this place functions like the shitty bird site."

    SEE ALSO: The inside story of how Tumblr lost its way
    https://www.tumblr.com/vancityreynolds/6999288/oh-hello-tumblr(Opens in a new tab)

    Other Tumblr users were more welcoming... sort of. "Enjoy the hellsite," said one. "Honestly you might be the only celeb capable of surviving Tumblr without getting dunked on so hard you quit but also: at what cost?" read another user. "You're gonna raise our HOA fees around here."

    But Reynold's Tumblr is likely not a desperate jump, just another example of his historically well-timed promotional marketing prowess.

    Reynolds created his Tumblr a day after dropping the trailer for his newest movie, Spirited, an Apple TV film he stars in opposite Will Ferrell. This morning he posted a gif set from the movie, tagging it with a collection of related and random topics (#spirited #dickens #dinosaurs #shower thoughts #astronomy) just like a Tumblr native.

    SEE ALSO: On Tumblr, a GIF can make you believe in love

    Since 2017, the actor and director has savvily promoted his multiple business ventures — films like Pokemon: Detective Pikachu and the Deadpool franchise as well as his Aviation Gin—with pithy clips and trailers posted on YouTube(Opens in a new tab) and Twitter. Tumblr was just the next frontier.

    As of yesterday, when Reynolds posted an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia gif doctored to include his own face, Tumblr users were on their way to being convinced that he belonged. "Been here 11 minutes and already shitposting," one applauded. "Outstanding." Another user sounded a little relieved. "I was worried the wolfs are gonna eat him up," they said, "Nope, his woods now."

    Welcome to the fold, Reynolds.

  • Twitter adds @SecondGent

    Twitter adds @SecondGentleman to official White House accounts

    The first Second Gentleman in U.S. history has Logged On. Well, kinda.


    Kamala Harris made history in the 2020 election by becoming the first woman vice president-elect, and as a result, her husband Douglas Emhoff made history, too.

    Doug will become America's first Second Gentleman — a title so groundbreaking that it called for the creation of a brand new government Twitter handle: @SecondGentleman(Opens in a new tab).

    On Thursday, @TwitterGov(Opens in a new tab) published a blog post(Opens in a new tab) titled "What to expect on Twitter on US Inauguration Day 2021" that explains the archival and transition process of government Twitter accounts such as @WhiteHouse(Opens in a new tab), @POTUS(Opens in a new tab), @VP(Opens in a new tab), @FLOTUS(Opens in a new tab), and @PressSec(Opens in a new tab). When Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, those accounts will transition to members of the Biden/Harris team. But Twitter also shared that a new @SecondGentleman account was created for Emhoff to use for official business.

    A look at the brand new @SecondGentleman Twitter account. Credit: screenshot / twitter

    Emhoff currently has a personal Twitter account(Opens in a new tab) with more than 771,000 followers, and though his @SecondGentleman handle is now live he has yet to tweet from the account. We assume that first tweet will come on inauguration day, and will probably be another Proud Husband declaration.

    At the time of writing this article the government account isn't following anyone and has nearly 325,000 followers. The bio reads "Future Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. Devoted dad. Proud husband to Vice President-elect Harris," and links to Biden and Harris's informational site, buildbackbetter.gov(Opens in a new tab).

    We look forward to seeing how Emhoff's Twitter personality translates to the @SecondGentleman account. Here's hoping for more future Doug and Jill Twitter exchanges.

  • Failed screenwriter oute

    Failed screenwriter outed as QAnon influencer used conspiracy to carry out personal vendettas

    A major QAnon influencer was unmasked earlier this week as a failed screenwriter living in New Jersey.


    An investigation conducted by Logically(Opens in a new tab), a fact-checking technology company, discovered that “Neon Revolt,” a major online personality in the world of the right-wing conspiracy theory QAnon, is really an aspiring writer named Robert Cornero Jr.

    Cornero’s uncovering as a major formerly-anonymous QAnon personality has also shined a light on another aspect: as a major QAnon influencer, Cornero created new conspiracy theories revolving around people he had grudges against in the film industry, effectively weaponizing his followers to satisfy his own personal vendettas.

    Logically reached out to Cornero for comment, but received none. Mashable has attempted to reach Cornero through his father, and will update this post if we hear back.

    According to the Logically report, Cornero moved to California in pursuit of his Hollywood dreams in the late 2000s. Despite not finding success, Cornero attempted to launch a screenwriting coaching service on his now-defunct website “Hacking Hollywood.”

    Years later, disillusioned with the film business, Cornero moved back to his family home in New Jersey.

    “BURN IT! BURN THE WHOLE DEGENERATE TOWN DOWN!” reads a tweet from Cornero’s since-deleted personal Twitter account, referring to Los Angeles. “GLASS [sic] THE ENTIRE WEST COAST IF YOU HAVE TO.”

    Cornero also started sharing right-wing conspiracy theories about QAnon around the time of this tweet in early 2018, too. Eventually, Cornero joined Gab under the name “Neon Revolt,” where he became perhaps one of the largest figures in the broader QAnon community without having a known presence on a mainstream social media platform. Cornero has hundreds of thousands of followers on the far-right social network.

    QAnon is a right-wing conspiracy whose followers believe that President Trump is fighting a global satanic pedophile ring of baby-eating Hollywood elites and Democratic politicians. (None of these things are true.) Its believers are led by a person or persons behind an anonymous account, which posts on the far right-wing imageboard 8kun.

    While Neon Revolt spread unfounded conspiracies about major politicians and Hollywood liberals who were already part of QAnon lore, he also focused on fairly unknown figures within the film industry.

    One such example is Franklin Leonard, a film executive best known for founding The Black List, an online platform that helps aspiring screenwriters and their unproduced scripts get noticed within the industry.

    Between October 2018 and March 2019, Cornero wrote three lengthy pieces on his Neon Revolt website about Leonard, attempting to engrain Leonard within the conspiracy theory canon, embedding him with its believers’ enemies.

    Leonard says(Opens in a new tab) he was inundated with online threats related to QAnon in October 2018, after Cornero’s first piece was published. The subsequent pieces were posted in November 2018 and March 2019. Leonard was aware of the posts at the time, but only discovered who was behind them after Logically's report.

    No other QAnon personality had written about or focused on Leonard prior to this or after. Outside of the film business, Leonard is fairly unknown.

    Mashable reached out to Leonard to find out if Cornero’s grudge stemmed from personal experiences with the film executive or The Black List.

    “Unfortunately, our privacy policy prevents me from commenting directly on whether Cornero ever submitted to the Black List website, but suffice it to say that he definitely appears to have a personal grudge driven by either his screenwriting career or his career as a screenwriting guru,” responded Leonard.

    The Black List founder pointed out that since Neon Revolt’s unmasking as Cornero, Leonard was able to find at least one Twitter interaction(Opens in a new tab) he had with the man back in 2016:

    Leonard went on to say that it was “utterly surreal (and hilarious)” to have been a serious target of QAnon.

    People have carried out violence(Opens in a new tab) in the name of QAnon before. QAnon supporters had a large presence during the storming of the Capitol on January 6. Many of the QAnon conspiracies helped light the fire that led to the day’s events(Opens in a new tab).

    In fact, on his Neon Revolt blog on the day of the January 6 riots, Cornero called for the arrest of Vice President Mike Pence for treason after Pence announced he would not overturn the results of the 2020 election(Opens in a new tab). (This is not, in fact, treason(Opens in a new tab).)

    Most QAnon believers don’t seek out the posts, known as drops, from Q on 8kun. They digest these drops via personalities who’ve made a name for themselves in QAnon communities.

    Cornero, known as Neon Revolt, became the largest QAnon influencer on Gab, a far right-wing social media site. The social network, mostly known for providing a platform for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, has grown exponentially in the months following the 2020 presidential election.

    Gab has experienced even further growth since major platforms like Twitter removed QAnon accounts and the most mainstream of the right-wing social platforms, Parler, was taken offline.

    Neon Revolt currently runs the largest(Opens in a new tab) QAnon group on Gab, consisting of more than 165,000 members.

  • The I have a joke meme g

    The I have a joke meme gives us some much-needed humor

    2020 has already ushered in new and sometimes painful memes — which, given that many of us are in front of our screens while social distancing, isn't wholly surprising. Not all of these new memes have to do with our current reality, either. In recent days, the people of Twitter decided to add some levity to our strange year as the "I have a joke" meme(Opens in a new tab) erupted on the platform.


    It's a pretty self explanatory meme, like a cousin of a knock-knock joke. Twitter users say they have a joke related to a specific topic, and then describe it in some sort of tongue-in-cheek or punny way. Considering our current events, we all just need some good jokes — which may be the reason the meme has gone so viral. Here are some great examples:

    And finally, arguably the most deserving of a rimshot:

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  • The 11 best and funniest

    The 11 best and funniest tweets of the week

    Tweets! You love 'em and we got 'em.


    The week has come to a close and we decided to collect the 11 best and funniest posts from the past seven days. We hope they give you a hearty chuckle. Or, at least, a little giggle. Anyway, please enjoy.

    1. He really was. Sisyphus simply HAD to run up that hill, according to his deal with Zeus. My man was always running up that hill. That was his THING.

    2.These are just screenshots from Succession, sure. But it is also exactly how it feels to hop online every single day of your life.

    3. Sometimes you just have to disengage. The internet does not need your attention all the time.

    4. My points are pretty deranged, actually. And you would do well to just ignore me.

    5. This is the only way to eat at a kitty restaurant. I respect it.

    SEE ALSO: The 8 best and funniest tweets of the week

    6. Here's an obligatory @dril tweet for you.

    7. Oh man. I hate how accurate this is. But it is accurate.

    8. Here is another @dril tweet, just for you.

    9. We all have this homie. That much is true.

    10. If you do not sing to your dog, then I am not sure what to make of you.

    11. And finally, this.

  • 18 best tweets of the we

    18 best tweets of the week, including $10 mode, Joseph Thee Stallion, and Gregor Samsa

    Thanksgiving is over with, good friends, so deck the halls, pull out your credit cards, flip on Hallmark, prepare yourself for shoveling — the holiday season is here. Yes, we are already somehow one week past gobble gobble (Opens in a new tab)season(Opens in a new tab). December! How about that?


    Anyway, there were some good tweets out there this week. I don't mean to hype things too much, but good job internet, the posts were pretty funny. Sure, everything is scary and bad and the internet has probably rapidly accelerated the decline of...everything..but we've got our silly little jokes on our silly little websites. Fair trade, right?

    Anyways, here they are, the 18 best tweets of the week. Enjoy the good posts.

    1.Hahahaha oh good, I will be processing 2020 forever

    2. My colleague Elena is very funny

    3. This man made the correct airplane movie choice and I stand by that

    4. A freaking CLASSIC

    5. Going to be thinking about this for a few years and will now say it every time I use a ten dollar bill

    6. My colleague Ali is also very funny

    7. If you watch Selling Sunset then you know this is a perfect idea

    8. Joseph Thee Stallion

    9. More Beatles Get Back memes

    10. One of many good Spotify Wrapped memes

    11. And another Wrapped meme

    12. The lateness has nothing to do with me

    13. My colleague Alex is very funny, too

    14. Why does Spotify try to talk like this?

    15. A good joke that's reminiscent of a certain Mark Wahlberg quote(Opens in a new tab)

    16. That's right Alex

    17. Going scarecrow mode is the new meditation

    18. And finally, dril

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